Lady Gaga Looks Gorgeous!

September 27, 2013 / Posted by:

No, this is not Lady CaCa in a long-lost picture from the Born This Way Ball tour. This is the first picture of MERYL STREEP!!! (Note: It always feels unnatural when I type MERYL STREEP!!!’s name in lower case letters without excitement points) as The Witch in the Into the Woods movie, which is shooting in England right now and comes out on Christmas Day 2014. I know this is just a picture, but I don’t know about this mess. She doesn’t look scary or ugly enough. That wig looks like it was put together using strands of polyester pulled out of Nicki Minaj’s wig sink and her face looks like White Oprah’s hungover face after she barfed up the 3 bottles of Popov she downed the night before. Wait, since I put it that way, Meryl does look terrifying and can scare children into an early old age.

But really, this is Meryl Streep and I’m sure she’ll win a Best Actress Oscar next year for her performance in this picture alone. Sorry, Cate.


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