This Is The Look: Amber Rose’s Lace Curtain Couture Wedding Gown

August 19, 2014 / Posted by:

Kanye West’s original My Size Barbie Amber Rose got married to rapper Wiz Khalifa last year, but unlike Kanye’s kurrent My Size Barbie, Amber didn’t immediately try to pimp out pictures of her wedding for cash (“Ew, why would you have a wedding if you can’t make money off it?” – Kim Kardashian).

So to celebrate their 1-year anniversary, Amber and Wiz decided to finally release a couple pictures from their special day to Instagram (via People), and thank god they did, because this shit is Bed, Bath and BEYOND! To say that Amber Rose’s bedding-inspired wedding dress is “exquisite” is an understatement; that dress is a damn sleep comfort creation fit for a bald alien princess. It looks like she checked into a very fancy French hotel from the 80s, pulled the bed skirt off the bed, ripped the curtains off the windows, grabbed all the lace-trimmed towels, called housekeeping, ordered more towels and bed skirts, then made a giant pile and dove in the middle. The bottom half of Amber Rose’s gown is so huge, I feel like she should be sitting on the back of my granny’s toilet with a roll of Charmin under her dress.

But why is Amber holding on to her son Sebastian? I’m sure all that fabric could easily support the weight of a baby. Hell, Wiz Khalifa probably could have made a seat in one of the lace folds and cruised down the aisle on the side of her dress like he was riding an Acorn Stair Lift (he is wearing your nana’s favorite suit jacket, after all).

And is it just me, or did seeing Amber’s ruffly rippled wedding dress make you really hungry for a Breyer’s Viennetta?

Pics: Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa

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258 responses to “This Is The Look: Amber Rose’s Lace Curtain Couture Wedding Gown”

  1. Miranda Rekcuskcoc says:

    I bet it’s a Pnina Tornai. It’s got that tacky factor she loves.

  2. Tart of Darkness says:

    Meh at the wedding but you had me at Viennetta! The ultimate fancy but oh so not fancy dessert!

  3. kreoth says:

    wedding dresses are typically excessive, so this seems normal to me

  4. pixiebitch says:

    This photo screams ‘pimp who married his top earning hooker in Vegas on a whim’.

  5. JulzNo1Zero says:

    Say something nice, say something nice… At least they gave their son a normal first name. Always liked the name Sebastian. That’s all I got

  6. NolanIsACumGutter says:

    I don’t know what Amber Rose has done with her life except date Kanye West when he was still semi-tolerable, and date/marry Wiz Khalifa who I find kind of pointless and irritating, but for some reason I like her.

    Maybe it’s her cool weird-ass style. Maybe it’s her tacky glamour. Maybe it’s because she is a fellow Philadelphian, but she actually seems smarter and funnier than people give her credit for, I’d totally love to hang out with her and smoke some weed.

    • LaChaylo says:

      Right? She doesn’t seem to put on airs or pretend she’s all demure.

      • NolanIsACumGutter says:

        Yes! She doesn’t seem pretentious, she knows she’s tacky and she owns it! That’s my Philly homegirl, right there!

      • mee-maw says:

        She still hangs out all the time with her best friends from Philly. I luff her.

      • Foxxy_Brown says:

        or pretend that she can just put on hip hop like it’s a halloween costume…

        • mee-maw says:

          See: Nicki Minaj. She’s hood in her own right… you can tell she’s not trying to put on the thuggish wife act like some folks.
          EDIT: Lil Debbie, Iggy, Miley blah, blah.

    • mee-maw says:

      Amber was a skripper before she became a video vixen where she met Kanye. Ain’t nothing wrong with using what the good Lawd gave ya and honestly, he gave her A LOT. That woman’s got NATURAL bawdy, a gorgeous face and a hilariously real personality. I’d toke up with Amber any day of the week.

  7. Whamo says:

    Everything screams tacky right down to her tacky looking husband….and I wouldn’t be doing my dlisted duties if I didn’t mention…. your kid is ugly…sorry it HAD to be said,

  8. kreoth says:

    is getting married even reasonable today…. the wedding will cost a fortune, and the divorce even more

  9. Texndoc says:

    I got caught up in a “Gypsy Wedding” marathon this past Sunday afternoon, so this almost looks lovely. I remember one of those Gypsies wanted a “Country and Western” theme and she went to THE premiere Gypsy wedding dress designer and it was as hideous as you’d imagine, in hot pink and lime green.

