InTouch Weekly Says That Ben Affleck Was Drinking At An Emmys Party 

September 21, 2017 / Posted by:

I’m not going to say that’s the face of someone who knows their way around a bottle. No really, I’m not going to, because that’s what my face looks like after a two Egg McMuffin breakfast. But in Ben Affleck’s case, at least according to InTouch, that’s the face of a dude who might not be sober at the moment.

Last month, Ben Affleck his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus were spotted at a liquor store in Maine. It was a little weird considering that earlier this year, Ben Affleck admitted that he had gone to rehab for alcohol issues. Cut to this week when InTouch’s source claims that he was drinking at an Emmys after-party on Sunday night.

“He ordered water at the bar, but a server brought him over the alcoholic drink once he sat down at the table. He drank all of it.”

The source adds that Lindsay drank champagne, so the drink brought over to the table wasn’t hers. A source close to Ben told InTouch: “Ben continues to focus on a balanced lifestyle.

However, Gossip Cop claims In Touch’s source must have mistaken Ben for another bloaty award-winning actor. Gossip Cop “has learned” that InTouch’s story is inaccurate. A source close to Ben tells Gossip Cop that it’s just not true that he was drinking after the Emmys.

So Ben might be drinking again or he’s still sober. One thing is for sure: Ben was papped leaving a liquor store in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and he was carrying a big brown paper bag. A bag most likely filled with bottles of alcohol, but who says they were for drinking? It could have been beer Ben bought to rinse into his hair to add body and shine. Who knows what kind of fancy upkeep that mane on his head requires.


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231 responses to “InTouch Weekly Says That Ben Affleck Was Drinking At An Emmys Party ”

  1. ButteryTrash says:

    Is anyone surprised by this?

  2. TEE says:

    I wish him well for his kids sake.

  3. FFSstoptalking says:

    Dear Gossip Cop,

    This is not the sword to fall on if you are trying to be considered a valid source. Is there anyone who believes Batfleck isn’t diving to the bottom of every bottle of hooch he comes across?

  4. runic2627 says:

    Oh c’mon In Touch Weekly! Let the man succumb to his addictions in peace already! Sheesh!

  5. Game, Blouses says:

    No kidding. That man looks like he’s entering Leaving Las Vegas territory. He needs rehab.

  6. Lisa Nones says:

    Where there’s an addict, there’s an enabler, oh hi Lindsay!

  7. BooBoo says:

    His poor children. Get it together, Ben.

  8. Flora Posteschild says:

    If Bad Santa is due for a reboot, we have its star.

    Yes, Ben, you’ve been going through a very bad time in both your personal and your professional life, and it’s even harder to do that in the public eye. But you also have a lot of people who love and support you, and it’s time to get help, for real this time.

  9. Slurpee says:

    Wow, really? Tell us less.

  10. thai iced tea says:

    Pretty sad stuff IMO.

  11. Swarm_of_locusts says:

    He looks shit.

  12. N. says:

    Snitches get stitches, bitches.

  13. Spaz de la Whoreta says:

    That Lindsay chick probably can’t fuck him unless she’s drunk and if she’s dri king he’s gonna get his drink on, too.

  14. Dirk Diggler-Kojak says:

    Of course he drank.

  15. WinterOwl22 says:

    He was probably too embarrassed to send it back because he didn’t want to be rude. *sarcasm*

  16. Darkside says:

    Affleck is drinking…

    Did anybody look into that Portrait of Health and really think he was on the wagon?

  17. Raja Hindustani says:

    He definitely leaves skid marks in the toilets from his giant alcoholic fat boy shits.

  18. Pit Bully says:

    Oh now that’s the shock of the century.

  19. MehganFaux says:

    Water is wet, the sun came up today… and Ben affleck drank too much.

  20. insertrandomcliche says:

    I can smell the booze sweat, pit stank, and cheese dick through my screen. Jesus christ.

  21. Dwakadoodle says:

    Not news flash, Ben was drinking in the shower getting ready for the Emmys, in the limo on the way to the venue, during the Emmys, in the car to the after party, at the after party… Ben drinks, that’s what he does.

  22. WinterOwl22 says:

    “Ben was papped leaving a liquor store in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and he was carrying a big brown paper bag.”

    Or MAYBE it was off-brand water bottles because they ran out of *Evian and heaven forbid you drink Smartwater or Dasani.

    *Evian tastes like shit, btw. I don’t care if a acting coach that I respect told the class one day that it’s the choice water of the stars.

  23. thai iced tea says:

    His PR team probably already has him in yet another rehab.

