True Elegance Coming Through…

March 3, 2012 / Posted by:

Adrienne Bailon and her amateur pook-a-poon theatrics can step aside, because here’s a real divine goddess who knows how to serve HO SHIT with a heaping serving of class and elegance. No, this isn’t Carmen Carrera with an Eva Longoria face mask on. This is a mysterious and delicate flower named Micaela Schaefer. I’m only calling her mysterious, because I don’t know who the fuck she is!

Apparently, Micaela was on Germany’s Next Top Model for a quick second, but was kicked off since Heidi Klum was jealous of her beauty. Obviously. Micaela now pays her pussy waxing bill with DJ gigs and appearances at such family friendly events like the Holiday on Ice Show in Berlin. Micaela sashayed into the Holiday on Ice Show and gave the children some Holy Bible glamour by coming as the gorgeous slut version of the Garden of Eden complete with her not-so-forbidden fruits on display. I’m so glad that someone is teaching the children of Germany that you aren’t officially a style icon until you’ve chafed your pussy lips on a piece of fake snakeskin. I am just like that lady in the background. I can close my eyes forever now that I’ve seen it all.


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