Mahershala Ali And Others Spoke Against The Muslim Ban At The SAG Awards

January 30, 2017 / Posted by:

It’s not unusual for award show speeches to be the kind that start out all breathless with a “Wow wow wow!” and end with a corny joke about how it’s time for their kids watching at home to go to bed. But since Trump is in a race against himself to be the worst human alive with a fountain pen, the tone of the speeches at the SAG Awards last night was a whole lot more serious.

If Trump’s petite hands had access to a little lamp with an equally small genie inside, I’m sure one of his three wishes would be for Hollywood to shut up and stick to acting, but that’s not going to happen. So many speeches at the SAG Awards last night consisted of speaking against what’s going on. One of the deeper speeches came from Moonlight‘s Mahershala Ali when he accepted the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role. Mahershala is Muslim, his mama is not. Mahershala gave a little lesson in tolerance last night.

“My mother is an ordained minister. I am a Muslim. She didn’t do backflips when I called her and told her I converted 17 years ago. But we put things to the side and I was able to see her. She is able to see me. We love each other. The love has grown, and that stuff’s minutiae. It’s not that important.”

Mahershala should have known better. Of course his mama wasn’t doing backflips; you don’t drop serious news on your mama over the phone. Everybody knows you do it after you’ve finished dinner at a good buffet place, like the kind that has snow crab legs. Here’s his whole speech:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (or Louise if you’re Ashton Kutcher) also got into the ban during her acceptance speech for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series. Julia is the daughter of an immigrant who fled the Nazis in WW2, so of course she’s not having this bullshit about blocking people from entering the US.

Ashton Kutcher, who opened the show, also had feelings. He gave a shout out to the people detained at airports over the weekend.

“Good evening, fellow SAG-AFTRA members, and everyone at home, and everyone in airports that belong in my America. You are a part of the fabric of who we are. And we love you and we welcome you.”

He later took to Twitter to let everyone know he’s really pissed about the whole ban situation because he’s married to a refugee. (Mila Kunis came to the US from the Ukraine during the Cold War when she was seven years old).

Meanwhile, Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series winner John Lithgow was like, “For my thoughts, please see Meryl’s Trump-dragging speech from the Golden Globes.” Leave it to Meryl Streep to give a powerful SAG Awards speech without even winning.

Here’s Mahershala Ali and Julia LD on the red carpet, as well as posing with their awards from last night.


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498 responses to “Mahershala Ali And Others Spoke Against The Muslim Ban At The SAG Awards”

  1. Galaxy_Scribe says:

    Hidden Figures is better than Moonlight. Ali is sexy in both

  2. BruinsBeaverOverlord says:

    I have many Canadian friends who are married to Americans. Does Canada count in this ban??
    On topic: Mahershala Ali is gorgeous and a wonderful actor. Love him as Remy on House of Cards. So glad his character is coming back.

    • CaliCheeseSucks says:

      I like it when game show hosts run for President and people vote for him because they think he’s actually a successful businessman… and then those same people tell other celebrities to stay out of politics.

    • MerBearStare says:

      They are famous, yes, but they are also citizens of this country. And every citizen of this country has an obligation to speak out against injustice and those who commit injustices.

    • jade steele says:

      it’s only OK when clint eastwood gives his opinion, right?

  3. Sheena says:

    I’m all for people dragging Trump but these speeches are preaching to the choir. The people who should hear them won’t care unfortunately.

    • runic2627 says:

      There are many people who voted for Trump who also enjoy films, TV and awards shows.
      I applaud anyone who has a public platform who speaks their views against injustice.

      • Sheena says:

        Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying they shouldn’t speak their minds. Same as protesters should continue to protest. But the hardline Trumpsters, a few in my own family, respond with eyerolls and dismiss it.

        • jay says:

          That’s a pretty typical response from people who can’t understand nuances.

        • bonjourdan says:

          Sadly, I doubt that anything or anyone can get through to the hardline Trumpsters. I live in NE Ohio, a traditionally Democratic area, but Trump did well here. A lot of people didn’t really like him but voted for him anyway, which helped tip the election to him (not in Ohio, which gave him an embarrassingly large victory, but in other states). But since he didn’t start out with much goodwill among those voters, my HOPE is that they will lose patience with his shit quickly and become more persuadable.

          • Sheena says:

            Yep, i think it’s his own policies and how they will negatively effect Trump voters that will finally make people turn against him.

    • TruffleGirl says:

      Entertainers have global attention so while I’m not into the attention whoring ones speaking out, I’m all for them using their platform to speak out in desperate times like these.

