Bethenny Frankel And Jason Hoppy Quit Each Other After 2 Years Of Marriage

December 23, 2012 / Posted by:

“This is surprising!” said not one bitch after reading the news that Marc Anthony’s Jewish twin and the Skeletor of NYC Bethenny Frankel has separated from her husband Jason Hoppy after two years of marriage. If you want to ruin your day, just imagine Jill Zarin fapping to this news while cackling maniacally.

Bethenny released a long statement of words to every damn media outlet in the universe saying that since her reality shit show needs a new plot and she’s already sucked every last ounce of life out of Whatshisname, she’s quitting his ass and throwing him in the moat around Castle Grayskull.

“It brings me great sadness to say that Jason and I are separating. This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family. We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter who is and will always remain our first priority. This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.”

She went on to say, “And you can watch my marriage completely crumble into worm food on the season premiere of my new show BETHENNY GETTING DIVORCED!

What’s really surprising is that they lasted this long. On the show (yes, I watched mess), it seemed like Bethenny’s constant whining and nagging killed Jason’s last nerve, so I figured that it was only a matter of time before he drenched himself in pinot grigio before feeding himself to Ramona Singer.

And here’s Jason and Bethenny in Miami last year. As for Jason’s ass, yes, I would. And now that I know he’s probably going to get a huge chunk of Skinnygirl money, I totally would.

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138 responses to “Bethenny Frankel And Jason Hoppy Quit Each Other After 2 Years Of Marriage”

  1. louise_brooks says:

    Submitted by FreakGeek on Sun, 12/23/2012 – 5:05pm.

    I was going to say the same thing. Supposedly she’s very bulimic and the whole “skinny girl” thing is just a cover.

    I don’t watch any of the Real Housewives shows, but he’s sorta cute here.

  2. Saphris says:

    she got what she wanted out of him… babeh!
    Lucifer_Sam: “Do you EVER post anything worthwhile on this site? Do you EVER have a point to make?” In case anyone else was wondering, the answer is “No.”

  3. Twat Muffin says:

    Ugh, posts about 2 hideous women today; first LeAnn Rimes and now this thing. I can’t stand Bethenney’s face — that huge square face, those big, ugly cheekbones and big chin, ugh, she’s just so ugly. And annoying as all fuck.


    “I’m from Chicago, bitch!”

    — christine the hoff

  4. IrishFury says:

    anno she is bone thin, that pic is very deceiving. This divorce is just what she needs, her show waa getting staid. She and khate gosselin could be twins.

  5. FilthyBitch says:

    She is too neurotic for anyone to put up with ever. During one of their fights Jason told her she would always be alone, and that is the truth.

    Also, I don’t know about bulimic, but Bethenney is a laxative junkie.
    “I’ve got a strong stomach and no standards to speak of” – MK 2/5/11

  6. NeverEclipsed says:

    He can go back to peen now. He did good as a straight for pay gold digger. He gets a dollar when I buy low fat margaritas.

  7. Lisbet459 says:

    Submitted by NeverEclipsed on Sun, 12/23/2012 – 5:20pm.

    He can go back to peen now. He did good as a straight for pay gold digger. He gets a dollar when I buy low fat margaritas.

    Hmm. From behind, he looks like he’d be in really good gay porn.

  8. PrettyHateMachine says:

    According to Blind Gossip she is bulimic:

    [Blind Gossip] Remember that scene in Legally Blonde where Reese Witherspoon goes to get the alibi of Ali Larter’s character? It turns out that the aerobics queen would rather have people think she offed her husband than know that she got liposuction.

    With that in mind, let’s talk about this celebrity’s troubled marriage. The public fights will be about egos and money and infidelity. The private fight is the real one. It’s all about the wife’s rampant eating disorder. The wife is purging multiple times every day, and the husband can’t take it anymore. It’s making her ill and it’s completely stressing him out. Most importantly, he doesn’t want that kind of sick behavior around their impressionable child/ren. However, if they talk about the real problem, will the brand be destroyed, and does the fortune go with it? Quite the conundrum.


    It’s Bethenny Frankel!

    The chef and Skinnygirl brand guru didn’t get to be a skinny girl through good genes or healthy living. The author and former cast member of “Real Housewives of New York” and “Bethenny Gets Married”, has mentioned her disordered eating in the past. From Us Weekly:

    “I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting,” the Bravo reality star told Us in 2011. “Binging and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything. That’s how I used to be: up and down 5 pounds every single day, to the extremes. My metabolism was totally wrecked.”

    That’s fine… except that she skips the part where where she admits that her disordered eating continues to this day. It is a major source of tension in her marriage to Jason Hoppy. Jason seems like a nice normal guy (although we don’t know him personally), and can’t put up with it anymore. And he certainly doesn’t want an obsession over weight to damage their young daughter’s self-esteem.

    Bethenny rarely wears her wedding ring anymore. On her website, there are tons of mentions and photos of daughter Bry… but no mentions or photos of Jason. She Tweets multiple times a day, and in her last 100 tweets, she mentions her daughter Bryn a dozen times. She only mentions Jason once, in response to a follower’s inquiry (Q: “Where’s Jason?” “A: Away on a golf trip”). Yes, we hear that Jason is away on a lot of golf trips lately.

