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Jami Gertz Surprised A Bunch Of People By Showing Up At The NBA Draft

May 16, 2018 / Posted by:

I don’t know much about sports, but from what I gather, the National Basketsballs Association had their draft yesterday and they chose Jami Gertz as their star quarterback? That seems unlikely but there you have it. According to People, Jami will be playing for the Atlanta Hawks and she’ll go on third? Sorry, everything I know about the draft I learned from watching Chappelle’s racial draft. Please bear with me here.

Ok, I got it now! Jami owns the Atlanta Hawks with her billionaire husband Tony Ressler and represented the team in the NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago where her team won (?) the #3 overall pick which I guess is a good number (?). Anyway, people on Twitter where very surprised to see Jami up in the jury box (?) which led to her name trending on Twitter.

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