  24. mdsfan says:

    What a mean-spirited post to attack his face and hair. Can Allison post us a picture of her face and hair? How would Trollison feel if we were talking about her looks in this way? We’ll never know because Trollison types these posts from under her Canadian troll bridge. Please bring back Michael K, who knows how to write a funny post without leaving scars.

  25. Caroline says:

    INTouch is full of shit. They always make up stories and people believe them because they are “believable” Of course Ben is an alcoholic, but i believe GC this time..He wouldn’t drink in front of everybody

    • TicTacky says:

      Ben is classy that way! He only drinks in front of Vegas pit bosses, cocktail waitresses, strippers, and nannies!

  26. ZombieDjibuddha says:

    He definitely has the face of someone who’s been auto-pickling.

  27. louise_brooks says:

    You know how we knew Ben was drinking, because we have eyes and he’s walking around looking like this:

    Also, what is wrong with his ear??! I looks like he tried to set it on fire.

  28. MayorChapStick76 says:

    Anyone with two eyes can see he’s drinking.

  29. amp69 says:

    Justice League is due in about a month and a half from now so Assfleck will be hitting promotional tour soon and it irritates me that his co-stars are not only in peak physical condition none of them are behaving like a public nuisance like this asshole!

  30. The real Kimshady... says:

    Wasn’t he and his lady papped at the liquor store awhile back. Giving hugs to the store clerk? I’m shocked anyone thinks he is sober.

  31. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors says:

    Affleck is a bloated drunk, what’s new?

  32. runic2627 says:

    Oi! Ben! Off to the Croutons where you belong!

  33. tommie says:

    In other news, water is wet.

  34. EasyA says:

    I guarantee all these two do is go to dinner, drink too much, go home and fuck, pass out, wake up hungover and start all over again.

  35. putsomestankonit says:

    ? gotta ?, ? gotta fly
    Bens gotta ? til he dies

  36. mdsfan says:

    Did D-Listed poach Hellison from Fox News? If Hellison posted this story about a WOMAN’S face she’d be shit kicked to the curb faster than Giuliana Rancic at a reggae braiding festival. Double standard that she can make fat face jokes about a guy, who is also battling the booze, but can’t do the same about herself or women. Until Michael K’s return I’m bookmarking D-Listed next to Perez Hilton and I never thought I’d say those words.

  37. Sheena says:

    Picture of health!

  38. Pit Bully says:

    You guys need to quit commenting. I am at work and laughing too hard.

  39. kat m says:

    He went from doing pap strolls with his kids for an Oscar to letting the paps catch him leaving a liquor store with a bag of booze. SMH. Tragic and I bet his messiness has been ongoing for years and years and Jen Garner cleaned it up. This is who he truly is. Addicted and not very savvy.

    • Choupette says:

      Curious as to when the boozing started. He was with Jennifer Lopez for a hot minute and she says she doesn’t drink.

      • kat m says:

        Charlie Sheen drove him to rehab back in 2002. I mean, really. When Charlie Sheen thinks you need rehab …

      • Candice says:

        No longer than that. Goop tried cleaning him up. And with Lopez he would take her out in Boston and leave her at the bar and go downstairs and play poker and keep drinking heavily. His mom hated Lopez, but it was Ben who was treating her like shit for his drinking and gambling. Garner tried really hard to deal with it for their kids but even that couldn’t stop him.

  40. Che's Hot Rod (Ben) says:

    This expose doesn’t make me angry or snarky; it makes me sad. Having known addicts up close and personal, it breaks my heart for his children and family. I hope he is able to extract himself from an enabling partner. It’s not Lindsey’s fault that he’s an addict but she’s feeding the disease. I have a feeling that this is not going to end well.

    • kat m says:

      I posted this below but I wonder if she’s an alcoholic or addict as well. It’s not so much enabling but a drinking partner. He seems to be at the point when the only people who will tolerate his behavior are other people who need rehab also.

      • Che's Hot Rod (Ben) says:

        Exactly, unless she is more calculating that we give her credit. Every move he’s making now is sending him down a rabbit hole that may have a place of no return.

    • Candice says:

      I am mixed about it. It’s a real problem and they are only human. But only human with more money and handlers than god. And they have an edge and opportunity to get well that most regular people do not. I am very seldom sympathetic to rich people’s problems. The only time I do feel sorry for them is when they are surrounded by leaches instead of helpers. Like Blowhan. She never had a chance from the start with her vile parents practically pimping her and selling her. Amy Winehouse. People around here wanted her money and her to remain fucked up and a tortured soul to sell more albums. Ben doesn’t seem like he’s being exploited this way. Even Goop tried to get him help in rehab.