      • Shockingly Cunty says:

        playing devils advocate here.. Obama put IMMIGRATION/TRAVEL bans on iraq (2011) for 6mths.. & then Venezuela (2014).

        – how is this different to Trump?

        .. Clinton used immigration bans did Bush, Regan, Carter..heck, even FDR BANNED JEWS.

        Anybody who actually knows anything about politics will find these celebs using their platforms, are just simply walking into moral traps of their own making & ignorance, stoking the flames of hatred & division.

        over 50 world countries are Islamic.. 7 are now on enhanced vetting for USA, only 3 additions are/were added under Trump (watch list is provided by DHS).

        – the media are dutifully playing their part in misinformation & obfuscation.. but these policies were in place during Obama’s terms. – nobody seemed to cry, howl & protest then..right??? infact obamma hid it for 2yrs – where was the moral outrage then!!.

        • Bridge Burner says:

          Obama did not put a travel ban into place in 2011. They temporarily slowed the process of attaining a visa after two Iraqis who had been granted asylum here were found to have built IED in Iraq during the war. Trump is lying. Again.

          • Shockingly Cunty says:

            yes temporarily slowed.. is exactly what TRUMP is doing .. slowing down for 90days while the enhanced vetting is in place – no different to Obama. [BTW- obamas policy affected all regugees during that time..because 2 were caught!.. exec orders are not selective]

            This moral outrage everybody is keenly expressing is problematic, considering the sheer volume of Bans & restrictions that have been used over the last 50yrs by multiple presidents.

            But suddenly we need to rail against TRUMP doing the same???

          • msd says:

            He didn’t slow it down he completely stopped it and threw people and their lives into chaos. And if you think he’s doing that for the good of the country then I don’t know what to tell you.

          • Shockingly Cunty says:

            Slow bleed..vs complete halt.. who is to say which is better.

            All I can conclusively agree with is that these 3 additional countries were recommended by DHS since 2015!

          • msd says:

            A stubbed toe. A completely blown off leg. Who’s to say which one is better? Totally.

          • Shockingly Cunty says:

            who is to say what obama did & how many affected.. it wasnt reported for 2yrs!

            but on balance, how much outrage can you muster for the 100 people this restriction affected this weekend? not exactly a shattering number other than to those directly involved.

          • Dr. Cheese Toast says:

            A family with young kids was detained in Virginia for over 20 hours with no food. I see that as cruel and inhumane. Dogs on death row are treated better.

          • Shockingly Cunty says:

            are you suggesting that there ought to be trail runs for imposing immigration/travel restrictions? ..or maybe forewarn of the policy change to create a stampede??
            – you might need to re-evaluate your understanding of how these restriction orders work.

            honestly, maybe Trump would have done better if he concealed it for 2yrs obama did!

          • jade steele says:

            ok cunt

          • Shockingly Cunty says:

            fuck u fagot whorehag!

          • Shockingly Cunty says:

            yes..use obtuse examples, completely out of context, to miss the point of enhanced vetting of ‘terror’ nations.

          • msd says:

            Oh, you mean Obama did something for an actual reason and not just to be a braying jack ass??? Wild!

          • abelard says:

            This one is the same troll from above with a new name.

          • msd says:

            Oh, so I can ignore? Cool.

          • Bridge Burner says:

            Yeah, I just blocked it. Thanks for the heads up.

        • anonymous says:

          By saying this than doesn’t it defeat the Republican and Trump voters’ whole purpose during the campaign? who kept yelling Obama isn’t doing enough to protect our country. For people to go hey look Obama did the same thing just makes u look stupid than. So what is it? He didn’t do enough regarding immigration policy or he did. What is it?

        • TruffleGirl says:

          I agree but I think it’s just gotten to the point where yes, his predecessors paved the way but this guy’s blatantly a mentally unsound raging lunatic, the people around him are unqualified lunatics and the nepotism surrounding him is sickening. So my dear for that reason I say “dis too much” and my ass can’t handle it so let everyone speak up and fight back. Enough is enough!

    • kgg says:

      You can bet trump is watching. trump haaaaaaaates the fact that all these celebrities – rich and beautiful and winning awards – are speaking out against him.

      And I think the more he focuses on the slights from celebrities, the more unstable he appears to his diehards.

    • Dr. Cheese Toast says:

      The tangerine tyrant hears it. He’s taking names.

  4. Digitus impudicus says:

    I went to a political rally and an awards show broke out.

  5. putsomestankonit says:

    With how fucked up things are right now, I kind of wish Hollywood would cancel all of their self congratulatory circle jerks.

