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The Queen Of Versailles Released A Statement About Those Pictures Of Her At Her Daughter’s Funeral

June 11, 2015 / Posted by:

Jackie Siegel, the gold digging blossom of Florida and star of the documentary The Queen of Versailles, and her millionaire timeshare mogul husband David Siegel lost their 18-year-old daughter Victoria Siegel on Saturday. The coroner hasn’t determined her cause of death and is waiting for toxicology results, but the Siegel family told the media that she was fighting a pill addiction and went to rehab to deal with it. Victoria’s funeral was on Tuesday and after pictures of Jackie outside of the church in Orlando ended up on the Internet and TV, people threw shit at her for taking cell phone pics of the casket and smiling while done up in Gabi Grecko-approved ho shit funeral attire. Jackie’s rep released a statement to UsWeekly today where they said that while some people deal with sadness and loss by crying and such, Jackie deals with hers differently.

“People deal with grief differently. Mrs. Siegel is grieving as we all are. I have been with the family starting from the very first moment they learned of Victoria’s death and I can tell you that she has cried … a lot …and has been on an emotional roller[coaster]. There is no authoritative manual that tells us how to grieve. The entire family has been sleeping together in the large family room of the house since this horrible tragedy happened. They are talking together, crying together and caring for and loving each other. The family has been through a terrible tragedy and had been hurt enough and the way Mrs Siegel is being portrayed by some in the media is just adding additional pain not only to her but the entire family.”

If you watched Jackie in the Queen of Versailles and on Wife Swap, you know that the ensemble she wore to the funeral is pretty conservative for her. She’s usually wearing something that would make Carolina Herrera clutch, pull off and stomp on her pearls. Also, I’ve never been to a funeral where someone took pictures of the casket, but I have been to a funeral where several people took pictures with the body in the coffin. This way long before Selfies at Funerals. I mean, they got in there and went for it. While that was happening, my tia, who was sitting next to me, leaned over and whispered words of wisdom into my ear. She said, “They’re tacky, but don’t judge them.”

Pics: Getty, Splash


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