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Prince William Becomes The First British Royal To Cover A Gay Magazine

June 15, 2016 / Posted by:

Prince Hot Ginge once allegedly told a gay dude that he’d give him a call if he “changes his mind about women,” and I remember that quote as though I just read it 2 minutes ago, because I did just read it 2 minutes ago. It’s tattooed over my right nipple so I read it while giving myself a quickie whore bath in the sink this morning. So PHG would obviously be my first choice for the first British royal to grace the cover of a gay magazine. THE QUEEN in Dame Edna drag would be my second choice. Prince William would probably be my 5th choice after the fallen Duchess Fergie in a rainbow flag and all of THE QUEEN’s Corgis, but I’ll gladly take it.

I Guess This Is The Kind Of Shit That Happens When You’re Married To THE QUEEN!

June 10, 2016 / Posted by:

Today is the 95th birthday of Prince Philip, the British royal family’s messiest old coot, so everyone in England should be celebrating his special day by airing out their huevos or chochas in a kilt while offending people and cursing tricks out. But that’s not happening, because everyone is too busy celebrating the anniversary of THE QUEEN’s born day again. Prince Hot Ginge’s abuelita turned 90 in April, but when you come out of a royal cooch with a tiara on your head, you get two birthday celebrations.

Open Post: Hosted By THE QUEEN And Prince Hot Ginge Dropping A Boom On The Obamas

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Yesterday the TSA sent me a letter saying that I was put on the Do Not Fly To Florida list, and that could only mean one thing: The Invictus Games begin next week in Orlando, FL and Prince Hot Ginge will be there!

The Invictus Games were started by PHG, and they’re a Paralympic-style sporting event involving a bunch of countries. Since it’s happening in the US this year, Michelle Obama has been helping to promote it, and this morning, she tweeted a video of message and her and President Obama pretty much puffing their chests up at PHG. (Michelle Obama also showed off her impeccable teleprompter-reading skills in that video.) PHG answered back with help from THE QUEEN! THE QUEEN spit out a verbal eye roll at the Obamas’ threat and that was PHG’s cue to drop the mic. I’m jealous of the Obamas, because I wish PHG would drop his mic on me, and yes, that’s a euphemism.

I bet that clip was highly edited. I bet that in the raw footage, THE QUEEN takes off her earrings, kicks off her shoes and goes after the phone while swinging her pocketbook as PHG and her Corgis try to hold her back. Don’t come for THE QUEEN unless she sends for you!

And here’s PHG making chonies go BOOM while working a tuxedo at the BT Sports Industry Awards in London last night.


Where Were The Corgis??

April 21, 2016 / Posted by:

In case you didn’t already know, today is THE QUEEN’s 90th birthday. If I was THE QUEEN and it was my birthday, and I was turning 90, I’d spend the whole day spread out like a starfish on the comfiest couch at Buckingham Palace in my best muumuu, watching whatever the British equivalent of Family Feud is, and holler at my lady-in-waiting to top up my teacup with earl grey-flavored vodka. But since THE QUEEN is THE QUEEN for a reason, she did what she always does.

Queen Elizabeth II got all dolled up in her 90th birthday best and strolled around waving to her subjects with the top-tier members of her crew, Prince Philip and her pocketbook. Apparently Queen Elizabeth’s version of birthday best is a long green coat, some sensible shoes, and a hat that looks like it was made during a cake decorating class at Michaels. Speaking of cakes, some random person in the crowd made her a birthday cake with a corgi on it. I doubt that’s a picture of one of her corgis, and I highly doubt she ate it. But it’s nice to see that at least one corgi showed up for her birthday.

Crowds gather in Windsor in anticipation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's walkabout on the occasion of her 90th birthday

I don’t know what better thing THE QUEEN’s corgis had to do today, but surely it wasn’t more important than celebrating the 90th birthday of their pack leader. Maybe they’re still sore that she passed over them and gave the 4th stamp to Prince George. Those ungrateful little furry footstools. No hand-carved royal roast for you tonight.

Other than the walk and wave, The Queen also attended a beacon lighting ceremony. Wait, that’s it? A 90th birthday merits a little more razzle dazzle than that. Thankfully the day isn’t over yet. There’s still time to round up a bunch of male strippers and mark her birthday with a 21-buns salute.

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Morrissey Is Thinking About Running For Mayor Of London

March 5, 2016 / Posted by:

King and Queen of all things grumpy, hateful and bitter, Morrissey, is possibly considering running for mayor of London. Don’t tell him I called him King and Queen because you know how he feels about the monarchy, but I cannot tell a lie and that is what he is. His kingdom, unlike the Queen’s, is all eyeliner emo kids eating vegan snackpacks while they cry about their hair straighteners not working or something and soon, that very well could become part of the Queen’s kingdom.

THE QUEEN’S Reign Just Won’t Let Up!

September 9, 2015 / Posted by:

At 5:30pm British time today, Morrissey will quietly go into his closet, put on a paper crown, turn off the light and softly play “God Save The Queen” on a kazoo before squeeing with joy. (You know he’s a closet royal lovah.) Because at that time, THE QUEEN will become the longest-reigning monarch in UK history. As the tricks on Twitter say, when will your fave be born into monarchy, become queen and live long enough to break records without even trying?!

Kensington Palace Tells The Paparazzi To Stop Taking Unauthorized Pictures Of Prince George Or Else!