  6. Miranda Spier says:

    You’re ceebrities paid to read other people’s words. Who gives a fuck what you think?

  7. FB says:

    Mahershala Ali is everything. His category and Viola’s are the only ones that I care about in this trash season.

  8. Raja Hindustani says:

    Julia ages in reverse. She is so dang beautiful!

  9. Texndoc says:

    I read activists just didn’t show up at LAX and peacefully protest, they completely blocked traffic and thousands missed their flights. At the awards shows now everyone has to be Meryl. I don’t think it changes a damn thing but increase his strength. It was totally embarrassing the apparent leader of the opposition gets up and cries. Literally cries. What a General Patton.

  10. Colton, The Major Hussy says:

    I’m glad this people are using this shows as a platform to address important issues, but it’s too early for politics. I haven’t even had my quesadilla.

  11. Jesus is coming...RUN!!! says:

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus a strong and intelligent woman. I would like to offer myself to her…Julia

  12. KtotheP says:

    Moonlight was amazing. I’m glad it’s winning awards.

  13. billie ray jim-bob says:

    the irony of this whole mess are the large multinational corporations who pay no corporate tax in america, telling americans how to starbucks, google, apple..when they pay taxes, i will listen to them..other wise they need to stfu.

    • Jumbo says:

      I understand the frustration with those who didn’t vote and those that wasted their vote, but we have to look forward. Shaking our fists at the sky isn’t going to help. What are we going to DO?

      • CellophaneFame says:

        I think we can do both. Multitasking is good.

        • Jumbo says:

          I just want to feel like I’m being proactive. I’ve called and e-mailed, it doesn’t feel like enough. Powerless. I feel powerless.

          • CellophaneFame says:

            I think we just have to remember that change is seldom sudden, and one of the reasons it can be hard is because it does require a significant commitment of time. That can be hard to maintain but there is no denying that like those drops of water that wear rock away, steady perseverance can make a yuge difference. So don’t feel helpless, keep on dripping! So to speak. ;D

          • Nola says:

            Great post. I too shall keep on dripping!

          • CellophaneFame says:

            Excellent! Make sure you always have issues not tissues. 😀

          • MeFunPrincess says:

            This, this is why it’s disheartening to hear people say they are so over hearing about it already. It’s only been a week, it hasn’t even started.

          • CellophaneFame says:

            I think the eight years with Obama gave a lot of us a false sense of security and complacency naturally set it in. Really bad people couldn’t possibly be elected as president here, and there’s no way that an openly bigoted, white supremacist could EVER end up in the WH as a senior adviser to the POTUS. It’s 2016, ffs! Almost half the people who could, didn’t even vote. Out of the ones that did vote, a little less than half got Twitler elected. So that’s roughly 25 – 28% of the country. And here we are. Everyone say hi to our new POTUS, who is speaking and acting exactly like a fascist.

          • Lib in SK says:

            I know it’s small comfort, but maybe phone whatever Dem is running for the House in your area and volunteer to help. Stuff envelopes, ring doorbells, collect donations. Guys, you need to take back control of the House.

          • Jumbo says:

            That’s a really good idea. My son just started pre school so I have tons of free time during the day. Thanks!

          • PhillyKate says:

            We all do. Especially since it seems to be falling on deaf ears. So much for being for the people 🙁

          • Nola says:

            Keep calling and emailing. I am. It matters, it all adds up.

  14. IG says:

    I enjoy celebs speaking out if for no other reason than it gets under the Cheeto’s skin. It’s only a matter of time before he busts a clot.

  15. TruffleGirl says:

    Can this man get any sexier? Between the superb acting and his charisma I’d hit it lol… Sorry to my husband and his wife – but this man is just too damn sexy!

  16. deedub says:

    I missed the SAG awards because I was out seeing Hidden Figures – Ali’s role wasn’t huge but he was quite good in it.

  17. Lefemmenikita says:

    Interesting article about how the ban was designed to be a testing ground for a full fledged coup:

    The administration is testing the extent to which the DHS (and other executive agencies) can act and ignore orders from the other branches of government. This is as serious as it can possibly get: all of the arguments about whether order X or Y is unconstitutional mean nothing if elements of the government are executing them and the courts are being ignored.

  18. Tilly says:

    That man is sexy as hell, I was screaming at Jackie in house of cards all the time, climb that hot ass like a tree,hot Remy. ….sigh so handsome and smooth ???

  19. Jumbo says:

    His speech is making me wish you sluts would just dust. It’s shameful how dusty it is in here.

