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Wendy Williams Isn’t Coming Back To Her Show Any Time Soon

January 18, 2019 / Posted by:

Sad to say, things aren’t looking up for Wendy Williams. When she announced she was taking a break to take care of her broken shoulder, she said she would return on January 21st. That’s just a couple of days from now, but Wendy’s not going to make it. A “Note From The Hunter Family” was posted on Twitter which explains that Wendy’s going to need more time than she thought, and that she would need to be spend “significant time” in the hospital to treat complications from Graves’ Disease. Wendy’s been off her game for a while, initially blaming her shoulder injury and subsequent pain mediation for her slurring, and her thyroid condition for her frequent need to sit down. Still, friends were worried something else might be going on. And it sounds as if they had every reason to be.

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Wendy Williams Is Taking More Time Off From Her Show

January 11, 2019 / Posted by:

Sorry middle-aged women with no job and bitchy gays who work part time in retail: Wendy Williams is taking longer to come back than expected. Variety is reporting that Miss Wendy was supposed to return to her show on January 14, but now it’s looking like Wendy is going to let the tea steep a little longer and will show up to work on the 21st. …Hopefully.

Wendy has been having drama lately. She’s been all kinds of turnt while on her show: sitting too much, slurring a bunch, acting “totally checked out,” and she even screwed up her shoulder. It got to the point where her friends were like, Wendy, what is up?” She herself admitted she was a bit out of it, because of the meds she was on for her busted shoulder. And things did not let up. Then we heard a rumor that her husband has a secret love child on the way, which she denied, but the stress (or demons) had her out here backstage at her show shouting at Whoopi Goldberg‘s ghost! Let me tell you: things have not improved.

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Wendy Williams Denies That Her Husband Is Expecting A Love Child With His Mistress

December 30, 2018 / Posted by:

Try asking asking extra-strength tea-spiller Wendy Williams “how you doin’?” lately and she’s probably going to hiss “FINE” through teeth gritted so hard that cracks will appear in her veneers. The rumor that husband Kevin Hunter is about to share a love child with alleged longtime mistress Sharina Hudson must have her wrought. Nevermind the kid, the two mortages alone! Love B. Scott reports that Wendy’s lawyers deny  it all.

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There’s A Rumor That Wendy Williams’ Husband Got His Alleged Mistress Pregnant

December 24, 2018 / Posted by:

Wendy Williams sure is used to talking shit about celebrities on her talk show, but it seems the shoe is on the other foot these days, as Wendy has been a topic of discussion all her own. Friends have been worried for her health over the last few weeks, and just last Thursday she  apologized  for slurring on TV, saying it was the fault of her painkillers which she’s taking for a fracture. Now Wendy has another issue to deal with, and this time it comes in the form of a potential secret love child. “Mmmmm lemony.”

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Wendy Williams Apologizes For Slurring On Her Show, And Blamed It On Painkillers

December 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Looks like all of those friends of Wendy Williams who were worried about her health have more to think about. Mieka reported earlier this week that people in Wendy’s orbit are concerned for her health. She’s fainted on live TV, she took three weeks off, people say she’s been “checked out”, she fractured her arm, and she’s sitting too much on TV. Well, add another issue to Wendy’s growing list, because people were noticing that on Wendy’s show yesterday she was slurring her words like I do on my birthday.

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Friends Are Worried About Wendy Williams’ Health

December 19, 2018 / Posted by:

Wendy Williams fractured her arm and cancelled an episode of The Wendy Williams Show at the last minute. Now her friends are worried there’s something more going on with her health than she’s letting on. They say she can barely stand and has “totally checked out”. A source told Radar that Wendy “has been exhibiting strange behavior ‘for weeks’”. Wendy, however, insists that everything’s fine. This is not Wendy’s first health crisis either. Until last year when she had her Halloween, on-air “faintation, (which she chalked up to menopause), Wendy had never missed a day of work. After that scary (and frankly, iconic) episode, she finally took a 3-week break to take care of her health, and revealed that she was suffering from hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease.

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