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Vivica A. Fox’s Partner Has Quit Her Over Those “No Gay Dudes” Comment

January 10, 2017 / Posted by:

If this picture was representative of Vivica A. Fox’s life, you could say she’s waving goodbye to her business partner along with all the gays she wanted to deny lap dances to.

Last week, Vivica A. Fox got in a bit of trouble while promoting Vivica’s Black Magic, the Lifetime reality show documenting the launch of her male stripper review in Las Vegas. Vivica was asked if gay guys could get a lap dance too and she replied, “Aw, hell no!” Vivica claimed her club was for the ladies. Vivica took more shit online for that “hell no” than she has taken needles to the face, and she eventually tried to backpedal.

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Vivica A. Fox Was Criticized For Barring Gays From Her TV Show

January 7, 2017 / Posted by:

Independence Day star (whew, her career apex was a couple of decades ago, huh?) Vivica A. Fox has a new reality show coming out, and her PR efforts backfired on her feline-faced ass. Vivica’s Black Magic (on Lifetime!) will document Vivica’s efforts to launch a male stripper review in Las Vegas. You almost want to watch for that amazing title alone.

Vivica did a radio interview to promote it and thought it was a good idea to reveal that gay dudes aren’t allowed in. Uh oh. There are those among my people who feel that we should be allowed in everywhere, even a busted Vivica A. Fox male stripper revue in Vegas. Just for the record, I don’t need to go there, but I fully support my fellow gays who do. JUSTICE.

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Happy Friday, Here’s Leah Remini And 50 Cent Talking About Ass-Eating

December 2, 2016 / Posted by:

The feud between exes, Vivica A. Catface and 5 Cents, tongue-rolled straight into Ass Lickin’ Town last year after she said in so many words that she believes his tip may get moist for man booty. It all started when Fifty farted on Instagram about how Empire’s ratings dip was because of all the “gay stuff” and Vivica said on Watch What Happen Lives that it was all just a case of the pot calling the kettle a man booty lover. At the time, Fifty responded to Vivica by saying that she only thinks he’s gay because he “let her” glaze his wrinkled donut with her tongue. That takes us to last night.

Along with Leah Remini, 50 Cent was a guest on Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen just had to once again give us the image of Vivica making out with Fifty’s butt by bringing it up.

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Excuse You, But Stonewall Was A “White Event,” ThankYouVeryMuch

June 23, 2016 / Posted by:

Roland Emmerich’s movie about the Stonewall riots was an extra chunky skid mark in the eyes of most critics and it was a total flop at the box office. One of that shit show’s biggest criticism was that it was like the 1969 Stonewall riots as seen through the eyes of an Abercrombie & Fitch marketing executive. The movie focused on a pretty-faced young white boy and pushed the black and Latino activists into the background. Someone even started a petition to boycott that mess. It got almost 25,000 signatures. Director Roland Emmerich defended his Stonewall movie then, and he’s still defending the hell out of it.

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Thanks To 50 Cent, I Now Have The Image Of Vivica Fox Tossing Salad In My Head

November 9, 2015 / Posted by:

I really didn’t think I was going to start my week with my brain farting up the picture of Vivica Fox sticking her tongue in 50 Cent’s wrinkled coin purse, but here we are.

The talk of 50 Cent’s ass getting itself a face full of Vivica started when she was on Watch What Happens Live last night. Andy Cohen brought up 50 Cent reposting an Instagram post that blamed Empire’s season 2 ratings dip on too much “extra gay stuff.” Anybody who has heard the rumors that 50 Cent loves some dick in his candy shop threw a level 10 side-eye at that move. Well, Vivica, who plays Cookie’s other sister Biscuit (I made that name up) on Empire this season, thought that was a good time to bring out the old rumors that her ex loves peen. Vivica basically said that 50 thinking that Empire is “too gay” is the dick-loving pot calling the dick-loving kettle a dick lover.

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Piss Happens.

February 1, 2011 / Posted by:

Vivica Fox was just strolling through LAX the other day when the paparazzi caught her after an accidental crotch leak. I don’t know how it happened, but it happens to all of us (just nod your head “yes” for Vivica’s sake). Sometimes you’re so drunk and full of lazy that you can’t even bothering shaking the excess out at the urinal, so you put it back in and sit down. But as soon as you sit down, it spurts out like a newly turned on garden hose and you’ve got a fucking tribute to Fergie on your crotch. IT HAPPENS (keep nodding). Sometimes you fall asleep on the plane, and the tricky ho next to you who is forever a 13-year-old girl at a slumber party decides to stick your hand in cup full of lukewarm water and BOOM. You’ve had an accident. IT HAPPENS (keep nodding, you can send me your chiropractor bill later).

Maybe it’s not even piss. Maybe Vivica is on her way to the TSA checkpoint and her vagina is sweating just thinking about the stress it’s about to go through. Or maybe Viv spotted a particularly luscious lace front in a store window and it put a little cream on her pie. IT HAPPENS!

And I love that Vivica just keeps on struttin’ her ass even though you know her crotch is sloshing like Wellies in wet snow. Who cares Vivica! Keep struttin’!

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