  20. boredasfuckyo says:

    This is how you make a speech, and addressing the cause with respect and conviction, without coming off like a racist biggest.
    Take GIANT NOTES Jesse Williams.

    • Lefemmenikita says:

      How was Jesse Williams’ speech racist?

      • Crooked smile says:

        No idea.

      • boredasfuckyo says:

        To me it was racist, at the very least short sited.
        He blamed a whole race of people for the problems of another race of people.
        Not everyone white is racist or has privilege and trying to keep minorities down.
        His speech wasn’t about peace and acceptance, it was about pointing fingers.
        If you don’t agree with my statement, you are more than welcome to block me, because your question was one of those “this is going to lead in to an overblown deal”
        and I’m not engaging in this thread.
        This was my comment, my opinion.
        Move along.

        • Lefemmenikita says:

          I was genuinely asking because I remember his speech as being about rights for POC and them being treated with respect

          I didn’t see how that was racist or how it could be construed that way

          It was the first time I had seen anyone accuse it of that

          There are people who don’t agree with it (the ‘all lives matter’ crowd for example) though calling it racism is a stretch

          • Hannigram says:

            Go read the post. It’s very enlightening. 😉

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            His whole speech smacked of a chip on his shoulder, that he blames on white people.
            The fault of the shortcomings of his entire race, is due to the white mans fault.
            I’m sorry, I call bullshit.
            And considering his mother is white, he’s also a self-hating hypocrite.
            You are free to see his speech how you see fit, but I found it smack of pointing the fingers for why anyone can’t strive and do what they want and reach their potential. Ya know what? I know a lot of people from all races who can’t do that due to unfairness. Not just black Americans.
            Mahershala, on the other hand, isn’t pointing out any one race, but bigotry and ignorance in general.

          • Dr. Cheese Toast says:

            Are you black?

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            I have a large amount of Native American heritage.
            Do I have enough persecuted minority blood in me to speak my mind for you?

          • Dr. Cheese Toast says:

            It was a simple question. Have I ever been less than kind to you here? No. So why would you be so hateful?

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            “Are you Black?” is a loaded question. If I say no, what would your response have been?

          • Dr. Cheese Toast says:

            I wouldn’t have had a response. We have talked enough back and forth here that I felt OK with asking. But you’re right it was a mistake on my part.

          • Hannigram says:

            If you haven’t, go read the comments under the Jesse Willams post.

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            Why would you ask if I was black then? I’m not dumb with those sort of questions.
            People who ask “are you this or that” , is followed by, well you don’t have a right to speak on it then.
            I’m not a mother either, but if I see someone’s kid walking outside in cold weather with nothing on but a diaper, it doesn’t take being a parent to know that that kid is being neglected.
            If that’s not where you intended to take it, then my bad, but most “are you such and such” questions are more often times than not. Loaded.

          • Nola says:

            I agree–I don’t think it was racist either.

        • dinonyc says:

          You didn’t start by saying it felt racist to you, you said that Williams “came off like a racist bigot.” You chose those words. The vast majority of us white people have sat idly by while others were being oppressed. Hearing that might be hard for you, and might burst your bubble of feeling like a “nice person,” but it’s a fact. Whites need to face up to some hard truths if we ever want to make progress as a country.
          Nobody has to “move on” because you said so. If you’re going to launch hot takes on the internet, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO RESPOND TO YOU. If you don’t like it, don’t post shit like that or turn off your comment notifications.

      • Nola says:

        It wasn’t.

        • boredasfuckyo says:

          That’s your opinion.

          • Nola says:

            With all due respect, I was answering Lefemmenikita’s question, and I thought you weren’t engaging in this thread. And yes, it’s my opinion.

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            Because her response was to me, not you.

          • Nola says:

            If you/we are posting something publicly (like your opinion about Jesse Willams’ speech), then it is likely you/she will receive responses. I don’t think it’s more complicated than that.

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            And her response was to me. Not you. I don’t think it’s anymore complicated than that.

          • Nola says:

            It’s interesting how much anger you feel (or seem to feel from your posts in this thread) for a perceived wrong in Jesse’s speech. Imagine what it feels like to actually BE wronged or feel oppressed. For generations. Maybe you’re not the one doing it, but the racism that he refers to in his speech is STILL happening. And people of color (me being one of them–I guess by your definition, a “self-hating” person of color because my mother is white) still experience it. He shouldn’t have to be silent or “chose his words more carefully” because it makes people uncomfortable. And so much for “not engaging in this thread.”

