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Frank Ocean Wants To Be Removed From Travis Scott’s Album

September 14, 2018 / Posted by:

TMZ is reporting that there is a new rap feud in town. While it may not rise to the aggro levels we’re currently used to with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj brawling out here in the streets, it seems that Frank Ocean is getting mildly into it with Travis Scott. And no, it’s not because Frank Ocean hates the Kardashians as much as the rest of decent humanity, or because Travis took his rightfully-owned parking space. In fact his beef with Travis is purely musical.

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Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Hate Kylie Jenner (But She Still Doesn’t Like Travis Scott)

August 24, 2018 / Posted by:

When Nicki Minaj’s latest album Queen didn’t reach the number one spot on the Billboard chart, she threw a massive hissy fit targeted at the person who dared rank higher than her, Travis Scott. She also came for Travis’ girlfriend and baby’s mother, Kylie Jenner. Since the Kardashian-Jenners live in a delusional world of delusion where even the worst attention is good attention, I’m sure Kylie sent a basket of makeup over to Nicki’s house with a Thank You note and an invitation to drag her anytime. But Nicki recently revealed on her Beats 1 show Queen Radio, that she doesn’t hate Kylie.

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Nicki Minaj Canceled Her North American Tour, As She Said More About Travis Scott

August 22, 2018 / Posted by:

So the other day Nicki Minaj got salty and bitter when her album Queen came in at #2, getting beat out for the top spot by Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend and baby father, Travis Scott. During her Twitter freak out, she hinted that come Tuesday she was going to have more to say about it on her Queen Radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Tuesday came and Nicki did as promised.

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The MTV VMAs Was A Real Random Bag Of Fashion Looks

August 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Obviously nothing can ever top the legendary sequinned charisma of Lil’ Kim’s purple nipple cover at the 1999 MTV VMA’s, but that’s not nearly a good enough excuse for people not to try. An iconic look is like rolling dice; you might wear something that ends up in one of those Best Looks of ALL TIME galleries for the rest of the internet’s existence, or you might be just wearing clothing. Cardi B could have shocked eyes by showing up in big hair, a dramatic cape, and no pants, but – yawn – been there, done that. Instead, Cardi B made her first red carpet appearance since giving birth last month in a purple gown by Nicolas Jebran and a pussycat wig. Cardi is giving me eccentric Beverly Hills housewife at a charity gala trying to steal the spotlight from her rival Bitsy Saint Claire. Wait a second – rich, attention-getting, short dark hair, daughter’s name spelled with an unnecessary K? Kris Jenner must be so flattered right now.

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Nicki Minaj Got Extremely Salty On Twitter After Her Album Debuted At #2 On Billboard

August 20, 2018 / Posted by:

Nicki Minaj has been having a real go of it recently. She’s been in trouble for rapping on a track with a convicted child molester, she’s been slapping at rappers left and right, oh, and we learned that she almost killed her ex-boyfriend Safaree one time. So she’s been doing her regular thing, living her life, you know: the usual. Well, after the release of her new album Queen you’d think Nicki would take some time off and reap the benefits of her hard work. She sort of did that, if that’s the same as getting mad salty on Twitter because her album was #2, instead of #1.

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This Is The “World’s Most Powerhouse Power Couple,” So Says GQ 

July 17, 2018 / Posted by:

When anybody with at least half a working brain cell thinks of a “powerhouse power couple,” they probably think of Cynthia Nixon and Rojo Caliente, Oprah and bread, Dolly Parton’s chichis, Charlie Hunnam’s ass cheeks, a squirrel and a condom, an over-used butt plug and saliva, a broken hairdryer and a blown out electric socket, and nearly every pairing in the world not named Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. But because Pimp Mama Kris probably kidnapped the children of GQ’s editors and threatened to feed those kids to Khlozilla if they didn’t print these false declarations, they have called Kylie and Travis the world’s most powerhouse power couple. And for the cover, they threw a half-naked Kylie onto a fully-clothed Travis. To quote Miranda Priestley: “Groundbreaking.”

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