“[paparazzi] would show up at random places where the 2 were hanging out, and there’s no way they would have known in advance.”

Oh that must sting! Having your own tricks used against you?

The source says that Younes and Kourtney’s chat was all about “closure” and that “Younes knew his relationship with Kourtney was over … and this was his Hail Mary for the last bit of publicity.”

But I bet the joke was on Younes. I’m sure the Kartrashians already equipped that Range Rover with dozens of cameras to record every moment for their shit show. And before Younes got out of the SUV, he felt a prick on his thigh and when he looked down, Kris Jenner was staring at him with Satanic eyes as she sucked whatever blood she could get out of him. You can’t trick a trick, trick.

Pic: Wenn.com.