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            I find it interesting that you think I have “so much anger” for a perceived wrong in Jesse’s speech.
            1.) I don’t have anger because, you can’t be angry over someone who doesn’t affect you. And if you do, you are stupid.
            However, you can have some thoughts on it.
            My thoughts are, it’s not a perceived wrong, he is blatantly wrong. Him accusing all white people for the burdens of black people is EXACTLY like what Trump is doing with the Muslim Ban.
            Also, I have full blooded Native American grandparents, I have heard the stories of what they have went through, so you can chill with that bullshit.
            Also, racism comes in ALL COLORS, nationalities, creeds, genders and sexes.
            And if you don’t like that I change my mind about not engaging, deal with it. It’s my post, you chose to respond, and I chose to respond back.

          • Nola says:

            Ok hun. Have a wonderful day.

          • Jen says:

            I have black friends.

          • boredasfuckyo says:

            I’d tell you to have a wonderful day, but I’m not feeling condescending or like lying. BYE

          • themeowster says:

            Back then she really had the nerve to bitch about not getting financial aid because all “those people” were a priority.

            I’ll let you take a guess who she was referring to when she talked about “those people.”

          • Jen says:

            That is how it works in her small world: she can say whatever she wants cause she a bad bitch, but you can’t say anything back!!! Waaaaa that’s not fair la la la la la can’t hear you!


          • Jumbo says:

            I think she’s really funny sometimes, but I have to avoid her posts because she is an attack type. Ah, well, life goes on.

          • Jen says:

            I think the majority of her posts are stupid and immature. She thrives on putting others down because she is so insecure, it is the only way she can feel happy. She blocked me (she will three or four posts soon all about how “some idiot” she has blocked is responding to her but she’s such a bad ass etc etc) because she did not like having her ass handed to her when she showed her ignorance on a subject, which is almost always. She is mean, immature, vindictive, and hateful and the queen of editing a post after people call her out.

          • Jumbo says:

            She got nasty with someone (don’t remember now) about their divorce. I said maybe that was playing a little dirty. She lost her damn mind. I tried to play nice after, but she went on a rant about how I was a “bandwagoner” and she didn’t care about interacting with me. It was about five paragraphs about not caring. Anyway. I hate having to avoid anybody. No fun.

          • Jen says:

            “It was about five paragraphs about not caring.” Lmao it usually is.

            She has the maturity level of a middle schooler.

          • Nola says:

            Yeah, I got the vibe as soon as she said she was “not going to engage” after the initial post and kept engaging! Yikes!!

          • Nola says:

            Yeah, lesson learned. Guess who I won’t be engaging with in the future?! Thanks for the insight, it’s appreciated. 🙂

          • Nola says:

            I am seeing that, thank you! Well, now I know–I appreciate all of the heads up!!

      • Hannigram says:

        It wasn’t.

      • LookieLookie says:

        Bored is pulling the #NotAllWhites card…

      • Dwakadoodle says:

        Jesse’s speech was life affirming, real and poignant. If she/he took offense from it, then it must mean, oh I don’t know, they are part of the problem.

  21. Bridge Burner says:

    His speech was so poignant and I hope it reached people who are still sitting around complacent. He’s also an excellent actor and deserved his away.

    • Please and Thank You says:

      I truly had no idea who he was, but he has a burning intensity that’s just lovely and he’s now on my radar.

  22. Whamo says:

    I got say I am completely burning out on all things Trump. It’s just been such a fucking daily overload. I don’t know how people are going to last another 4 years of this shit. Seriously what a fucking disaster.

  23. Crooked smile says:

    Shock and awe is the MO of the Trump administration not to mention going full Orwellian. I don’t know about the rest of you but I didn’t leave my mother land that was overrun with oligarchs, censorship and brutality to see it happen here. Oh and if anyone wonders why we left and didn’t fight, my father did he was all about worker’a rights and to abolish the inequality of wealth.

    • LookieLookie says:

      Same CS, same. My dad was imprisoned, institutionalized, and ultimately had to flee the country. He’s having flashbacks and preparing to move to another country if things don’t improve by June/July. We did not work this hard to become citizens for the country to deteriorate to something worse than what we left.

      • Crooked smile says:

        I remember what it was like then and how hard the left fought against insurmountable odds. I get the feeling of exhaustion but…this is your country.

        • LookieLookie says:

          I can’t blame my dad for not wanting to deal with this again. But it’s more complicated for my generation.