      • Che's Hot Rod (Ben) says:

        It doesn’t surprise me that people come out of the woodwork to say how they tried to help him. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. But it’s not something to discuss with the press because, as you said, these so called stars are human. Ben, IMHO, needs an early retirement from Hollywood because he won’t survive it.

        • FrenchGirl says:

          One of my neighbors is a movie journalist.During Affleck’s last directed movie promotion ,he met several times Affleck.He Is pretty sure that one of Warner Bros publicist was not a RP but a sober coach.His team was worried about his drunk behavior.

    • Ecce Homo says:

      Agreed, it’s kind of like Lindsay Lohan. Sure, they’re both assholes who threw it all away but there’s something so depressing about seeing anyone spiral down the drain. Not fun.

      • Sheena says:

        Yes but like Aaron Carter, and even more so, Ben has kids and money to burn – he can seek out help. I have sympathy but to an extent.

  41. Trendy Wendy says:

    Don’t his girlfriend know she can’t get a $$lovechild$$ with whisky dick???

  42. Juan Carlos says:

    Does Ben have diabetes? Someone posted a pic of his lower body, and his feet look hugely swollen and his whole being looks like he’s retaining more water than I was legally allowed to use watering my lawn by California last year.

  43. Stefanie says:

    He looks, SO god damn terrible. He looks like a sponge soaked in vodka, like if you slapped him in the face, I think your hand would be soaked in booze. When I think to how hot I used to think Ben Affleck was (I was 13, cut me some slack) in Bounce and Pearl Harbor, and now he looks like this? Tragic. I’m not a fan of Jen Garner, but I give her credit for the effort I think she put in in not only trying to help him, but trying to salvage her family from this shit. Some people, despite having literally everything, every reason, and every option available to them, refuse to get help and stay sober, and it’s sad, as Affleck has/had a lot of talent. Now all I see is dad bloat and Randy Quaid beard.

    • kat m says:

      I dunno, Jen wasted a lot of time trying to help him and he’s still a goddamn mess. I wish she would have seen the light a lot sooner than like, 12 years or whatever it was. That’s your whole damn youth and to come away with nothing… sad.

      • Original Putas says:

        She has her children and whatever priceless wisdom she gained from the experience. At least she tried as opposed to remaining alone and waiting for the perfect man. Yes, absolutely she would’ve preferred a responsible, sober life partner but that’s life.

      • 162 says:

        I have a few friends that stayed with guys just like him for years because they “loved” them and wanted to help them. And the guy would always vehemently promise they would change if they just got another chance. Do they feel cheated out of those years wasted on drunk cheaters? No because they love the kids they have and they REALLY appreciate their new guys. And will n ever take them for granted.

    • Purple Hays says:

      He looks terrible — but you can’t get in the way of somebody’s bottom.

  44. deedub says:

    Well, if InTouch says it, it **must** be true.

    Then again, judging by that pic, this falls under the “and water is wet” category.

  45. Nic says:

    I love that it was stated “he drank all of it.” Definitely an important detail!

  46. Alexander C. Skitch says:

    I said the other day, he seems to be that kind of addict that needs to hit rock bottom before he turns around. If he’s lucky, and I hope he is (my snarky posts notwithstanding)

  47. enon says:

    his poor kids.

  48. ~ZZZ~ says:

    This is not gonna end well.

  49. janie says:

    He’s a grown man, if he wants to drink… He can have at it. He doesn’t need to sneak around or have spies reporting any of his business to anyone!

    • Trendy Wendy says:

      Except for the fact that he is going through a divorce AND he wants to keep getting acting jobs. I’m sure his rehab stints buy him mercy from producers and family and friends.

    • Madam Pince says:

      He’s responsible for three children. I’d hope that means more to him than just making sure he has good life insurance.

  50. Darkside says:

    “The source adds that Lindsay drank champagne, so the drink brought over to the table wasn’t hers.”
    This sentence puts an interesting question in my mind: Does anybody else find it a bit unseemly to drink right in front of somebody in recovery? I know they say you can’t create a false environment where alcohol doesn’t exist, but I just think I’d be uncomfortable enough, I’d switch to soda as a show of support if nothing else.

    • SANS_FARDS says:

      I probably would keep it dry when having a dinner or gathering with a close friend or family member in recovery. Certainly if it were my spouse.

