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Jeffrey Tambor Says He Might Have Been A Jerk On The Set Of “Transparent,” But That’s It

May 7, 2018 / Posted by:

For the first time since he was accused of alleged COMB (creepy old man behavior) on the set of Transparent back in November, Jeffrey Tambor is speaking, and he’s got a lot to say. Much like the statements that were released after the accusations by his former assistant Van Barnes and actress Trace Lysette, Jeffrey tells The Hollywood Reporter that the only crime he’s guilty of is acting like an entitled prick with anger issues, and that’s that.

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Jeffrey Tambor Hasn’t Quit “Transparent” Just Yet

December 7, 2017 / Posted by:

Two women who work on Transparent (Jeffrey Tambor’s former assistant Van Barnes and actress Trace Lysette) recently came forward accusing him of being gross and inappropriate with them on set. Jeffrey has also since been accused by a makeup artist of sexually harassing her on a movie set back in 2001.

Jeffrey first released a statement denying any predatory behavior (he simply apologized for possibly being a difficult asshole on set), then released a second statement saying he didn’t see a way for him to return to such a “politicized” set. Everyone took that as Jeffrey’s way of announcing that Jill Soloway had told him to pack up and leave his wig and muumuus with security on his way out. As it turns out, Jeffrey hasn’t left the show yet.

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Jeffrey Tambor Is Leaving “Transparent” Because Of Those Harassment Allegations

November 20, 2017 / Posted by:

If there’s an instructional book called “What To Expect When the Male Lead of Your Prestige Television Series Has to Leave Due to Alleged Creepiness,” I’m sure Netflix just sent their copy to Amazon.

Earlier this month, Jeffrey Tambor’s former assistant accused of him acting inappropriately around her. Jeffrey denied it, but Amazon decided to take a peek and investigate to see if there was any creepy fire where there was the creepy smoke. Sure was! Transparent actress Trace Lysette had us all holding back the barf when she alleged Jeffrey used his nasty talon feet to trap her while he thrust on her. BLECH! Apparently realizing nobody would want to get anywhere near him in a silk kimono going forward, Jeffrey has decided to quit Transparent.

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The Fifth Season Of “Transparent” Might Not Include Jeffrey Tambor

November 16, 2017 / Posted by:

Earlier this month, Jeffrey Tambor’s former assistant Van Barnes accused him of “acting inappropriately” around her. Jeffrey denied it, and accused her of being “disgruntled” (so basically, he’s Hank Kingsley in real life?). Merely saying you didn’t do it isn’t enough to make it go away, and Jeffrey’s bosses at Amazon, who produce Transparent, decided to look into it.

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Caitlyn Jenner Is Going To Be On “Transparent”

April 3, 2016 / Posted by:

Former Olympian athlete and member of the Kar Krash Klub (not to be confused with the KKK) is going to appear on TransparentKaitlyn Jenner, the one member of Trans People for Republicans, has been confirmed to have an as yet undisclosed part in the Amazon show. Thank god she got another show now that I Am Kancelled is done. Like all her relatives, if she isn’t in front of a kamera, she withers away and dies. Phew! Very generous of show creator, Jill Soloway, to come in and be a good samaritan.

ABC News reported that Jill confirmed the casting choice at the GLAAD Awards on Saturday. Jill described the partnership as “a dream come true” and said it was easy to get Kaitlyn because they “are all part of the same community. A lot of the transwomen who work on our show are also in her show, ‘I am Cait,’ Lots of crossover. Lots of friends.”  I give her props for being kind and koncerned enough to be like “that snoozy mess is gone and those transwomen need jobs, let me sort this out.

I’m hoping her character is more based on life than a totally made up character. Maybe she’ll play an out of control reality TV personality with a makeup addiction who, literally, crashes into the show when she rear ends Jeffrey Tambor’s character, Maura Pfefferman, while on her way to take a stunning and brave selfie. Regardless, this is clearly some good PR. Between her show getting the axe and all the nonsense, NONSENSE, that’s been dribbling out of her plumped, plucked and tucked lips, Kaitlyn needs some good image adjustment. Buckle up, buckaroos, for Kaitlyn rides again!

And here’s Jill, Alexandra Billings and Amy Landecker of Transparent at last night’s GLAAD Awards:

Pics: Splash, Wenn

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