Robert De Niro Shit All Over Trump At The Tonys

June 11, 2018 / Posted by:

Since that headline doesn’t say “another Russian hooker wants to shit all over Trump” (you know he’s a scat queen too), Trump probably didn’t like Robert De Niro shitting all over him at the Tony Awards last night, and I’m sure he’s going to tweet gloat about how a game show with one of his supporters in it beat the Tonys in the ratings. This really is Trump’s America when Family Feud with the Kartrashians on it beat the Tonys….

The Band’s Visit won ten Tony awards last night, Laurie Metcalf got a lot closer to getting a Queen of Broadway crown by winning her second Tony in two years, and the theater kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School did Seasons of Love from Rent, but Robert De Niro launching two f-bombs at Trump temporarily stole the headlines. Because finding a Trump supporter at the Tonys is probably like trying to find a  Snickers bar at Tom Brady’s house, De Niro was hit with a wave of claps and cheers afterward. The only way he could’ve gotten a bigger applause from those theaters queens is if he shouted: ETHEL MERMAN WAS ROBBED!

De Niro was at the Tonys to introduce a performance of  Springsteen on Broadway, and as soon as he got to the mic, one beautiful word (fuck) and one ugly word (Trump) blew out of his mouth hole twice.

“I’m going to say one thing, ‘Fuck Trump.’ It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s fuck Trump!”

CBS has the Tonys on a 10-second delay, because who knows what the dirty-mouthed edgy hosts, lukewarm oatmeal (Josh Groban) and boiled cauliflower (Sara Bareilles), might do. So CBS bleeped De Niro’s fuck bombs, but since Australia appreciates the fuck word as one of the most eloquent words in the English language, they didn’t censor shit.

Since De Niro realized he had the crowd in his hands, I’m surprised he also didn’t say, “And you know what? Fuck vaccines too!

Now, I’m all for anyone hitting Trump with the fuck word, but Robert De Niro was at the Tonys! Where’s the drama? Where’s the theater? Where’s the spark? The way he said it was the way that somebody’s Trump-hating aunt would say it in between bites of turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. It was so basic. De Niro should’ve let a pro handle it, and by that I mean fellow Trump hater Patti LuPone. Patti would’ve sang out “fuuuuuck Trump” and it would’ve been so powerful and strong that it would’ve made Trump prolapse. And she would’ve won several Tonys for it.

The complete list of Tony winners is here, and if you need to cleanse your innocent ears from the sound of Robert De Niro saying a word he’s said at least a billion times before on screen with some wholesome show tunes, here’s the performances from last night.

Mean Girls:

My Fair Lady, and in this one I’m guessing Lauren Ambrose plays Eliza Doolittle as though Eliza Doolittle was possessed by the same crazy-eyed demon who possessed Catherine Zeta-Jones during her A Little Night Music performance :

SpongeBob Squarepants:

Once On This Island:


Bad Wigs: The Donna Summer Musical:


And finally, Bruce Springsteen who mumbled on for so damn long that I was hoping Robert De Niro would wake me up for a second by crashing the stage to let out one more fuck bomb.

Pic: CBS

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179 responses to “Robert De Niro Shit All Over Trump At The Tonys”

  1. Hugga Bunch says:

    DeNiro getting older w/zero f’s to give lol F Trump

  2. PinterestFail says:

    I admire deniro for not being one of the “oh lets give him a chance!” celebs when Dump first took power. He came right out the day after the election and told Dumpolini that if he ever met him, he’d sock him in the kisser!

    • Clever Moniker says:

      Hell yes. It drove me nuts, this insane narrative of “Oh you HAVE to support the president. If you don’t want him to succeed you don’t want America to succeed!”

      Nope. What he considers success I consider in direct opposition to what makes America a success. If I rooted for him to succeed it would make me no better than the knuckle dragging idiots who voted for the piece of filth.

      • Unify Normal says:

        Funny how that narrative changed once Obama was out of office, I clearly remember the party line as “he’s not MY President…”

      • Michael says:

        Stop trolling, get the f ck off your @$$, and do something about it, you little worthless keyboard warrior. Since 2015 this has been the same narrative. You guys really want Trump to fail. Much as I want to kick y’all b tch asses around just to show you ain’t tough.

    • Michael says:


  3. Katzen says:

    I’d say he’s invited to the BBQ, but he’s already been coming for years ??‍♀️

  4. runic2627 says:

    He was in Toronto today for the official opening of Nobu restaurant and residences, of which he is part owner.
    He had this to add:

    “A note of apology for the idiotic behaviour of my president. It’s a disgrace and I apologize to Justin Trudeau and the other people at G7. It’s disgusting. It’s great to be here in Toronto,” De Niro said to applause at the groundbreaking of Nobu Restaurant, Hotel and Residences on Mercer St.