    • Hah says:

      The premier Gypsy wedding dress designer on the show isn’t gypsy and also thinks what she makes are monstrosities lol

    • Captain Stephen Peacock says:

      I saw a Jigs and Wigs episode where all the students profiled were travellers. The little boy was adorable and seemed to actually care about dance, but there was a girl on there who only cared about her dress and couldn’t be bothered to practice much. She was going on and on about Worlds and her dress (which was totally hideous when it was finished), yet didn’t place in her competition and even just stopped dancing a couple times.

      If you’re going to wear a flashy dress, you’re going to attract the judge’s attention and you better be able to dance the part.

  10. MissDemeaner says:

    Amber back in 2005 (then known as Paris Karan) when she was part of the Harlem Ball (think Paris is Burning) scene

    BLONDE AMBER ROSE 2005 @ Legend Ball:

  11. BritsBaldHead says:

    The Wiz fellow looks like he reeks of alcohol and Old Spice.


    I think she is so beautiful. Baby is squishy and cute. Dress is fug and he is fug.

  13. LaChaylo says:

    I can’t hate Amber Rose. I’ve tried. She’s someone I want to get the t from and teach me some hot stripper moves. We likely won’t discuss humanitarian crises or economic policy, but bitch seems fun and, dare I say, happy!

    Yeah, this tacky but they seem to be having fun. They’re not running to Anna Wintour to put them on a cover.

  14. Sunnyr36 says:

    Wow Amber is quite pretty. Maybe she didn’t smile so much when she was with Kanye, because I don’t remember her being this attractive.

  15. TheOriginalUncleBrainfart says:

    I have no problem with Amber Rose. Actually, she is the only “celeb” whose leaked pussy pics were actually sexy.
    That baby is a big old thing and I love it. Those cheeks!!! Her husband looks derpy as fuck, but hey, she dodged a bullet with Kanye, so mazel tov, I guess.

  16. emeriesan says:

    This is what this reminds me of – the flamenco doll, a staple of the 1970s/80s working class deco. Not too far off the TP crochet holder!

  17. SANS_FARDS says:

    I like Amber Rose. She had the good sense to get the hell away from Krazy Kanye while she had the chance. Even though her hubs has facial tats, which always look stupid, he seems like an alright guy….haven’t heard of him engaging in any foolery lately. So mazel tov, I guess.

  18. mitzigaydar says:

    eh..good for them..they look happy…chubby baby too!

  19. vegoia says:

    What happened to her blue eyes, dont tell me all these years they were contacts?

  20. Liz says:

    I like it. I also like his jacket. :runs:

    The baby is a bit tacky but hey, they’re doing it.

    • Liz says:

      I get a little uncomfortable when I see people photo assuming someone’s parenting skills (or the lack thereof) based on photos. I’m not saying KK is a good mother, but the principle makes me deeply antsy.

      • mee-maw says:

        Well, the fact that she’s always pictured with her son and talks about him constantly is a little indication she’s a better parent than KK. She doesn’t look uncomfortable with her child. I follow her on instagram and she posts the cutest videos of her and her son.

      • Hekki says:

        I hear ya. The photos of Joan Crawford and her kids come to mind…

        It’s an interesting point. I know people IRL who, judging from their FB, seem like fabulous parents but I know that the kids are craving affection and approval and are showpieces for the parents. Stuff like that.

        You never really know unless you really know. A single photo is meaningless.

        • mee-maw says:

          Right, I’m not trying to make enormous assumptions here. I’m just saying that by Hollywood standards (which isn’t much) she seems to be a pretty grounded parent.

    • SANS_FARDS says:

      And she named her kid something normal too, thinking of someone other than herself….something that’s apparently foreign to many celebrities. Actually, make that foreign to people in general.

    • Hekki says:

      Honest to dog, that photo brought happy droplets of moisture to my eyes.

    • 1slyangel says:

      Aww, so sweet.

    • nisiedixie says:

      THAT is why I dig Amber, and happen to think she is gorgeous, google the island she is from those people are stunning with a capital S.

    • Greeneyes says:

      and the baby is adorable!!

  21. ANightWriter "Grape Juice" says:

    I’m sorry, but Wiz Khalifa is fugly. His little boy body is covered in so many tattoos that it looks like one solid mess and his face tells me that the wheel is still spinning, but the hamster is dead.

  22. I AM GOD says:

    I really like them as a couple and i hope wiz stays faithful to her.

  23. BlairBear says:

    Dodged a deranged bullet: the Amber Rose story. I always have a soft spot for whores who break up with really shitty men so also Diane Lane and Robin Wright

  24. Jade says:

    Fat beh-beh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like fat babies. I have a problem.

