Open Post: Hosted By Zac Efron’s Stomach Fur

September 1, 2013 / Posted by:


Here’s former pretty pretty Disney princess Zac Efron in a still from that movie where he plays a horny, douchey head of a fraternity that moves a few houses down from Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. Just a few years ago, Zac was looking like a Twinkie covered with Bronzer, clear mascara and MAC  Lip Glass and now he’s all beefed up and looking like he actually grew that nipple hair and patch of stomach fur by himself. I can believe that Zac has grown out of his pretty, pretty princess phase and no longer moisturizes his b-hole with glittery lip chap  and strawberry-scented lotion (he totally still does), but I still refuse to believe that he’s not naturally as smooth as a Sphynx cat’s pussy. Zac doesn’t have follicles on his body. It’s not possible. That’s totally spray-on chest hair or glued-on pubes. Bless the bitch who donated their pubes so that Zac could have chest fur.

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