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Open Post: Hosted By Henry Cavill In Christopher Reeve’s Superman Suit

April 9, 2017 / Posted by:

This one looks way better. You can work all the airbrushed UnderArmour you want, but nothing beats a good pair of comic book pantyhose.

DC Extended Universe director, Zach Snyder, (he did Man of Steel, Superman v. Batman: Dawn Of Failure, and the upcoming Justice League) posted this pic of our current Superman, Henry Cavill, in the classic Superman’s old outfit. That’s the one the dearly departed Christopher Reeve wore when HE was (the one true) Superman.

Zach revealed (via iO9) that Henry wore that costume during his first screen test. He should wear this one in the movies going forward. Not only as a tribute to Christopher, but because it might bring back Ursa from Superman II. Sarah Douglas played my favorite super-villainess of all time in that movie. She was so wonderfully evil in that movie that she kicks astronauts into deep space and fries snakes, and made it a point to beat misogynist hillbillies at arm-wrestling. Her finest moment, though, is when she picked up a manhole cover to fling at Superman but first called out “SSsssuupppeeerrmmmaaaaaaaaaaaannn!” (at the :50 mark). It’s the most exquisite line-reading in cinematic history. Zach Snyder should resurrect Ursa for one of those dour-ass movies. She’d bring the campy evil.

Pic: Zach Snyder

Open Post: Hosted By Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill In Nearly Matching Suits

March 20, 2016 / Posted by:

I’m betting a couple of stylists are going to be down at the unemployment office. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill showed up to the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere in Mexico City all identically creamy. These two don’t strike me as the type to plan cutesy stunts. Both of them are too busy doing the endless press for this allegedly endless flick. They’re probably too stressed out to be that annoying. Hank’s probably terrified he’s going to go the way of Brandon Routh (let me help you with that”?”). Ben’s sweating over how much it’s going to hurt to get that monstrosity on his back lasered off now that he’s said it’s supposedly fake. They were probably both hissy over the other guy trying to channel Gatsby as well.

What do I know? I myself am too busy wondering how they’re going to tell me Batman is going to stand a chance against Superman to care about this. I don’t even like Superman and I still know that he would rip Batman’s head off and use it as a really morbid doorstop.

Here’s more thrilling pics of Affleck, Cavill, Gal Godot (Wonder Woman), and director Zach Snyder. 

Pics: Splash

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