Joanna Gaines Isn’t Getting A $150K Appearance Fee For A Deposition

January 30, 2018 / Posted by:

If there is one thing we have learned in the last few months, it’s that Joanna Gaines is the Griselda Blanco of DIY and home renovation. When Joanna and Chip Gaines, her husband, announced last year they were quitting their HGTV show Flip or Flop, landfills across America wept wondering what might happen if Chip and Joanna weren’t around to pilfer through the dump for wood to reclaim. It quickly emerged that HGTV is kind of a cheapskate with talent, and the Gaineses wanted more moolah and a less restrictive boss since lighting those silos set them back some Benjis. While Joanna may be pious for an hour on Sundays, she shows the spirit of Kris Jenner lords over Waco for the rest of her week when it comes to making money. That theme now apparently extends to our legal system.

Page Six is out with a report saying Joanna won’t get $150,000 an hour to sit for a deposition. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “No shit. I can barely get $20 to sit for jury duty, so who does she thinks is?

Well, Joanna has been summoned to be deposed in a lawsuit. A source says she demanded she be paid an appearance fee if she couldn’t answer her deposition questions in writing and needed to be seen in person. While her company with Chip is not directly involved in the lawsuit, they are apparently getting brought in since she’s the one who realized something was up. Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company was hired to sell high-end furniture for Chip and Jo’s Magnolia Home Furniture line. A company called LF Products put the shit together, but Joanna allegedly found out the manufacturer switched out the agreed upon materials.

LF argued the Gaineses were heavily involved in the process and should show up, and the judge appears to agree, saying they have relevant information…information that will not come at the rate of $150K per hour! Joanna was asked to sit twice, and she tried to swat back, saying she “has no relevant information because the suit turns on whether the shipped furniture conforms to the contract specifications” and “her deposition would be duplicative since she has no unique knowledge relevant to the case.”

Imagine Joanna barking at Chip and a team of lawyers to fire that kind of language off to a judge the next time you see her showing a blind grandma around her new shiplapped-to-shit home in Waco. Kind of ruins the holy sweet tea aura, doesn’t it??

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101 responses to “Joanna Gaines Isn’t Getting A $150K Appearance Fee For A Deposition”

  1. David C says:

    Flip or Flop is not their show. That was the show of the hot messes Christina and Tarek El Moussa. ( His name sounds like a middle eastern savory dessert if you ask me, but I digress.) The Shiplap Empire they helm is called Fixer Upper..

  2. SANS_FARDS says:

    “We the jury find the defendant guilty as charged….of overly relying on shiplap and installing one too many obnoxiously large wall hangings.”

  3. Carefree says:

    Can I just thank you, CJ, for using the correct plural of their surname and not the dreaded greengrocers stray apostrophes?

  4. Venus de Merino says:

    Professionals get paid if they are brought in to give their opinion. Bitch, your judgment about napkin colors is not worth squat, let alone $150K.

    • agirl says:

      Plus, this is a *deposition for a lawsuit*. They are not hiring her as a consultant FFS.
      She needs to stop sniffing her own pregnancy farts, ’cause she needs more oxygen if she thinks she can demand money in a situation like this.

    • HenHen says:

      You’re thinking of expert witnesses, who are hired to opine on the case but are not actually involved in any way. Joanna is just a regular old witness to some actual facts of the case.

  5. Dora Winifred says:

    I keep waiting to read some terrible, seedy headline about these guys and am always disappointed (?)

  6. English/Irish says:

    Fixer Upper not Flip or Flop! and I’m crazy about this show!

  7. BamBam says:

    He is either gay or he wears animal print thongs. Those are the only two possible explanations for teeth that white on faux blue collar faux butch mens.

    • My Bananas says:

      I don’t want him on my team, and I really didn’t need that visual.

      • BamBam says:

        I don’t either but his repeated anti-gay marriage comments push the needle away from “straight men who wear cheetah print thongs” towards “closeted redneck busted by vice in the pickle park” territory.

        I mean, it’s flipping houses. Gentrification and restoring old houses is one of the primary features of gay culture.

        Pearl Drops Tooth Polish isn’t the only creamy white fluid that passes across those glistening white veneers.

  8. agirl says:

    HAHAHAHA WTF?!?! I get called for jury doody around once a year. The next time I’m called I am going to try this shit: “If I can’t do the jury duty in writing, at my convenience, bitches, I’m gonna hafta charge y’all $150 an hour. Take it or leave it!”

    The court officers would laugh their asses off. And watch me get slapped with some contempt of court with a quickness.

    • My Bananas says:

      It’s not Jury Duty, she was deposed. But now you have me wondering if you can refuse deposition?

      • BobBob says:

        I think you can plead the 5th but you can’t refuse it.

      • agirl says:

        I would think it is even harder to get out of, as your deposition is part of the case. And it is certainly not a “celebrity appearance” that you can get paid for!

      • HenHen says:

        A court can order anyone to appear for a deposition. So no, you can’t refuse. Reasonable accommodations have to be made for you such as time and place, but you can’t refuse.

  9. Dog says:

    Love their show but her interior designs are too relentlessly “statement”. Too many greys, blacks and whites. And her accents are always greens. All of which is very pretty but somehow sterile.

    There is a TV built into the wall of the sauna at my gym and it’s always tuned to HGTV. Today Chip and Joanna had a couple who spent $130K on their house and only had a $30K reno budget so they were just asking for some small updates. Unbeknownst to them their son kicked in another $100K so they got a completely redone house. It was very touching and sweet and sweat was leaking down my face. Sweat, OKAY???

    • BobBob says:

      I usually think they do good work but sone recent episodes I have seen at my Mom’s house are not great. Just terrible storage, weird layouts. I don’t know if fame is going to their heads but it looks like they are going for looks and not functionality anymore.