  25. Shannon says:

    Ugly baby. And ugly dress. That’s all!!

  26. parissucksliterally says:

    Now that, my friends, is CLASS.

    Was the baby on the train, when she walked down the aisle?

  27. Sheena says:

    Not a fan of the headband. It’s too Kim K. wedding number 2, or was it 3? Lost count. They seem happy together.

    • Sigh says:

      Isn’t it sad that we live in a world where you know that and also attribute that type of thing (though worn by millions before her) as a KK thing? *sigh* When will that family be completely irrelevant again?

  28. jennybee says:

    LOL @ Breyer’s Vienetta! Used to love that commercial! When the serving knife makes that “clink” sound on the tray, it sounded so elegant to me. I used to beg my mom to buy it, to no avail…

    • ANightWriter "Grape Juice" says:

      I’ve never had it or seen it served, but the commercials made it look so classy and delicious!

    • DontFearTheReaper says:

      That shite is expensive for amount you get. I could eat the whole thing in one sitting.

    • Tart of Darkness says:

      They still sell it here! Oh takes me back to being a kid. Me and my little bro would eyeball our slices to make sure we had the same amount.

      • ANightWriter "Grape Juice" says:

        I think my brother still eyes my food to make sure I didn’t get more.

        • mee-maw says:

          LOL so does my sister! I swear it! Or maybe she wants me to get fat secretly.

        • Tart of Darkness says:

          My brother was/is such a guts. I still eat like I’m in a prison cafeteria, anyone who reaches in my direction gets stabbed in the hand with a fork.

          • ANightWriter "Grape Juice" says:

            Not sure what guts means in this context.

            My brother somehow believes he deserves the most, so instead of lightly filling his plate and coming back for seconds if he is still hungry, he just PILES as much food onto one plate as possible. I also ask him if he thinks we’ve run out of food.

          • mee-maw says:

            Welcome to any family function of mine. All my cousins are 6’4 farm boys but they have the decency to let the women go first; we have to pile our plates because once they hit it, it’s GONE.

          • ANightWriter "Grape Juice" says:

            That’s good that they have some decency restraint…otherwise you poor women would all be Kiera Knightly looking whether you wanted to or not.

          • mee-maw says:

            That’s also the reason I’m used to cooking in such large portions; my MIL thought I was nuts when I cooked for Thanksgiving.

          • Tart of Darkness says:

            Must be a big dude thing, my little bro is around 6’5 and good god he can put it away.

          • ANightWriter "Grape Juice" says:

            Does he ever joke that he’s “still growing?”

          • Tart of Darkness says:

            No, he is pissed off that his metabolism is now of a man in his mid 30s, heh. He works on oil rigs and tries to find healthy food in the canteen.

          • Doll Parts says:

            6’4″ farm boys? Where???

          • mee-maw says:

            Kansas baby. πŸ˜‰

          • Tart of Darkness says:

            A pig, a bottomless vacuum who somehow was as thin as the man married to Amber!
            You bro and my bro should go to some Las Vegas buffets.

          • Veruca Salt says:

            Your brother is a jerk.

          • ANightWriter "Grape Juice" says:

            Yeah…he really is. And HIIIIII!!!!! *blows kiss and hands you a Strawberry Margarita lolli-pop.

          • Veruca Salt says:

            Hi Sweetie! *blows kiss back and passes blunt in honor of Wiz (or so she claims)*

    • TheOriginalUncleBrainfart says:

      My mom never bought it either,… too cheap.
      May I suggest Breyer`s Gelato Indulgences… SOOOO FUCKING GOOD!!

    • Carefree says:

      They had/have (?) mint ones too, which was absolutely delish and so cosmopolitan way back when.

  29. LucyBDay says:

    Past that amazingly, delish Chuuuuunkyyyyy babyyyyyyyy luv….

    What the hell is going on in that photo?!?!

  30. cuckoozey says:

    So judging from that pic, they got married at one of those Vegas drive-thru things?

  31. Cricket17 says:

    MMMM Breyer’s Viennetta I haven’t thought about those for years. I used to love them. Damn now I want one

  32. ebonics says:

    Hey, at least these two look genuinely happy.. unlike her ex and his plastic side kick (the human urinal..)

  33. Finally, someone who should be more embarrassed than I am after spending an hour googling “ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD NUDE.”

    Thank you, Amber Rose.