    Will they talk about her eating disorder during the divorce proceedings? Definitely not. Because there are two big brands at stake here: Bethenny Frankel and Skinnygirl.

    Public admission of an eating disorder would definitely hurt her personal brand as a “healthy foodie”. Would women really continue to buy books titled Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting from a woman with a serious eating disorder?

    As far as the Skinnygirl brand is concerned, Bethenny sold the spirits division to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global Spirits and Wine, but she retained the brand name to use on other products. The entire Skinnygirl brand would be in jeopardy if Bethenny’s personal brand suffers.

    There is a lot of money at stake here (upwards of $100 million). If he is smart, Jason will keep his mouth shut about the eating disorder, take his half of the fortune, continue to co-parent their daughter, and find someone who genuinely leads a healthy life.

    Congratulations to ChiBadger, who was first with the correct answer!


    Bethenny Frankel has just announced that she and Jason Hoppy are separating. From The Associated Press

  9. Bossy says:

    He seemed like an exceptionally nice guy and all she did was think about herself: time to launch a drink, time to have a show of us even though we should really develop a relationship because we are not in a solid relationship and having a kid, time to go to therapy and talk about emotional baggage for the cameras but put in no effort to working on marriage. She seemed too into herself to appreciate that he was very much into them. This is all obviously from distant observation because none of us know them but for me she’s always come across as ME ME ME.

  10. Miami says:

    I enjoyed seeing Bethenny on RHONYC. She was funny. After seeing her interact with Jason, she seems to be nowhere near healthy enough to have a loving relationship. I think she is not only bulimic, she is also anorexic. After a short while bulimics start putting on weight they cannot easily take off. Bulimia totally fucks with your metabolism. Women who purge fail to realize once the food is swallowed, the calories are absorbed. (That is why it is obvious she also doesn’t eat). Anyhow, I am glad Jason doesn’t have to be nagged anymore, even though I like Bethenny for the most part. That marriage was a train wreck.

  11. HangryHippo says:

    there’s no way that this “naturally thin” lady hasn’t had work done. no way. and you know what? that’s fine. but it’s not fine when you create an entire empire off of lies. who buys into this? Where hunger, anger, media consumption, and satire meet for a snack

  12. annobanano says:

    @ IF – I can’t even tell from the bikini pics – maybe I’m too mesmerized by the wonky tits to notice how skinny she is.

  13. Green Tea Latte says:

    Not surprised…although I do like her (as a business woman/entrepreneur)

    Surprised it lasted this long, she’s the quintessential ball buster and he seemed to despise her narcissism. I’m sure she was relentless throwing her bread winning in his face.

    In the end she got what she wanted (notoriety, more money, and a baby before her clock stopped ticking)

    Someone by the bar keeps looking at us dancing. I see him starring at me, I see what he wants be
    >:- (
    Mr. Mercury

  14. Saix says:

    My what big feet she has.

  15. miz cynical says:

    I agree that she seems to have an eating disorder. I never bought into her “Naturally Thin” nonsense, mainly because she never really offered a real eating plan except for everything in moderation. Then, you slap the name “skinnygirl” on something and everyone’s eyes are on you to stay super skinny. No thanks to that kind of pressure.

    There’s always rumors of her getting a divorce, but I thought that it was just that – a rumor. And yes, I hate the word ‘co-parent’, too. It’s some new, made up shit. You’re BOTH parents and you’re parenting! No matter the situation, there’s always two people/two sets of DNA that came together to make a kid, so to me, saying ‘co-parent; is a bit redundant. I already know that there are two of you, now get your shit together and do whatever’s humanly possible not to raise an annoying asshole.

  16. Deb says:

    *blank stare*

    Charles Manson

  17. Twas Brillig says:

    Submitted by Miami on Sun, 12/23/2012 – 5:31pm.

    After a short while bulimics start putting on weight they cannot easily take off. Bulimia totally fucks with your metabolism. Women who purge fail to realize once the food is swallowed, the calories are absorbed. (That is why it is obvious she also doesn’t eat).

    Nope, wrong. SCIENCE.

  18. waterbucket says:

    His body is pretty much perfect. So hot.

    Like the fatal blossom of the graceful jimsonweed, I entice with my fragrance but can provide no succor.

  19. like-wow says:

    Of all the hoars on Reality TV, I detest this whiney jewess the most. Jewess thinks she’s god’s gift to Reality TV. Meh.

  20. miz cynical says:

    anno – she’s always claimed that her breasts were real (ha!) and that she’s only had them ‘lifted’. Right. How amazing for her – she’s naturally thin and big-breasted!

  21. Twas Brillig says:

    Hey Dog!!! Fighting with my phone to post. Merry Christmas. Full house this year for the holiday?

  22. Mrs Patrick Campbell says:

    Jason is an obvious homosexual.

    (Are there nude photos of Jason?)

  23. Aphid says:

    Jill Zarin is having the world’s longest orgasm right about now.

    And yes, she is bulimic. My sister was for years and got that weird puffy jawbone thing she could never get rid of, looks just like Bethenny. I am also surprised that they lasted this long. The first season he seemed really into her, but by the second, he looked completely done with her.

  24. CodeRed says:

    who and who? her name rings a bell. some real housewives sitcom perhaps. Oh well, better luck next time!

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