  5. Molls says:

    Best of the Tony’s: Deniro and the theater kids from Parkland. They made me weep. I also liked the song about having to hit your note 8 times a week. BUT come on, you know the real stars are taking matinees off.

  6. Texndoc says:

    Re/ famous Tony losses, true Babs lost for “Funny Girl”, but she lost to Carol Channing for “Hello, Dolly”. And Ethel Merman probably lost to someone famous and great like Mary Martin or some other legend of the day. It usually isn’t a flagrant outrage.
    Re/ the other thing, almost every speech from anyone who won for the Israeli/Arab “The Band’s Visit” musical talked about harmony and understanding and putting aside conflicts and …….then Deniro comes out and lays an F bomb turd, and that’s followed by the Producer last big award in the show talking again for “Band’s” big win about “being kind to each other, listening….” LOL. Deniro was obnoxious and I bet the show’s producers were PISSED.

    • The Sentinel says:

      Puhleeze, De Niro was the best thing on the broadcast (aside from THE BAND’S VISIT cast performance of “Omar Sharif”)! The only turd is Trump.

      • Texndoc says:

        How many people who didn’t see the show and are reading about The Tony Awards today even know what THE BAND’S VISIT is. See what I mean. It won a near record 10 awards. And I thought “Omar Shariff” was beautiful.

    • Cupid Stunt says:

      Butthurt Trumptard

  7. CandyPerfumeGirl says:

    Great. And now what? Not like he is affected by his policies and Administration. Children are still being pried away from their parents by border patrol SS that is using actual Nazi tactics at this point. “Aleman-Bendiks, the public defender, said several of her clients have told her their children were taken from them by Border Patrol agents who said they were going to give them a bath. As the hours passed, it dawned on the mothers the kids were not coming back.”

  8. BlairBear says:

    So he said something perfectly pitched to the audience in the theater? Real badass over here.

  9. Sneaky pantsuit says:

    Yay! Now if we can get congress to do the same thing!

  10. Bleecker says:

    Everything Trump is doing is terrifying to the point that I can’t read the coverage. Somehow these insane things he’s doing–approaching diplomacy like he’s the gunslinger with the fanciest, biggest, most expensive gun in town–is going to end up making the wealthiest even wealthier and is going to screw the average American. “Nobody wins in a trade war,” said someone a hell of a lot smarter than I am. It’s going to be real fun when this shitshow trickles down to my wallet and everything costs 100% more than it used to. So, even with this point of view, I have had it up to here with these wealthy AF celebrities hijacking the stage to cry about how they don’t like him. Do something real or shut up.

    • DaFug says:

      Agolf Twitler is now going after India.

      This fool has no idea US is a service economy, we simply can’t produce the electronics we need.

      Celebrities are blowing off steam, what pisses me off are Collins and Flake whining instead of doing their jobs.

    • Michael says:

      Says the CNN sycophant.

  11. louise_brooks says:

    I don’t mind going to the theater every so often or a big musical once in a while, but for some reason they look so super corny on these types of shows.

  12. Dion flowerboy says:

    I refuse to play along and normalize unacceptable , scummy, personal behavior and unethical and criminal business actions.

  13. Dirk Diggler-Kojak says:

    Unfortunately it’s going to take more than that to dislodge Trump. I read somewhere that his popularity is actually RISING, and the GOP is gerrymandering the fuck out of the electoral map in swing states.

    My American friends, please mobilize. For the sake of the world.

    • DaFug says:

      And if you don’t vote, you are going to have the right to vote in future elections taken away, in at least one state.

      This is aimed at younger voters who move a lot, go to college in different states, aka educated people who tend to vote Democrat.


    • CaliCheeseSucks says:

      And the Supremes opened the gateway today for voters to be widely purged from rolls if they’ve been inactive.

    • Michael says:

      Sorry if Trump is actually doing things like increasing job availability, ending a 60-year war in Korea, and bringing back American prisoners from that country. Want me to get you a Kleenex?

  14. Calimaria Hello Kitty Lecter says:

    People acting like this is nothing, it is not. People, prominent people and we plebes, need to keep speaking out against this BS. Silence implies consent.

  15. Maudi says:

    Come forth all the people yelling that they are now going to start boycotting the Tony’s….that they never, ever watched in the first place.

  16. OneLiner says:

    That’s was pretty damn AWESOME!

  17. cindyloo says:

    Robert must have been having a really bad day/year, etc. He’s had to take roles he didn’t want because of the extra money he’s had to put in his wife’s business that they hadn’t planned on.

  18. cindyloo says:

    Am I a fan of Hillary or Kathy Griffin? No. I still wouldn’t say F them.

  19. Thom says:

    These overrated celebs need to sit down and shut up. No one cares what they think

  20. rhinana's inbred banana says:

    I hope Robert De Niro shits all over Disqus next.