  34. BananaFana says:

    I think Amber Roses’ only claim to fame is that she was Kanye’s official fuckbeard for a bit. Well at least she’s moving onward and upward modeling for Sears photo studio wedding catalogues.

    On another note, why does that dusty old pink carpet look so familiar……………..

  35. Hekki says:

    LOVE fat babies. I want to squeeze that little cutie’s cheeks. And his fat little legguns.

    I really really hope they’re happy.

  36. FRANCO says:

    Excessive and dΓ©classΓ© even for the Cashmere Collection!!!

    The Tenth Anniversary of the White Cashmere Collection

  37. Clap says:

    All this originality and creativity between them (as proven by this glorious picture) and they named their kid Sebastian? I applaud their restraint!

  38. Fuzzies says:

    he looks like a strung out crack addict in dead person’s suit.

  39. parkerjey says:

    They genuinely look good for each other. Happy for the two of them and their chubby babeh..

  40. Denese says:

    Hate corset style wedding gowns….so tacky!

    • CheeryBitch says:

      All the Pnina Tornai gowns are like that. The worst is the one with the see-through. It’s like it’s unfinished. Tacky!

      ETA: Amber IS wearing the see-through one! Ugh.

  41. mee-maw says:

    I just have to share this nugget of awesome that happened today. I was driving down one of the many one way streets in town and this guy kept riding my ass (I won’t speed down that road, a lot of families with children live down that street) and giving me the “WTF” hand motions and getting all bent outta shape; he proceeds to screech by me (cutting off the person next to me) and flips me off… only to get pulled over immediately. Needless to say I smiled and waved at him like an asshole.

  42. Captain Stephen Peacock says:

    They look happy. Good for them. Genuinely.

  43. Zorba says:

    Aw, I have a soft spot for this couple. They’re so cute and look like they’re in love. Hope it works out, even though it’s the music biz so you know….

    That is a chubby baby though and he looks unamused because they probably interrupted a meal or a nap.

  44. bourgie says:

    Don’t like the dress. It’s too pornstar.

  45. MardiGras says:

    Wow, I think she’s a striking woman but I have to say she looks terrible in that gown. And he looks like he rolled out of the dumpster at Goodwill and hasn’t slept in a week.

  46. TiredofthisCrap says:

    I’ll say the same thing I said about human urinal and Kandi Burress dresses, it’s not for me but if she likes it, it’s good for her.

  47. pamorama_j says:

    I saw them together on Fashion Police and they really love each other and are down to earth. Thank God she escaped Kanye and met someone who is completely in love with her and worships her. Nice to see a nice couple in love.

    • Coffy says:

      Kanye tried to dress Amber as well, but she resisted. Even though Amber is pretty wild, I think Kanye embarrassed her a few times like at the MTV awards when he went on stage and other times as well. I think his delusional behavior was too much for her, or getting to be. Amber stays out of the limelight now and seems to enjoy the stability Wiz gives her; they certainly don’t seek attention like Kanye and his whore.

  48. Stan_Hooper says:

    I would have said NO had I been a true friend of hers, but she does pull it off. She wears it well is as polite as I can be.

  49. Ruby Red says:

    these stoned clowns seem so perfect for each other.

  50. Waka Baka says:

    I prefer this toilet paper wedding dress over hers.

  51. Doll Parts says:

    That’s the kind of funny-looking fat baby that makes me smile.

    She looks gorgeous as usual.

    He…looks…well, I hope he’s a really nice guy.

  52. Doll Parts says:

    Also, I remember when Vienetta first came out and I thought it was the fanciest of the fancy shit. I have still never had one. do they still make it?

    • Buck off says:

      Yes, but they changed it a few years ago and now it’s rubbish. It went from crunchy layers of chocolate and ice cream to some shitty piped wiggle.

    • emeriesan says:

      Really? It’s fab! Like your 8 year old self will love that cheap ass kitsch thing.

  53. MissKnownUnknown says:

    I like them as a couple & cute baby. Wiz looks like he smoked some of that good stuff before the wedding, but those ashy lips…×340.jpg

  54. Coffy says:

    I don’t even know why Wiz puts on tuxedos for awards and other fancy events, nothing will make him look classy with all those ugly ass tattoos! He stay looking dirty!

  55. Puppy Love says:

    Awwwww that chubby bebeh!!

  56. jackson2012 says:


  57. M from Toronto says:

    This looks like a genuinely happy wedding photo. They also seem to be recognized by their adorable baby, so you know, (unlike the Krazy duo) they’re doing it right!

  58. TelevisedRevolution says:

    quite chavtastic, but i ain’t mad at them. they look like they’ve found something really good.

