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Kate Beckinsale Quite Elegantly Insulted A Man Who Offered An Opinion About Her Dating Life

February 19, 2019 / Posted by:

Kate Beckinsale has, once again, wasted time responding to randos on the internet. This time she responded to someone who criticized her for getting herself some barely aged but eager Grade A salami. Kate’s very active on Instagram and recently posted a selfie with some words about “soft flesh” and urethras. I don’t know, it was a confusing. But someone took it as an open invitation to comment on her decision to let Pete Davidson give her the old “rebound 1, 2, 3” (which is a thing I just made up).

According to People, somebody who wasn’t her dad, commented “disappointed in your dating choices”. Well guess what Bobojackdaddy, Kate doesn’t curr! Kate not only dates comedians, she may very well be working on her own Tight Five comprised of zingers and comebacks, because she had a reasonably well crafted response to that mess at the ready.

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