August 14, 2015 / Posted by:

Kensington Palace is not fucking around and today the town crier stood in the middle of the square and yelled out “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” before reading a 60,000 word statement to the paparazzi and the media about why it’s wrong to take and publish unauthorized pictures of the royal children. The statement says that the paparazzi are stalking Prince George and are taking pictures of him outside of public events using shady tactics like long lenses and hiding in bushes. Some publications, mostly in the US, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand have published the pictures. Kensington Palace wants the paps and the media to let Prince George live his life. “Our impact has gone international!” – Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Buckingham Palace May Have Accidentally Leaked THE QUEEN’S Vintage Nazi Salute Video

July 20, 2015 / Posted by:

Over the weekend, the British royals were hit with an ESCANDALOSO video and surprisingly, it wasn’t a video of Prince Philip choking out a basket of kittens for looking at him wrong. The Sun released an old, grainy video of a 7-year-old Queen Elizabeth (who was Princess Elizabeth back then) doing the Nazi salute with her known Nazi sympathizer uncle Edward, her sister Princess Margaret and their mom. The clip came from the royal family’s personal archives. Buckingham Palace said at the time that they are considering suing whores and will investigate this “invasion of privacy.” Well, the Daily Telegraph says that there’s a chance the leak came from INSIDE THE PALACE!

The Sun Found A Video Of The Queen Giving The Nazi Salute

July 18, 2015 / Posted by:

Well well well…” said Prince Harry, as he stepped out from behind the curtains in The Queen’s drawing room holding a iPad. “Looks like someone will be borrowing my ‘Whoops, I didn’t mean to do Nazi stuff‘ apology.

The Queen’s army of corgis are no doubt giving each other awkward glances in the halls of Buckingham Palace today, because footage of The Queen giving a Nazi salute was released by The Sun yesterday. The old-timey video was shot in either 1933 or 1934 and shows The Queen, The Queen Mum, The Queen’s little sister Princess Margaret, and their uncle Prince Edward throwing their hands in the air, and yeah, they’re all really going for it. According to The Sun (and Wikipedia), Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer who once claimed Hitler was “not a bad chap“, and I guess he thought getting his tiny nieces to do the salute would be cute or something.

Then again, there is no sound, so maybe they were at a birthday party and were raising their hands to let the host know they all wanted a slice of iced sponge? Yeah, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

The Guardian says the editor of The Sun claims they released the video to “provide context” for attitudes before WW2. Uh huh. Sure, The Sun. Buckingham Palace has issued a statement about the footage, saying they were “disappointed” that it was being exploited, and question how The Sun got their hands on it. They also want you to know The Queen probably wasn’t serious.

“Most people will see these pictures in their proper context and time. This is a family playing and momentarily referencing a gesture many would have seen from contemporary news reels. No one at that time had any sense how it would evolve. To imply anything else is misleading and dishonest. The Queen is around six years of age at the time and entirely innocent of attaching any meaning to these gestures.”

They also made sure to remind everyone that The Queen served England during WW2.

Now Duchess Kate finally has some leverage the next time The Queen threatens to have the palace guards burn her collection of wedges. “Oh, I’m sorry – you think my wedges are offensive? Do I need to remind you what else is offensive?

Prince Philip Is At It Again!

July 17, 2015 / Posted by:

Before we get into the latest contribution that 94-year-old Prince Philip, THE QUEEN’s husband and Mr. Burns’ long-lost British daddy, made to the Department of Fuckery, here’s a few of his past “greatest hits.

– While visiting China in 1986, Prince Philip told a group of British exchange students that if they stay there for much longer, they’ll become “slitty-eyed.”

– Prince Philip asked an aboriginal businessmanDo you throw spears at each other?” during a visit to Australia in 2002.

– Prince Philip smashed the space-flying dreams of a 13-year-old while looking at the NOVA spacecraft at Salford University when he told the kid,Well, you’ll never fly in it, you’re too fat to be an astronaut.”

– And of course, last week he told a photographer to hurry up and “take the fucking picture” at a photo call with his grandkid Prince William and other veterans.

That is some “Shit My Messy 90-Something Grandparent Says” shit.

Reverend Henry Kane’s spirit brother was at it again while attending the opening of the Chadwell Heath Community Centre in Dagenham with THE QUEEN yesterday (pictures below). Nusrat Zamir, who founded the Asian Women’s Network at the center, tells The Daily Mail that while talking to a group of women, Prince Philip asked them who do they “sponge” off of? Somebody please find a way to warn the birds above to watch out for Morrissey’s head, because it’s going to pop off of his neck and shoot through the sky any second now.

Ms Zamir, who founded the Chadwell Heath Asian Women’s Network which meets at the centre, said: “The Duke said to us ‘who do you sponge off?” We’re all married so it’s our husbands. “He was just teasing and it’s similar to what I call my husband – the wallet.”

The 35-year-old, who presented the Queen with a large iced sponge cake as the royal couple arrived at the community centre, added: “He also said to us ‘do you meet to have a gossip?'”

The women should’ve answered back with, “We’d ask you the same thing, but everyone knows the answer to that, you curmudgeon ass coot.” But a rep for the royals said that it was completely taken out of context by the media and the women too, I guess. Because Prince Philip was talking about sponge cake!

“There’s a context here, they were talking about a sponge cake, no offence was intended or taken.”

Nice spin. Next week when Prince Philip visits a mental health facility and says to an Asian patient, “What a nutty nip, you are,” a rep for the royals will say that he wasn’t being offensive. He was referring to the delicious peanuts and cheese crackers snack mix he made for the patients.

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