    Oi, I should be so lucky!

    Mazel tov to the three of them.

  59. The Sunshine Gang says:

    I like Amber and Wiz.They seem like a nice couple

    • Twat Muffin-Hamm-Strathairn says:

      I do, too. I don’t know why, but they don’t bother me and I actually kind of like them. I think Amber is pretty and I am SO glad she got away from Gayfish. Wiz seems pretty chill, too, and he seems to love Amber.

  60. Jeanneee says:

    This is a delightfully low-rent photo. Mazel tov to the happy couple – they seem lovely and blessed despite their ratchet taste in wedding fashion.

  61. nisiedixie says:

    haters be damned it is not the wedding but the marriage and these two seem very happy together, good for you Amber Gayfish would be miserable to be married too, Wiz looks like two tons of fun….non stop laughs and their kid is cute as hell, they seem like really loving fun parents and this one looks like it will work.

  62. Elmo533 says:

    So cute! That baby’s a little McDonald’s chicken Mcnugget!

  63. Eliza Berntsen says:

    I think this is one of those dresses that needs to be made of a rich, deep colour.

  64. Tom Hardy's Proctologist says:

    I saw lampshades that looked JUST LIKE this mess at Ikea this weekend.

  65. HoneyQ says:

    That baby’s cheeks. Cheeks. CHEEKS!!!

  66. TrixieKat says:

    In this pic she looks just like K-Tramp, except for her real smile & real face.Wheezy obviously has a type. SO nice to see a couple in love instead of two people who view their wedding as a monster photo-op. No doubt Amber was thinking, ‘Thank GOD I got away from that GayFish!’
    Hope their love & happiness last a lifetime.

  67. Seira67 says:

    The baby looks kind of confused,Wiz is high as a kite and the dress looks like the tablecloth my grandma used to put out on sundays!
    Yeah..what the heck they`re sure look happy!

  68. im says:

    Omg, that is one ugly baby!!!!
    I know I’m going straight to hell, but goddamn!!!

  69. LemmeSplain says:

    Why does Wiz look like he snuck into his own wedding picture?

  70. gokrtmozart says:

    They get no shade from me b/c they’re not shameless attention whores like some kunts that come to mind. They look legitimately happy and didn’t pimp out their own weeding for a quick buck and all the cackling demons in hell.

  71. Twat Muffin-Hamm-Strathairn says:

    I am not a fan of kids, babies or the word “nom,” but that baby’s cheeks are adorably pudgy and I want to nom on them. Yes, I said that, you can quote me on that. I love pudgy babies & pudgy baby cheeks.

  72. ArrrB says:

    Where to start….

    Why does this look like a shitty prom pic from 1996?

    Why does anyone find her attractive?

    Why does that baby look like a sumo wrestler?

  73. WithinReason... says:

    Just look at the baby cheeks. hehehe <3

  74. betseyfan says:

    That bebe looks 40 y.o.! Awww, cute. So surprised at Amber’s dress choice. If she was going for avant-garde, she missed. Wiz looks good…love the jacket.

  75. CaptainLatrine says:

    I like Amber a lot. I don’t even know why, I’ve just liked her ever since the Kanye days when she always looked so gorgeous and seemed far too cool for him (even though he was much saner and more respected then). I don’t like the dress but she’s still beautiful, and while Wiz isn’t exactly a great looking guy, he seems to adore her and they look so happy. What a contrast to the Kim and Kanye wedding picture with North where Kim looks photoshopped in.
    It’s funny that Kim and Kanye have these far better looking exes in Amber and Reggie, both of whom managed to escape just before the full ridiculousness really kicked in. They both still look great, have children who look happy and comfortable in their parents arms, partners who seem loving and the publicity around them is pretty positive. Meanwhile, Kim is on the verge of destroying the beauty she once had with excessive surgery, Kanye is losing his grip on his sanity and becoming more glum and angry as he loses the respect he once had amongst his peers and fans. Their joke-named accessory baby looks miserable and uncomfortable around her parents, they hardly spend much time as a couple and their over the top Z-List wedding was a laughing stock. Their headlines seem to consist of Kim’s weight, narcissism and poor parenting, Kanye’s misery and craziness and predicting their split.
    I wonder if either of them look at pictures like these and think they’d trade being the couple with ‘the most liked Instagram photo’ for the kind of happiness their exes have.

  76. Brittany says:

    I can’t hate. They actually seem like they love each other.

  77. usernamestaken says:

    That baby’s face says it all.

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