  24. Runswithscissors Run says:

    Sorry guys, whenever I see a picture of Mahershala i cannot hear, read, think, I only see the images printed in my brain of his naked scenes in House of Cards, man is HOT! Chiseled! A tall pillar of nonmelting dark chocolate! Damn!!!

  25. Hekki says:

    Don’t know if anyone else caught this, and I mentioned it last night, but Kate Hudson was practically stalking this fine man.

    Or maybe it was just the stage direction at the award show, but every time they showed him backstage, she was there hovering in the background. Not that I blame her, if I had the chance, I’d be hovering for a shot, too.

    • Runswithscissors Run says:

      I’d be hovering to offer myself up as a towel to clean him

    • msd says:

      Oh, it was backstage? Geez, she is so desperate!

      • Hekki says:

        After she presented, they showed him backstage, they do these impromptu follow-up things where winners can thank people they forgot to mention in their speeches. Twice (I think it was) they showed him and she was lurking/trailing behind him.

        Like I said, I don’t blame her. But I was like “I SEE YOU, HUSSY!”

        ETA: Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure she was trying to get with him. After you present, don’t you go back to your seat?

    • Dwakadoodle says:

      She’s such a thirsty twat, but given the subject matter, I would have stood there too!

    • therealmoonriver says:

      she, with her underboob is one desperate bitch. why was she even there? and why was ashton the opener? he’s a crap actor and I can’t think of a good movie he’s been in.

    • Bridge Burner says:

      I saw a blind item that she was the one leaking that she was hooking up with Brad Pitt, which was completely false. The thirst with her is strong.

  26. D'Fwan says:

    I appreciate that all these rich and famous people are SAYING these things at their award show stroke fests. but these people have real power, they have the resources, use that to help people resist, saying it is great, but you’re rich and famous, please DO something!!! Help!!! It’s the celeb equivalent of facebook “thoughts and prayers”, thanks, but thoughts and prayers don’t do NOTHIN!

    • D'Fwan says:

      But also….this man is a fine ass specimen, dear lord he makes me sweat!!

    • vanessa197676 says:

      Many do donate money to causes but don’t tell people. We didn’t hear about all the good Prince did until after he died.

      Or, like my man Mark Ruffalo, some are out there marching with folks.

      • Please and Thank You says:

        I’d add Shia Labeouf to your list but I seriously haven’t any idea what the hell he’s ever doing.

      • D'Fwan says:

        I need more from them!! I love Prince, and always knew of his philanthropy! <3 Omg I love him.

        • okaydenbye says:

          So much. <3

        • Tuh says:

          Don’t expect more from others than you are willing to give. Just because they don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it. Nobody knew how MUCH Prince has done until he passed. That is how it should be. The same applies to many other celebs. Bragging about what you do for others nothing to be proud about.

  27. Slurpee says:

    Ohh…he is quite beautiful isn’t he?

  28. vanessa197676 says:

    I’m grateful when topics like these pop up. Let’s people show their asses, folks that you’d normally think wouldn’t be like that. Let me know where you stand on day 1, so I can decide whether or not I want to be bothered reading your thoughts.

  29. PhillyKate says:

    Ali is SMOKING hot.

    Also, I am keeping a legitimate list of all my friends and family members who accept and encourage this madness that is happening around them. So much love and respect down the drain. It is NOT OKAY. To be discriminated against because of your skin color or religion is so bigoted and unjust. Besides, wasn’t Jesus middle eastern? Would these so called “Christians” open the door to Jesus Christ himself?

    As a side note- I know there are many amazing Christians out there who are ashamed with everything that is happening and this isn’t directed towards you.

  30. Bridge Burner says:

    Dlisted’s mission statement include posting pics of fine ass men and I’m here to get back to our roots.

  31. Norma in Lakewood says:

    I appreciated Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ comments too. I’m the daughter of parents who had green cards (and never got citizenship, which is still not against the law, as far as I know). I am SO PISSED by how this stunt treated law-abiding green card and visa holders so abominably. That’s not even touching the subject of Muslims, singling out certain “dangerous” countries but not others, REFUGEES… I am SO mad!

  32. jeah says:

    In general, dlisters fucking rock.

  33. Dwakadoodle says:

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Desmond Tutu

  34. 51% disapproval rating in 8 days, Trump is a raging dumpster fire.

    • LaChaylo® says:

      Is that a fox news poll because I’d guess it may be worse.

      Worst. President. Ever.

      • Celticwarrior says:

        It’s compared to I think only 29% or something who think he is doing a good job not out of a 100%.

