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John Stamos And His Wife Got Married And Robbed In The Same Weekend

February 5, 2018 / Posted by:

On Saturday, 54-year-old John Stamos to his pregnant 31-year-old model/actress girlfriend Caitlin McHugh. People says the wedding took place at the Little Brown Church in Studio City, CA, while the reception was held back at John’s house in Beverly Hills. It sounds like it was all very nice, except for the fact Caitlin’s hotel room was robbed the night before and the thieves made off with all her wedding day jewels.

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Kyle Richards’ House Was Hit By Burglars While Her Family Vacationed In Aspen

December 29, 2017 / Posted by:

TMZ says that the Encino, CA home of Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mansion got burgled on Wednesday night while they were away in Aspen, CO with their family. The break-in happened the day after the family left for Aspen

So happy to be back in beautiful Aspen with loved ones ❤️❄️⛄️

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A housekeeper discovered that the burglar (or burglars) broke in through a window. More than a million dollars in jewelry, including $150,000 worth of Mauricio’s watches, were stolen. Kyle’s jewelry was stored in a locked box, and it’s not known if the thief/thieves made off with that. Police know the break-in happened around 1:15am because a closet sensor was triggered. The home’s security system wasn’t on at the time, but it’s outfitted with a number of security cameras, so police hope to catch who did it.

One of TMZ’s sources is suspicious that Kyle and Mauricio’s break-in was an inside job. Their house has been under construction for a while, and there’s a lot of people going in and out. The house wasn’t ransacked, which leads everyone to believe the burglars knew exactly where the good stuff was located.

Several years ago, Kyle’s sister Kim Richards accused Kyle of stealing their mom’s Palm Desert house. So of course I’m suspicious of who this alleged burglar is, but I’m not sure Kim isn’t the culprit. After all, the burglar only took jewelry and watches. If Kim wanted to steal a house back from Kyle, she’d telepathically message Tony and ask him to do her a favor and move a house with his mind.

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Emmy Rossum Is The Latest Famous Person To Get Robbed

March 28, 2017 / Posted by:

This is starting to feel like a page from People StyleWatch. “The hottest trend in celebrity jewelry? Coming home and finding all of it missing!” Just like Nicki Minaj, Alanis Morissette, Kendall Jenner and Jamie Pressly, Emmy Rossum has found herself without a whole lot of jewelry. TMZ says that Emmy’s Los Angeles home was broken into while she was away in NYC. According to law enforcement sources, Emmy’s housekeeper showed up to work last Friday only to find broken panes of glass on the back door, no power, and a theft situation. Emmy had two safes in her home, and both were wide open and empty. $150,000 in antique jewelry was taken.

Police think the burglars cut the power so that the house alarm wouldn’t go off. As for how they broke into those safes, they didn’t exactly have to work very hard to get into them. TMZ’s sources say that Emmy kept the combinations right next to each safe. Whether or not she had also painted giant arrows on the floor leading to the safes is still unknown.

I know people keep saying that this isn’t a Bling Ring situation, but I don’t know. An awful lot of celebrities keep getting robbed of their (deep cringe) bling. I just hope that whoever gets robbed next is smart enough to memorize the combination to their safe. This is a teachable moment for all of us, really. If you get a safe, don’t write the combo down and put it next to the safe. Instead, program in an easy-to-memorize combination. Something like 666, or 6969, or 3636. That last is easy to remember because it kind of sounds like “free sex free sex.” At least make your burglars work for it, you know?



Kendall Jenner Got Robbed Of $200k Worth Of Jewelry And It Was Probably An Inside Job

March 16, 2017 / Posted by:

E! has been showing a zillion previews and milking every last drop from future episodes of Keeping Up the Kartrashians where Kim Kartrashian tells the tale of getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris as The Slow One sits there blank-faced dreaming about salad and Khlozilla also sits there blank-faced dreaming about the wild boar she’s going to catch in the woods later that night. Well, it’s Kendall Jenner’s turn to sit in front of the cameras and tell the tale of getting robbed, because someone reportedly snatched $200,000 in jewels from her house last night. Only this is probably not a Bling Ring 2.0 type of thing and it doesn’t look like thieves broke into her house like they did to Alanis Morrissette. It looks like someone who was partying at Kendall’s house last night did it. DUN DUN DUN (not really).

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