      I understand that it’s on the person in recovery to figure out a way to deal with settings that involve alcohol, but Lindsay seems like an enabler, if she doesn’t have addiction issues herself. This isn’t going to end well for him.

      • Somersetgal says:

        I’m sure that’s why they are together. She never questions his drinking and allows it to continue. I bet Ben’s ex Jennifer asked some tough questions and held a mirror up to his bad behaviour. Much easier to be with someone who either turns a blind eye or joins in on your misadventures.

      • thai iced tea says:

        Enabling is more than that just drinking with that person. It’s making excuses for them, giving them chance after chance, covering for them, lying about it, doing stuff that they should be doing. Isn’t that basically what Garner had been doing for him for their entire marriage? She made him look good when we all know it was a shitshow behind the scenes. I think if anything, he went from one enabling relationship to another, or Jen recognized her behavior and stopped and he found a replacement.

    • GardeningGirl says:

      I think it’s fucken rude and evil.

    • ZombieDjibuddha says:

      If it’s someone early in recovery, it’s awfully nice.

      Unfortunately, I think Ben has been boozing for a bit anyway. I also suspect Lindsay is both a co-addict and and addict, but what do I know?

    • Heathen the Horrible says:

      It’s a free-flowing booze fest—having a sober buddy would probably be nice

    • 162 says:

      Not only does she drink wine several times we’ve seen them on dates in front of him, she bought 3 bottles of booze in front of him on their Maine vacation. If she drank it all, her liver is pickled, but you know she and Ben split it.

    • ThenTheLordMadeYolettie says:

      My ex BIL, is a bad diabetic and never stopped drinking. At last count he’s lost a toe and half his left leg and is always in hospital. His wife never stopped throwing parties where they all drink hard, never stopped the pool tournaments at bars or encouraged him to slow down. It’s sad, sick, and mind boggling but that’s their life..

  51. You Ain't No Sanjaya says:

    No fucking duh, InTouch.

  52. motherslittlehelper says:

    Anyone who knows or has been an alcoholic knows the face of an alcoholic. Puffy. I don’t know him, but I genuinely don’t think it’s easy for him to be in his own skin. I’d go so far as to write that Jennifer Garner had to step away for her sanity for multiple reasons, that being one of them, but you can tell she loves him/is concerned about him. She has the face of someone who feels helpless in the wake of alcohol/drugs/womanizing, etc. I’m often wrong, just a thought. No winning parties, here. Also, Jennifer, I see you in that cleav-baring camisole today in the news, honey! She never wears stuff like that. Love ittttt. I hope they both find contentment and their kids are okay.

  53. SANS_FARDS says:

    So has Jen taken him back yet?

  54. DuchessGummyBuns says:

    And in further news, ladies and gentlemen, water is still wet.

  55. Micron says:

    Ben goes to rehab as much as Oprah goes to Jenny Craig.

  56. GardeningGirl says:

    Damn, he’s got that boracho look down pat!

  57. 1slyangel says:

    Carry on.

  58. Disco Pants says:

    Alcoholics cannot do balanced drinking. Get it together, Ben.

  59. Jedeva says:

    Gossip Cop: when I first heard of them I thought they might be fact checkers. Turns out they’re just PR lackeys with a deceptive name. Who would’ve guessed?

  60. Somersetgal says:

    Not really surprising, even my half blind cat can see he’s drinking again. He’s an addict deep in denial.

  61. Cat Meow says:

    He doesn’t want to sober up, that’s all.

  62. Dirk'sVT, PhD says:

    The ruddy bloated face suggests booze is the primary staple of his diet.

  63. Dingle Barry says:

    Is he still living in Jen’s pool house?

    • thai iced tea says:

      He has his own home now which I can only imagine reeks of booze, stale cigs, garbage and failed dreams. He’ll never be able to sell it.

  64. Dingle Barry says:

    I just hope he has a driver or takes Uber or Lyft at all times. He doesn’t look like he’s seen a sober moment in quite some time.

  65. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

    They say it as if it’s breaking news on CNN.

    “Breaking news: Ben Affleck was seen with a beer. He drank all of it. More at 11”

    It reads like the Bojack Horseman episode where Beyonce got injured in the middle of the street.

  66. David Abbot says:

    I’m sure drinking is the least of it.

  67. NobodyBlue says:

    We don’t need sources to tell us anything, it’s all on Ben’s face.

  68. decloo says:

    Maybe he has substituted binge eating for binge drinking? This would not be uncommon. On another note, he’s starting to resemble the Deaner of “What’s crappening” fame.