      • Dog says:

        I noticed that they don’t have a lot of storage in the kitchens which I find weird. They take out so many of the floating cabinetry for aesthetics and then they don’t put in anything else. Just a honking big island with more drawers than cabinets space.

        • BobBob says:

          Yes! Everything looks instagram chic but those families will be bringing in shelving units and other storage solutions a week after production leaves. Plus the dust and grease if you fry anything, we have cabinets for a reason, to keep your stuff clean. Can you imagine having to dust all of your dishes frequently or just wiping down a cabinet? Crazy.

          • Dog says:

            She did one today with shelves on either side but facing each other across the stove and that was my first thought. Oh hell no.

          • Carbon Based DIRKform says:

            Shelves above the stove? My microwave is above the stove and I’ve singed my boobs a few times using it when the burners were on (’cause I’m a midget and have to lean forward and stretch up).

          • Dog says:

            On either side.

        • idiots drive me loco says:

          eh, we are redesigning our kitchen, nad we are opting for tons of cabinets in our new island as I am a hobbit and can’t reach shit in the floating cabinets. That and not trusting myself on a step ladder in the long term it makes logical sense as I may be in a wheelchair in 20 years. At least there is logic behind that decision.

      • Eric Steiner says:

        Out of the last 5 episodes that aired, I have finished exactly 0. I usually just see which house they pick, then get bored and turn it to something else.

    • My Bananas says:

      It’s all formula, and as someone who knows, (I have a friend who’s been on ‘Love it or List it’) that tearjerker part was probably all for show. They need a hook, what more interesting? I’ve got a budget of 130k or ‘my son’s going to surprise us with an additional 100k budget?

      • Dog says:

        Damn, even I’m not that cynical.

        • My Bananas says:

          My fiend on Love it or List it knew about everything he was going to lose beforehand. Those ‘We came across this problem so we have to lose the second bath’ is all in a script.

          • boomdeyay says:

            Do the owners actually get to decide the ending or did your friend know that he would stay in his house and just presented to look at other homes?

          • My Bananas says:

            They actually film both, then not even the owners get to know which one they went with. That’s decided in editing.

    • SANS_FARDS says:

      I don’t mind the show either, it’s OK to watch a marathon during a snow day or something. But give me some COLOR! I can’t deal with the drab interiors.

    • Eric Steiner says:

      I remember that episode, mostly because it was one of like 3 that have had non-white people on it. I know it’s TX, but damn girl.

  10. Bruins Dirk says:

    I’m confused. So she knew something was up in the manufacturing, but since she isn’t getting paid $150k for an “appearance” at a depo, she insists she doesn’t have unique knowledge of the situation?

    First of all, you greedy twat, giving a deposition ISN’T an “appearance.” It’s your goddamned legal obligation. What a self entitled bitch. You can take your crappy shiplap, your homo-hatin’ ways,and your husband’s ugly chiclet teeth and shove them all up your chocolate whizzway.

  11. Bruins Dirk says:

    Re: the name mix up…IDGAF but we call Flip or Flop “Fip or Fop” bc Christina can’t even pronounce the name of her own damn show in her promos bc her veneers are too big.
    What’s with HGTV and all their ‘stars’ getting big ol horse teeth? Is it required in their contract?

  12. Discount Candy says:

    I know these two are homophobic and generally trifling. And that’s bad enough.

    But I can’t put my finger on it. I have no hard evidence to back it up yet, but my intuition is telling me that these two are the absolute worst.

  13. BooBoo says:

    Fuck both these Evangelical phony assholes & their shiplap

  14. BlairBear says:

    Dis bitch.

  15. janie says:

    I used to really like this show, but Chip rubs me the wrong way for some reason. I think he’s so disrespectful to his wife the way he touches her, it creeps me out. He must not do the same to her as she’s pregnant. They do have such nice, sweet kids. Wants to be paid for her appearance? I needed a good laugh! ?

  16. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors says:

    Typical greedy lazy reality TV slags.

  17. glenroebuck says:

    HGTV has a habit of making right wing nut jobs stars. Remember the two brothers they were going to give a show until it turned out they were exposed and majorly homophobic conversion therapy freaks?

  18. GardeningGirl says:

    Go away.

  19. Integrated Luncheonette says:

    Never mind Chip and Joanna, what about their dead-behind-the-eyes Children they Parade out on every episode of Fucker Upper?! Creepy emotionless little Automatons…

  20. TimSims says:

    WHO THE FUK ARE THESE 2?? why do i have to keep seeing their dopey faces. Michael K help !

  21. agirl says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think I could fuck someone named “Chip”. It’s just a very unsessy name.

    Even aside from that child-toucher face and giant blinding white teefs. Hard no from me on that one.

    • delaney says:

      Lol. The biggest douche I met in college was a Chip. What a scammer. Ended up in jail in Colorado for selling drugs.

      • agirl says:

        “Fuck me Chip oh fuck me! Fuck me harder Chip!”

        See, it doesn’t work. Douche is right. It’s also a nickname, which means someone else said, “This asshole has got to be a ‘Chip’.” And others agreed and the name stuck.

  22. delaney says:

    Cannot stand Fixer Upper!! Been pissed for ages with HGTV for jamming it down our throats. About the first half dozen eps were okay but now 2,000 eps later, it’s all the same old crap. I passed the Target aisle selling their products and although desperate to pick up a couple cursory gifts, there was not one freekin thing that hadn’t been done better by Pottery Barn — 10 years ago.

  23. Impeachtrumpbeforemyheadexplod says:

    What’s with the hate of these two? I like them and their show. I found them refreshing compared to a lot of other ones on the same channel.

  24. sue450 says:

    the name of their show is “fixer upper” not “flip or flop” way to go D listed double check your info before posting stories

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