Blind Items: I Guess, You Guess

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This B+ list mostly television actor who goes from network show to network show is telling friends and co-workers on the set of his new show that his marriage to this A list celebrity singer is over. Apparently she has made it clear she wants to move on. (CDAN)

The first names my brain farted up were Mimi and Nick Cannon. But Nick Cannon’s not exactly a TV show jumper and if they were really over, over, we’d know it, because Mimi’s horny butterfly ass would be running down the streets naked while hunting for new boy toy dick. I also thought of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, but LeAnn Rimes’ luck dragon claw will never let go of that dick and the only place she’s considered A-list is a place called the inside of her head.

Josh Duhamel has a new TV show, so this could be about him and Fergie. But the year is 2014 and in the year 2014, is Fergie A-list? If the year was 1984, she’d definitely be A-list since she was on Kids Inc. (aka the biggest show of all-time) then.

The stars of this film recently attended their premiere. Each was accompanied by a significant other or a family member or a publicist. Except for this one actress. She brought THREE bodyguards with her.

WTH? Girl, you’re just walking the red carpet… and you aren’t even one of the top four stars of the film! Do you know how many security guards the four real stars of the film brought with them (two of whom are Academy Award winners)? None! Your costars may just roll their eyes at your antics, but we are going to tell you straight up: You are not doing yourself any favors by giving off airs and playing the diva every time you walk outside. (Blind Gossip

Either Taylor Swift or Katie Holmes at The Giver premiere? If it was Katie Holmes, you can’t blame her ass. If I was her, I’d walk around in a bulletproof bubble, and bodyguards holding Nerf guns that shoot out anti-depressants would guard me at all times, because Tommy Girl will get his revenge one day!

This actor is involved in lots of side businesses. One of the reasons he is always looking for new investments is not just to make money, but also to hide money. Our actor is A list. I keep hoping for the day he drops down to D list or even lower but somehow he keeps hanging around. Our actor makes a great deal of money from acting and everything about that is above board and faithfully reported to the appropriate agencies. Not so above board are the massage parlors that our actor owns with two other partners that he met when he was in Asia doing a commercial several years ago. The owner of the company that our actor was working for loved our actor’s work. Yeah, well people probably loved Paris Hilton in her movies too. The two started talking about the massage parlors the man ran in other parts of the country and wanted to do the same thing in Los Angeles. Our actor, who at the time was always looking for some fun on the side and a place to have that fun agreed to join in and along with one other partner who is the owner on all the paperwork, the three have opened about 50 different massage parlors around the LA area. It always makes me shake my head when our actor starts talking about human trafficking when I’m sure he has more than a few women in his establishments that probably were trafficked. (CDAN)

Ashton Kutcher? Or Charlie Sheen in an Ashton Kutcher costume?

Want to know some dirt about this celebrity family? This C list celebrity offspring is loving the new attention that has come her way recently. She has also been selling dirt to the tabloids about her siblings and was the source for lots of stories about her mom. In fact, no one is safe from her spilling dirt about anyone she knows or has come into contact with. If one of her siblings dates someone famous, she is willing to spill what she knows. It may also be why no one in her family even speaks to her any longer and she searches for new ways to catapult herself into big fame. She is tired of being in the shadows and sees herself as an A lister without actually having to do any work. No acting for her. Sure, if someone wants to give her a role she will take it but she is not going to audition. She likes the idea of reality television though and being the name that is first off the lips of people when they talk about her and her family. (CDAN)

Scout Willis and her activist nipples

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor is probably down to an A- now. He still gets the leads but they are smaller films. He has been in this space before over the past few months and has now left his wife for the foreign born mostly movie actress he was cheating with on the set of the film he just finished shooting. (CDAN)

Ewan McGregor and Naomie Harris (the movie being Our Kind of Traitor)? Or Christian Bale and an actress whose name is not Sigourney Weaver from that white-washed Ancient Egypt movie?

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