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Christina Aguilera Is Never Returning To “The Voice”

May 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Christina Aguilera has a new album to promote, so she did an interview with Allie Jones for Billboard. While I just assume any interview with the likes of Christina or Mariah Carey includes them doing vocal runs and trying to hit the whistle register, she talks to Billboard about how she didn’t exactly have the best of times doing The Voice, and we shouldn’t expect to see her spinning around on a chair unless it’s at her lawyer’s office. Continue reading

Kelly Clarkson Is Joining “The Voice” And Not “American Idol” 

May 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Kelly Clarkson was supposedly in talks to make her grand return to American Idol when ABC brings it back from the morgue next year, but there’s been a twist bigger than the one that Ryan Seacrest’s panties get into when his hairstylist uses the wrong kind of pomade. TMZ said that Kelly was making room in her schedule to shoot American Idol, but it turns out that she was making room in her schedule to shoot Idol’s nemesis The Voice. NBC snatching Kelly Clarkson away from ABC is going to lead to the NBC Peacock v. Mickey Mouse bitch fight I’ve been waiting for.

Continue reading

Wake Up Your Ears With The Sound Of Xtina And Ariana Grande Latte Trying To Out-Scream Each Other

May 25, 2016 / Posted by:

Since Whitney Houston’s estate popped the doody bubble that was the hologram that looked nothing like her, The Voice needed to replace that creepy duet with something, so they called in the country’s most wanted donut terrorist Ariana Grande!

Before Curly Sue (birth certificate name: Alisan Ann Porter) became America’s sweetheart once again by winning The Voice for Team Christina, her coach got into a screaming match with Ariana Grande. While dressed like a Televangelist Bratz doll, Ariana sang her new single “Into You” before going into “Dangerous Woman.” Everything was going fine until Xtina prowled out with hair that was supposed to say, “I was freshly fucked,” but instead said, “I was freshly jumped by a pack of raccoons who like to pull hair.” That hair is very “Beth Chapman after getting attacked by a swarm of bees.” That hair was a preview for the messiness that was about to go down.

After Xtina did her part, Ariana turned up the volume on her vocal cords and it became clear that it was about to become a battle of the yodels and the only casualties would be our eardrums. Ariana and Xtina trying to TKO each other with their belts starts off at around the 3:33 mark below:

All those growls, runs and whooooos. It sounds like a brawl between a frog, a cat and an owl while sky diving. They sound how Xtina’s hair looks. That said, it was the performance of the night and I’d rather Xtina and donut hater fist me in the ears without lube by trying to outdo each other than listen to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s duet again.

Because we’re on the subject of Grande messes, here’s hyper troll doll Frankie Grande in a denim onesie at a Disney event earlier this month:


I Really Hope Gwen Stefani Got A Giant Bonus For This Sappy Shit

May 10, 2016 / Posted by:

As totally expected, Gwen Stefani, the badass rebel of the high school who wears black nail polish and has an anarchy patch on her bomber jacket, and Blake Shelton, the hillbilly badass of the high school who has Truck Nutz on his F-150 and got suspended for sneaking a beer into an assembly, cemented their weird ass union in song.

Gwen and Blake made the anti “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with a duet called “Go Ahead And Break My Heart.” Elton John and Kiki Dee are so not amused. The song is on Blake’s new album If I’m Honest, and it’s about a trick who uses another trick to get over a breakup, but they fall in love with that trick and are scared and shit and blah blah… It’s so real life! Gwen and Blake performed their duet on The Voice last night. If you’re a cynical, bitter bitch like me, but want to see their performance, make sure you hold onto your eyeballs right after pressing play, because their natural reaction will be to roll.

Gwen, what are you doing?! To quote my friend when I agreed to go to a 3-hour-long church organ recital with my boyfriend-at-the-time because he asked me to: “I hope the dick is good, because that’s a deal breaker.”

That duet is just… I’d rather watch Gwen and Blake make out all sloppy-like while wearing matching outfits as they sit on the same side in a 4-person restaurant booth. That would be less heave-inducing to me. Why don’t you go ahead and break my nerves, you two!

And here’s THAT couple at the Angry Birds premiere in L.A. over the weekend:

Pics: Splash

Miley Cyrus Is The Newest Judge On “The Voice”

March 26, 2016 / Posted by:

Well shine my boots and shoot a rattlesnake, what do we have here? I never dun seen something so peculiar-like. It looks like a chipmunk. It smells like a raccoon. And it sounds like my uncle, Kissinuncle, after he’s had a little moonshine! Slap me once and call me Susan, its Miley Cyrus! This here girl can do it all. She can stick out her tongue while holding a doobie and play the geetar. And now, she’s going to be the newest judge on The Voice!

Yep, grab your partners and do-si-do because everyone’s favorite normal girl who lives a double life as a pop star – no. Sorry. That’s Hannah Montana. But it is the 10 year anniversary of Hannah Montana, so forgive me for being nostalgic. As I was saying, everyone’s favourite lil’ ol’ country bumpkin meets alien probe finger meets art teacher, Miley Cyrus, is ostensibly replacing Gwen Stefani on the next season of The Voice, its eleventh. I say ostensibly because I like fancy words and because, historically, there’s only ever one female judge on at a time. Miley confirmed her new position via twitter on Friday, tweeting, “It’s true! I am going to be the newest judge on Season 11 of The Voice “. (Via E!) It’s also being reported that Alicia Keys will be taking over from Pharrell, so yay for the ladies and a win for fedoras everywhere.

Miley has been rubbing her skunk weed over bits of this current season as a key advisor for team Christina Aguilera. I always stop watching when the auditions are done so I don’t know who’s gonna win but I might start tuning in again. Miley and Xtina sound like they’d be entertaining enough. I’m sure they like to try and impress each other with all the super light girl on girl stuff they may or may not have tried (for attention) during their lives. Hippie shit and questionable outfits aside, Miley can actually sing, so that’s a plus for a show called The Voice. She might not be everyone’s favourite, but we’re lucky here in the US because we get real stars for these shows. In the UK they get Rita Ora (who?) and Paloma Faith (what?) on talent shows. So come on, put on your neon stetson and say yeehaw!

Pic: Miley Cyrus Twitter


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