  21. cprincess says:

    Will you look at that sea of queens? This is their night to shine and shine they do…
    I used to live next door to the most fabulous drag queen who began every morning by singing a selection of Judy Garland and various show tunes.
    My dog absolutely adored her and her friends and would disappear for hours reappearing much later covered in liptick and feathers!

  22. Whamo says:

    I love when the Trump fanatics come out of the woodwork and cry like little bitches whenever something negative is posted about Trump….or should I just say whenever there’s a Trump post.

    • Maudi says:

      I was just thinking about this. This happens other places too. I just imagine a group of Cult45 members having a cult meeting with a list of ‘libtard’ websites and when something happens like the DeNiro thing, they are each assigned a script and list of websites to go to. You know the David Hogg meetings happen every time he makes an appearance anywhere. He made an appearance somewhere recently and news articles about it are just inundated with comments full of lies about him. I have come to the conclusion that it is used as a distraction away from the stupidity of Trump. If they are busy hating on someone and posting shit about them, they are not actually looking at what Trump is saying and doing.

    • 237followsme says:

      I’m german and this is some Hitler shit in front of our eyes

    • Michael says:

      DUR! THAT’S RIGHT! OWN THOSE CHRISTIAN [email protected]!

  23. MayorChapStick76 says:

    “In celebration of President Trump’s birthday (June 14), the Singaporean delegation also surprised him with a cake.” Please let this be a shit cake.

  24. Seraphim says:

    That Mean Girls performance was SO cringey. Ugh. C’mon Tina.

  25. Ram♡Rod says:

    All the meathead trump supporters in my neighborhood must be so torn right now!

  26. hurtssogouda says:

    I hope De Niro goes full Taxi Driver on Trump when we get the eventual ‘he’s an overrated actor’ tweet.

  27. Man-Bun Ken Doll ✓ says:

    Here come the Trumptards to rage over their hatred of Hollywood yet…voted for a reality tv star who they worship like a cult leader. You can find most of them over on TMZ’s website….you know, a celebrity website, because you know, they hate celebs and all.

  28. Molly Spurgeon says:

    I completely agree with the sentiment, and he had every right to say it. I wouldn’t even have an addendum to that if it weren’t for the following: Much like Samantha Bee’s comment about Ivanka while discussing the far more important issue of immigration/family separation, I’m just bummed that this moment is getting the most attention from that night instead of the MSD high school kids’ performance.

  29. Jesse says:

    Fuck this thirsty fuck and the anti-vax damage his fuckery did too.

  30. Crystal Jimenez says:

    Boring. Much like his career.

  31. ChaosHD says:

    DeNiro walking out with the Trump is a Cunt sign would of been even better.

  32. MoshPitKiss says:

    I love and miss Australia so, so much.

  33. Leave me alone says:


  34. Michael says:

    I wanna challenge all you losers to a fist fight. My God, are you guys the most pretentious pieces of [email protected] ever. This has been going on since 2015 and nothing has been done. And you bully everyone so safely from behind a computer, probably pitching a tent thinking you did something productive. The whole lot of you are punks that I could slap around. And you know what? I wouldn’t have to do anything, because you guys are probably deathly afraid to engage someone. It’s all “Trumptards” this and “Putin” that. Whining about it on the internet is not gonna get the job done, nor saying “DUR! I MAKE MY VOTE COUNT!” Everything the left, Hollywood, and MSM has done is gonna ensure Trump another term. And it will be all your fault. Hell, even Joe Scarborough said it on Morning Joe. Your childish antics have [email protected] you over so badly.

  35. bystander51 says:

    So I am wondering what all of the people bitching about Trump are doing to find a better candidate for the next election. I also wonder about if all of these unhappy people are volunteering on a local level to make their communities better places.

    Jimmy Kimmel went out and interviewed people using Trump policies and quotes. Most of the people agreed with them until they discovered Trump was behind them. It was fascinating to me.

  36. TheWhy says:

    People still watch award shows? Actors should just do what they’re told, ACT ! When did people start looking to them for political advice and views? If you read between the lines, they’re all a bunch of hypocrites! Wake up!

    • Michael says:

      And you defend an orange-skinned maniac who’s making enemies with our allies and an overall misogynistic pig. Boy, are you glad I don’t know where you live, because I’d crack your jaw wide open for voting for this maniac. Thanks to you, we’re about to be in for a recession.

  37. Slugger_McBuster says:

    So THIS is where all the gender-confused demonically possessed Hillary bitter-clingers hang out to get “derangement affirmation” as catharsis….

    As for this article, it would be more accurate if titled “De Niro shit all over the Tonys & himself, and alienated 2/3 of his former fans.”

    Needs some streamlining, but still waaayy more accurate.

    In other words, you cretins ain’t resonating.

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