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Nicki Minaj Brought Rich Vampire Realness To The AmfAR Gala

May 26, 2017 / Posted by:

The annual Cannes amfAR Gala for AIDS research was held last night, and it’s an event that truly brings out the best attempts in fashion. This is what Nicki Minaj looked like, and I love it all. The Morticia Addams hair paired with the un-dead boudoir eleganza from Roberto Cavalli and the ten pounds of diamonds makes her look like Vampira’s money-hungry hustler sister Scampira. Watch out, rich dudes – she’ll suck the life out of you and your bank account!

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Uma Thurman’s Custody Battle Got Uglier

January 21, 2017 / Posted by:

Actress and Quentin Tarantino fetish object Uma Thurman is currently locked in a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Arpad (Arki) Busson over their four-year-old daughter, Luna.

Last week, Arki accused Uma of mixing pills and booze while she accused him of letting Luna ride a scooter without a helmet (um…). Uma finally got her hands on some alleged real dirt this week. We’ve got hookers, the threatening of ex-girlfriends, and cheating on high school tests! True, one of those accusations is a little frivolous compared to the other two, but, you have to throw everything at the reputation wall and see what sticks!

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Uma Thurman’s Ex-Boyfriend Accused Her Of Mixing Alcohol And Pills In Court

January 15, 2017 / Posted by:

Agonizing custody battles” has become an unfortunate trend with our celebrity friends lately. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly been scrapping over their hundreds of children (how do they even keep track of them, there’s so many). Yesterday, we watched a dismal video of law enforcement at Paula Patton’s house on behalf of Robin Thicke (he was trying to leave with their son, but no dice). Today’s the day we learn that Uma Thurman and her ex-boyfriend, French financier Arpad (Arki) Busson, have been yanking on either arm of their 4-year-old daughter Luna like she is a child-sized wishbone.

Arki publicly accused Uma of mixing booze and pills to battle mental illness during their custody trial on Friday. One, how Valley of the Dolls. Two, who doesn’t?

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Uma Thurman Is Not Happy About Lapo Elkann Kissing Her

May 20, 2016 / Posted by:

The Daily Mail and a bunch of other sites posted a picture this morning of Fiat heir Lapo Elkann looking like he tried to suck Uma Thurman’s face off with his suction cup mouth at last night’s amfAR gala in Cannes. It looked like he was a Garfield suction cup decoration and her face was the car window. Uma served as host during the event’s auction and after Lapo won an item for $196,000, he celebrated by kissing her. After the picture made the rounds, Uma’s rep Leslie Sloane issued a statement saying that he never asked for permission and the uninvited kiss left her feeling violated and creeped out. Leslie is also trying to get a hold of video of the kiss that the amfAR people have. This is the statement that Leslie gave to People:

“It is opportunism at its worst. She wasn’t complicit in it. Somewhere in his head he must have thought it an appropriate way of behaving. It clearly wasn’t. It looks like she was happy to have it happen, but it was not consensual. She is very unhappy that this happened to her and feels violated.”

If you’ve been reading Dlisted for a while, then you’re probably crazy and please let your doctors at the mental hospital know that I am grateful they haven’t blocked the site from computers yet. But really, if you’ve been reading this site for a while, you probably know that I’ve drooled out gross words of praise about this greasy Italian coke booger before. May is the month I find out some gross shit about my favorite Panty Creamers. I found out that Adrien Brody is a CAP (Cosby/Allen/Polanski) apologist and today I find out that Lapo Elkann is creeping out women by putting his mouth on theirs without getting an RSVP first. What’s next? Prince Hot Ginge is going to tell reporters that the Holocaust and Nazis didn’t exist? Well, we know he’ll never say that.

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Here’s Katy Perry Giving You Some Silk Flower Arrangement Realness At The AmfAR Gala

May 20, 2016 / Posted by:

Last night, amfAR’s annual Cinema Against AIDS Gala happened in Cannes, and Katy Perry showed up looking like the mother of the bride if the bride was the red dress cha cha dancing emoji. I’m sure Katy’s dress is very ~expensive~ and is handcrafted from only the finest of materials, but for some reason it’s setting off my Michaels craft store radar. “‘For some reason” – listen to me, acting like it has nothing to do with the $80 worth of silk peony petals attached to her body.

I used to be obsessed with fake flowers. Maybe it was because I watched so much Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous while my 6-year-old brain was still developing. Although I have no idea what episode triggered by silk flower obsession. My obsession with wigs, however – that definitely happened during the Raquel Welch episode. Regardless of when it happened, I used to collect fake flowers and I thought they were so glamorous and high class. Placing a single plastic-stemmed rose on my book shelf truly added an instant touch of elegance to my collection of Baby-Sitters Club books. So as much as I want to laugh at Katy’s dress and make a joke about how it looks like something that was stolen out of a repurposed Snapple bottle vase in the bathroom of a budget banquet hall, I just can’t. My love of fake flowers won’t let me.

Here’s more of Katy Perry, and everyone else who was at the amfAR Gala. Thanks to Uma Thurman, we now know what it would look like if Day-To-Night Barbie quit her job to focus solely on the Night part.


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