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This pairing could result in several number one records. In a private room in a restaurant out of the country, this couple had a date. Just the two of them. An A+ list singer and an A+ list mostly movie actor. They have been planning this one for awhile. Three hours and I don’t think they were talking about her movie career or his sometime girlfriend who was half a world away. (CDAN)

Taylor Swift and either Leonardo DiCatchAHo or Bradley Cooper, both of which she’s supposedly tried to get on in the past. Tay Tay and DiCatchAHo make sense, because he’s run out of Victoria’s Secret Angels to bone and she’s the closest thing to an Angel since she’s Single White Female-ing one. Tay Tay and B. Coop also make sense, because she’s one of the most prolific beards in the game and he’s probably getting sick of being with an amateur (see: that Sookeh Waterhouse girl) and is craving the best.

At dinner the other night with several friends in attendance, this former B list musician who is still a B list celebrity because of his name pulled out a ring and asked this actress to marry him. Apparently there was a look of horror on the face of the actress and she told him that it wasn’t the time or place right then. Our celebrity slumped back in his seat, but didn’t leave which is what I think most people would have done. (CDAN)

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz? Why do I have a feeling that she did the same thing the first time he whipped out his peen in front of her?

This married A+ list singer who sometimes is a really bad movie actor took two women back to his hotel room a couple of weeks ago. One of the women bailed when the singer suggested a threesome, but the other woman spent the night. (CDAN)

Justin Timberlake? But the hell did the groupie expect when he brought her and another trick back to his hotel room? Did she think he brought two of them back, because they were going to play a G-rated game of Cards of Humanity and you need more than 2 people to play that shit?

The terrible Hollywood nude picture hacking scandal is being looked at as an opportunity by one REAL HOUSEWIFE whom is planning to leak naked pictures and then pretend she was hacked.

She wants to think she is in the same category as Jennifer Lawrence and other A-List celebs, plus, this will give her a chance to make herself more famous and then hide behind the cover of the scandal.

The images that been leaked online so far are only believed to be a small portion of a huge collection of such explicit photographs that a group of unidentified hackers has been amassing for months.

DESPERATE! (Naughty But Nice Rob)

ALL OF THEM. The end.

This perky film actress leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes… and she is back to her old tricks again! There are a LOT of famous celebrities in this one, so brace yourselves!

Perky was married for many years to Affable, a famous film actor. However, while she was away filming a rather intense movie, Perky had an affair with her equally intense costar.

Her husband found out and went absolutely ballistic on both Perky and Intense! However, he could not salvage the relationship. Affable and Perky wound up divorcing the following year, and Intense broke up with his longtime girlfriend to be with Perky.

Despite all their passion and intensity, Perky and Intense did not last as a couple.

After they split up, Intense reconciled with his ex-girlfriend (the same one he had dumped for Perky) and married her.

Perky went on to have another affair, this time with a famous musician. Now, this Musician was in a long-time marriage with a beautiful Model… but that was no deterrent for Perky! You can probably guess what happened. Musician left his long-time marriage to be with Perky.

That brings us to today. Perky and Musician recently broke up. Intense and his wife are now separated. That is no coincidence. Perky and Intense just can’t seem to quit each other… and have destroyed three long marriages in the process! (Blind Gossip)

Perky: Meg Ryan
Affable: Dennis Quaid
Intense: Russell Crowe
Mrs. Intense: Danielle Spencer
Musician: John Mellencamp
Mrs. Musician: Elaine Irwin

The only thing I have to add to this is that Perky, Affable and Intense sound like the worst and shittiest Smurfs ever.

The girlfriend of this singer who alternates between A list and A+ list says they have had sex once in the past nine months. Someone should tell her to put on a wig and tell him to pretend she is a man. That is what his ex-wife did. (CDAN)

Usher? And are you going to make a “Does he make Justin Bieber dress up like a man too?” joke or should I?

This former B list mostly movie actress from an iconic movie who doesn’t really act any longer but still has a high profile entertainment gig was caught horizontal and half naked with this former A list mostly movie actor in his dressing room before he was set to go on air to talk about his new movie. Apparently they decided that once was not enough and got busted again after his interview and the producers asked the actor to leave, but no word on whether the former actress was disciplined. (CDAN)

The only guess (which is wrong) I’ve got is Whoopi Goldberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now I have the weirdest taste in my mouth.

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