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The Guy Who Grabbed Gigi Hadid Claims He Was Just Protesting In The Name Of “High Fashion”

September 23, 2016 / Posted by:

Yesterday Ukrainian “pranksterVitalii Sediuk picked up Gigi Hadid from behind as she was leaving a show during Milan Fashion Week, and she responded by throwing an elbow into his face. Vitalii recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about getting whooped by Gigi, and we finally have a reason for why he did what he did.

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Don’t Call Pippa Middleton A Do-Nothing Party Girl

September 20, 2016 / Posted by:

Despite the fact that that picture of Pippa Middleton could totally pass for an back-page ad for a low-budget British phone sex line (“Fancy a three-way? Ring me on your mobile now!“), Pippa Middleton is the opposite of a party girl. At least according to Pippa Middleton. Pippa may be known to some people as Duchess Kate’s sister with the ass who does who knows, but Pippa wants to change that.

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Tom Hiddleston Tried To Get With Priyanka Chopra

September 19, 2016 / Posted by:

Tom Hiddleston lost the Best Actor in a Limited Series Emmy to Courtney B. Vance last night, but he probably doesn’t care, because he may have won a new partner in PR foolery who will hit the pap stroll with him and make us all forget about the level 10 embarrassing shit he did with his last partner in PR foolery. We will never forget, Tom!

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Taylor Swift’s Next Boyfriend Might Be Zac Efron

September 15, 2016 / Posted by:

I like to think the look on Zac Efron’s face above is the same look he gave when FedEx dropped off his Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend welcome package. “Is that a tank top in there? Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into.

Taylor Swift has been without a boyfriend for all of nine days, but the recovery time from PR relationships must be pretty quick, because she reportedly has eyes on her next victim.

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Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Might Be Married By The End Of The Year

September 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Shoot, who knew that if you threw the wrong filter over a picture of Blake Shelton his face would look like the plastic mask from a Ben Cooper, Inc. costume?

Last month, TMZ claimed that Gwen Stefani is fixin’ to become Mrs. Y’all-y Jean Giant. Gwen was asked by Ryan Seacrest if she’d ever get married again during an interview last week. Gwen didn’t really have an answer, but UsWeekly sure does.

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Kate Upton FINALLY Shared Her Thoughts On Football Players Sitting Out Of The National Anthem

September 12, 2016 / Posted by:

Before their game yesterday, several members of the Miami Dolphins took Colin Kaepernick’s lead when they peacefully protested by kneeling during the national anthem. As with every time an athlete kneels down in protest during The Star-Spangled Banner, it brought out the flaming hot feelings in many people including some famous tricks. Rob Lowe of all tricks basically said in so many characters on Twitter that any NFL player who refuses to stand should be kept in the locker room until kick-off. And big-tittied blond model Kate Upton finally gave the answer to the question we’ve all been asking ourselves since the protest started, which is: What does Kate Upton think about this?!

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