      • Nola says:

        Yep, and he’s only two weeks in. But what else can we expect from the “popular vote LOSER.” I love writing that, mostly because the fact that that is true eats Trump up.

    • Schadenfreude says:

      Wasnt ‘dumpster fire’ awarded 2016 Word of the Year?

  35. BruinsBeaverOverlord says:

    This is turning into OP. Don’t let the mods see us.

  36. Nola says:

    The SAG award is well deserved–Mahershala Ali was so wonderful in Moonlight. I loved, loved, loved him in it.

  37. Froggae says:

    Mahershala’s speech was perfection–perfect timing, perfect words, perfect message, perfect tone. Julia’s a close second. Keep speaking up and out. The Orange Foolius can’t take it.

    All through the election season the deplorables screamed about how he’s not targeting immigrants, just “illegals.” Now one of his first acts as president targets legal immigrants and they love it. Liars and frauds all around.

  38. robert franklin stroud says:

    Not a Muslim ban as does not refer to religion but 7 countries that President OBAMA identified in 2015 as being unable to provide proper records for vetting. It is also shorter (90 days) that a similar ban that President Obama implemented in 2011 (180 days) against Iraqis and effectively against Syrians as only a handful were taken in during that period.

    But, of course, don’t let facts get in the way of a good false narrative and derangement.

  39. LaChaylo® says:

    On that note, Mexico’s president met with Meryl Streep instead of Trump. Made his orange face melt off, I’m sure.

  40. idiots drive me loco says:

    All of this bullshit hurts my heart. I am an immigrant. So is my husband. He left a war torn country. Our children speak more than one language. (Polish citizenship cannot be revoked by anyone besides the Polish government for something like treason. It’s a fun blip that allows native Poles to remain dual citizens.) I love living here. We pay taxes and contribute to this country. America is much worse off without different voices and experiences, and without new innovators and job creators. People are literally dying, and we now have put a damn astrisk on the statue of liberty.

    • BruinsBeaverOverlord says:

      As long as I am alive, you will be welcome here. Our nation was founded BY immigrants, FOR immigrants. Now one stupid egomaniacal dictator decides it’s his right and his job to take that away? No.

      • idiots drive me loco says:

        I appreciate that. I am a US citizen. I have also stopped speaking in either Polish or Croat out and about in public :(.

    • Sew Imperfect says:

      Luckily you’re the “right” kind of immigrant. I hear you. I’m so upset. I just canceled my weekly coffee w/my BFF b/c I’m going to a rally. She “doesn’t want to get into all the negativity.” ARRGGGHHHHH!!!! I saw a sign that said “Immigrants make America Great.” 😉

    • Memoi says:

      But if I went to Poland I would never be given citizenship. I love America for its diversity but I wish other countries were as lenient with citizenship to balance it out.

  41. Sew Imperfect says:

    I hope that they’ll also show those of us who are speaking out, people of different faiths or even atheists praying in solidarity toward Mecca. We, the people, are not Donald Trump and his cohorts. Resist!

    I truly believe President Bannon is banking on stirring up Anti-American sentiment. By allowing countries w/strong ties to terror they are hoping for a 9/11. They can then declare martial law. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I rolled my eyes at my friends who were 9/11 truthers. I would put NOTHING beyond this administration. He is a nutball.

    Everyone should read this & pass it on:

    Rallies all over to stop Trump’s Swamp Cabinet tomorrow, find your’s

    Find & contact Your Representative. It matters!

    Donate to the ACLU who are on the front lines fighting for justice. Even $5 helps!

    I’m disabled & have limited energy/endurance, but I’m going to the rally first, then the airport tomorrow. This is not America. We must be the Resistance & show the world who we are. Anyone working who can’t take time off, please tweet in support & call your representatives. Ask them to get a spine and stand up to the Crazy Man. An email or a phone call is real pressure, please help! If you have the funds, please donate to the ACLU. Even $5 helps. They’ve gotten $24 million this weekend, when they normally get 3-4 million a year. But they are fighting the combined power of the Executive Branch!

    • Adía says:

      But the Muslim ban excludes countries that have actually attacked the US. I don’t know if these other Muslim countries all of a sudden will

  42. ShiroKabocha says:

    I love him in everything he’s in, and this makes me like him more as a person.

  43. zouzou says:

    He is a handsome man, good actor, beautiful soul. lucky woman

  44. Sasha Liles says:

    I do find the celebrity lectures amusing in that it’s almost nearly impossible to enter into Hollywood without being a white person. This is an industry that casts Emma Stone as an Asian woman.

