Social Media Cleanse: I Did It

September 25, 2014 / Posted by:

When I first decided to take ABC’s Selfie Social Media Cleanse and go without social media for a whole 24 hours, I wasn’t sure what would happen. Would I start to suffer from symptoms of withdrawal? Would I get the shakes? The sweats? Would my fingers atrophy from lack of scrolling? Thankfully none of that happened. Well, I did sweat a bit, but that’s because my air conditioner was broken.

Because I’m a lurker (a cat lurker, to be specific), I would usually start my day by lying in bed for up to an hour, catching up on my favorite cats. Then I slowly move to my desk, where I’d keep my phone beside me, just to check up on things when I needed a break (which, for me, is usually every 10 minutes). But without lurking artfully-filtered pictures of Scottish Folds all day, I was actually productive! I finished my work early! I had lunch with a friend! I even sat on the porch and read a book! Honestly, I didn’t think people did that anymore.

Plus, I still got to look at cats, but it was in real life. Apparently, there’s a cute orange tabby who takes a nap in a pile of leaves in my backyard every day at 2pm. And around 4pm, there’s a white and black tuxedo cat who plays in the leaves on the sidewalk. Can you believe it? Cats doing cute stuff in real life!

Now that the Selfie Social Cleanse is over, I’m obviously going to go back to lurking people (and their pets) online, but this time I’m going to remember to balance it out by lurking (and ‘liking’) the real people in my life too. Now if only those cats will let me get close enough to take a picture of them. What? #catsinleaves could be the next big thing!

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