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Open Post: Hosted By The Australian Moonbeam Who Crashed The Eurovision Song Contest

May 14, 2017 / Posted by:

The Eurovision Song Contest is a yearly event in which all of Europe (and Australia for some reason – did they Brexit INTO the European Union?) compete for fame and riches. Each country puts up a performer and a song. Everyone votes and it’s usually way campy. Language barriers, bizarre styling and art direction choices, and the chance of a bearded angel in an evening gown taking the tiara make it must-see television.

Unfortunately, it was a fairly subdued affair this year. Some man-bun wearer from Portugal won with a corny ballad. And there wasn’t that much controversy, except for the bare ass that bounced out when last year’s winner, the Ukraine’s Jamala, performed her winning song. A true artist wrapped (except for his ass) in an Australian flag put on his own show during the performance.

So THAT’S why Australia is in the contest despite not being in Europe…

Watch below.

I gotta hand it to Jamala. She barely batted an eyelash over the bare Aussie butt beside her. A true professional.

Pic: Youtube

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