  45. mr_f says:

    I love all these celebs dragging Trump if only due to the fact that he’s so obviously desperate to be accepted (adored, even) by them, so you know that every dig, every rejection gets right under that thin orange rind of his.

  46. AgentBrittany says:

    I loved Mahershala’s speech and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss can do no wrong. But the Stranger Things acceptance speech did me in. David Harbour standing up there, shaking, yelling made me sob like a baby last night.

  47. PinotNoir10 says:

    I loved Mahershala Ali’s speech. It was much better than the impassioned mess that the speech by the Stranger Things actor where Winona face was showcasing the full spectrum of human emotions. Ali is a classy guy, and I loved his performance in Moonlight.

  48. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat says:

    The President ( President Obama ) fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion,” said Kevin Lewis, spokesman for the former president, in a statement. ~ Kevin Lewis
    Referring to Obama’s response to Protests. # TeamObama

  49. Lindsay says:

    Get ready, Trump…. You orange anus.

    Less than two weeks in office, and everyone on this planet with at least half a brain already despises you.

    Hope being Bannon’s ass-sniffer pays off for you. Because your name is already shrouded in filth and in shame.

    Fuck Trump, fuck Bannon, fuck Pence, and the whole lot of them.
    Disgusting, racist, putrid, small-penis-owning trolls.

    • Villcat says:

      Trump is impervious to the lame insults by now don’t you think?

      …..Oh and he’s still POTUS 😉

  50. Travis says:

    I’m sure this guy hates women & gay men with a passion but good for him I guess…

  51. DAROGR says:

    The American Left has turned its back on LGBT and women in order to protect Muslims, no matter who they are or how extremist their beliefs are. It will come back to bite you.

    • GirlWithACurl says:

      Nope. Left can rep both Muslims and LGBTQ.

      • DAROGR says:

        No. They cannot. Gay sex is death in 10 Muslim countries and you want completely non-vetted immigration. You have the audacity to say you can rep both.
        What a despicable fool you are.

        • GirlWithACurl says:

          WRONG! Those are laws of lands NOT Islamic Law. Similar to right wing in U.S.

          • DAROGR says:

            The laws of the land are Islamic laws.

          • GirlWithACurl says:

            No. They are cultural not religious.

          • DAROGR says:

            No they are founded in Islamic laws. Why are you lying about this? What possible good do you think it will do to lie about this? In any case, save it for someone else. I’m not going to deal with you.

          • GirlWithACurl says:

            No they are cultural. If they were Islamic every Muslim country would have the same laws.

          • Miss_Betroot says:

            I’m so sorry you have to deal with this sh*t:/

          • DAROGR says:

            A Jr. High School student knows that the United States legal system is founded on Judeo-Christian laws. Just as that is the case, the Muslim States laws are based on Islamic Laws.

            Relay that to your friend. I’m blocking both of you.

            Enjoy your burkas you stupid silly girls.

          • Miss_Betroot says:

            *Oh please please don’t block me!*

      • Travis says:

        Not this lefty. I’m against Trump’s ban as it is unconstitutional, however I’m not going to stand up for Musim beliefs anymore than I’ll stand up for Catholic, Mormon, Christian etc. beliefs. You SJW’s need to get your heads out of your asses when it comes to “protecting Muslims”…

    • jade steele says:

      the left believes in equality for everyone

      • DAROGR says:

        If you did then you would allow vetting of radical Muslim immigrants to want to enslave women and murder gays. You are either very naive, stupid or a liar.

  52. lyza says:

    I fucking love Mahershala Ali ! And I commend all of them for speaking up.

  53. DAROGR says:

    Couldn’t Julia Louis Dreyfuss afford to make a major dent in the plight of refugees around the globe with her own inherited personal fortune?

    • jade steele says:

      how do you know she doesn’t give money?

    • Guest54321 says:

      How would she make this dent? Where should they go? Should she pay for their transportation? How do they get in when they get where they are going? You do realize the whole meaning of “refugee” is “needs to go somewhere else bc home is inhabitable.”

      It doesn’t mean “we just want to come there instead.”

      • DAROGR says:

        Why, if they are such peace loving, kind, generous people, do they need to go somewhere else in the first place? Don’t you realize the different sects despise each other and will not drop that hate at our border line? The only thing they hate more than each other is…well…you stupid.

        Oh and JLD could do something with the Billions she inherited other than make speeches at awards shows.

  54. Villcat says:

    I think black people need to sit this one out. It’s always a black person sticking their necks out for someone else’s cause while when the tables are turned all the black people get is… *crickets*

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