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Britney Spears Says She Burned Down Her Home Gym

April 30, 2020 / Posted by:

If there were ever any lingering doubts about whether Britney Spears was serious about full scale social revolution, or just thinks memes are cute or whatever, please know that Brit is willing to do whatever it takes to burn this mother to the ground. Britney #ignitedinstagram when she shared her Molotov cocktail recipe with her followers (sheer curtains, an ill-placed sex candle, and 2 tbs of Body Shop sweet almond massage oil) while explaining how she set her home gym on fire. It makes perfect sense for Britney to light the spark of revolution in the ultimate symbol of wealth, privilege and the patriarchy (because of course a man invented the casual cruelty of the infinity mirror). As Britney once famously said, “so long as the gym exists there is no freedom. When there is freedom, there will be no gym,” adding that she prefers working out outdoors anyway.

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