A Treasure Trove Of Gold: The FCC Complaints About Miley Cyrus’ VMA Twerkaganza

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Up until now, I didn’t know that being a complaint reader for the FCC is a really, really entertaining job that provides hours upon hours of piss-inducing hilariousness. The FCC has to make complaints publicly available and thank EVERYTHING for that, because these complaints about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance are comedy gold wrapped in comedy gold.

The Smoking Gun posted the greatest hits from people who sat down to watch the family friendly wholesome program, the MTV VMAs and clutched their crucifixes while watching that demon chipmunk give a rim job to a teddy bear. ¬†One complainer compared Miley and Robin’s performance to a Tijuana donkey show and wants the FCC to fine Miley, Robin, MTV and everybody else for that act of dark-sidedness.

Below is just a few of the complaints. For being so shocked and appalled, these bitches get detailed. It’s best if you read them in God Warrior’s voice. It’s also best if you keep a cold, wet washcloth near you, because all the talk about bear rim jobs and foam finger dildos will give you the vapors. The spelling and grammatical errors are not mine for once.

The Miley Cyrus performance was very pornographic and should not have been on TV. She made multiple very indecent sexual poses and gestures, from grabbing her crouch, using a foam finger like a dildo, and the licking the butt of a stuffed bear in a sexual manner. Plus the fact that she barely had any clothes on.

VMA awards and Milye Cyrus: Need I say more? She was crude, pornographic, and absolutely shameful. Had I wanted my family to see a hooker perform a live sex show, I would have taken her to Tijuana. It was, at best, a third rate exhibition of what a pedophile would like to see during a child pornography live show. When she started throwing her hand and arm in a manner to simulate a male jacking off, that was bad enough. Then she continued to fondle herself with a foam finger, and then she backed up against her male co-singer?s genitals in a doggy-style position and humped him like a bitch in heat.

I am beyond being repulsed at the programing of MTV this week featuring Miley Cyrus and Lsdy Gaga in the Video Music Awards. This show was absolutely adult rated and in no way fitting for teens as young as 14. This was pure porn. It was disgusting and raunchy. There must be something done about this continued effort of the entertainment world’s attempt to sexualize out teenagers. Question is will you do anything about it. I hardly think so. It must be stopped. Recently your agency made public your intentions to lax the restriction on what could be aired….more foul language and more sex. GOD HELP THIS NATION and those who desire to pump more filth into our living rooms. Do something and earn your pay.

These women were disgusting and verging on pornographic, and to allow MTV to broadcast this filth for children to see is disgusting. This was nasty and vile and vulgar and shame on you MTV for allowing this, this is the message you want to send women they should act like a stripper with no modestly or self respect. This was as shameful as it gets she shamed herself, her family and everyone watching and you for airing it. You should have taken it off as soon as she starting promoting her filthy actions. She has shown what she is acting like a devil flicking that tongue as deamons do. Being a Christian Im taking a stand as these people push vulgarity and teaching women to act like trash is not going to stand for a woman being a lady would never conduct herself like that. Shame on her and MTV. they should all be fined for this broadcast.

The Miley Cyrus performance on the MTV 2013 Video Music Awards rubbing her genital area with a “foam” finger like those used at stadiums along with her grinding dance performance with singer Robin Thicke was vulgar and distasteful. Dressed in a “skimpy” latex bikini, she bent over to rub her buttocks against Robin Thicke’s groin which caused him to have a slight erection which can be easily noticed through his pants. Millions of teenage and pre-teen children who watch this show to see their favorite music celebrities were exposed to her “dirty” dancing and sexual display. We condemned the Janet Jackson performance during the 2004 Superbowl halftime show. This is probably even worse!

Miley Cirus was appallingly obscene. She started by bending over and shaking her butt. Than Shen bent over in front of singer for blurred lined like they were having sexy doggy style, than she litterly felt him up touching his privates, she put her face in a fake butt, she pretended to give oral sex, she kept touching her privates areas and she was dress like a whore. Ok this is the first time I’m doing this. I doubt you’ll do anything. Geno.

Miley Syres did a performance with teddy bears, sticking he butt in a man face, making obscene, suggestive movements, resembling a porn show. It was very offensive, and upsetting at a time when children would be watching the show. MTV was also airing condum commercials. This was rated X, this was prime time, and suppose to be safe for children 14, and up. It was disgraceful and upsetting. It had children running to their parents, and parents jaws dropping. The want to see the FCC take action against them.

That’s not even the tip. Go to TSG to read them all. After I read each complaint, I expected it to end with, “And then I came.” Seriously, just slip “And then I came” at the end of each complaint and that shit will make more sense.

I swear, the FCC should turn these complaints into a book of erotica. E.L. James wishes she could write like that.

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