  69. thai iced tea says:

    I couldn’t handle being a celebrity like this. Photographed every time you leave the house, every move analyzed. I’m not sure the money would even be worth it.

    • sis says:

      You’re right, still: He could’ve rented a house somewhere in nowhere but that would’ve meant he wouldn’t have been able to hit the bars in NY, LA – whereever he is right now. So yes, either way, he has no chance to keep on living like he wants to.

  70. boomdeyay says:

    Very sad. Alcoholism is a bitch. Particularly if you make your living based on your looks and reputation.

  71. selfpotato says:

    Isn’t he also an alleged heroin addict?

    • thai iced tea says:

      According to Lainey but she’s psycho and hates him and writes long-winded essays about him. So… grain of salt.

    • Lislop says:

      Heroin user or some type of opiate. I believe it! Not sure if he’s still doing it, but at some point he was.

  72. Aurelia Grey says:

    This will come off as a bit twisted but…somewhere in Ben’s mind he has to know he’s at the twilight of his career, at least as an actor.I’m going to guess that he’s hitting the booze because he’s back to gambling and loosing hard. I’m guessing too, that his new girlfriend “really, really understands” him. Party together, gamble, travel, never ending teen age life.

  73. Saltydog says:

    “He ordered water at the bar, but a server brought him over the alcoholic drink once he sat down at the table. He drank all of it.”

    That is the most awkward phrasing I’ve ever read. It sounds like aliens studying human life. Like clearly dude is a drunk, look at him. Still, would.

  74. Heathen the Horrible says:

    Meh. I’m not going to trash someone from drinking too much— glass houses ?

  75. zoinks says:

    Ben and Jen always reminded me of my parents when I was a kid. My parents got divorced shortly before they did, too, so it only adds to the comparison. My dad is a sober alcoholic who has not touched a drink in over 12 years. As someone who grew up with an alcoholic father who got sober before I even caught on that he had a problem, I really, really hope Ben gets help. He has kids to think about, and moderation is, sadly, often not an option given to addicts. Long story short, this makes me sad.

    • thai iced tea says:

      Do you have older siblings who did know what was going on? Do you think they have been negatively impacted by his alcoholism?

      • zoinks says:

        I’m actually the oldest of two. I was 9/10 when he got sober, and didn’t find out that his alcoholism was the cause of my parents’ first separation until I was around 12. My parents were open with me and warned me to moderate myself because addiction ran in the family, and his honesty is probably the reason why I’ve always been pretty good at knowing my limits. I’m lucky that my dad got his life together when he did, and I really hope that Ben gets his together for the sake of his relationship with his kids.

  76. Sunny says:

    “Ben continues to focus on a balanced lifestyle.”

    Balanced between beer and vodka, maybe.

  77. Natters says:

    I’m surprised this is a story as I assumed we all figured he was drinking again as he bloated alcohol face and body is back. I have a feeling he and his new girlfriend are each other’s enablers.

    • Sunny says:

      I suspect he’ll never really get past any of his addictions because he doesn’t want to. He seems like he’d just want people to stop complaining about the stuff he does so he can miserably indulge.

  78. Immodest Goddess says:

    Well d’uh ?

  79. thecocoacritic says:

    There’s no way Affleck is doing the Batman movie at this rate. He’s a liability to the studio.

  80. sofster101 says:

    He can’t hide it with that booze face bloat.

  81. Texrocks says:

    He is going to end up being one Hollywood causality if he doesn’t get it together. Seriously, he looks like one heart attack or blackout waiting to happen.

  82. Billy Konstantine says:

    Textbook bloat face

  83. Nuharoo says:

    Christ I hope I don’t wake up one day and end up seeing a headline announcing his death from heart failure related to alcohol abuse.

  84. GothyMcGotha says:

    All I think about when I see this picture is his kids and I hope they’ll be ok.

  85. Aliyah says:

    He knows he has to go home to Lindsay.

  86. Jen says:

    On the topic of not drinking around sober/newly sober folks…there are so many scenarios I know, but I’m done changing my behavior. I can’t tell you how many sober dinners I’ve had with the sober person pretending to be sober–so we both lose out!–or the person is in roller coaster recovery. Of course I would respect someone VERY newly sober, but those folks usually stay away from events with alcohol anyway.

  87. kreoth says:

    Leave the guy alone. If he’s off the wagon, hey, let him be, he’s probably unhappy. What he probably needs is a better companion. Where’s Matt these days?

  88. Mrs Odie says:

    Ben Affleck’s red, puffy face said he was drinking at the Emmys.

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