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Jared Leto Lost His Taylor Swift-Centric Lawsuit Against TMZ

September 24, 2016 / Posted by:

Regretful super-villain Jared Leto has even more woe in his life now besides the realization that he’d been cruelly tricked into making millions of dollars by a deceitful movie studio. A judge has ruled that Jared’s suit against TMZ for posting a video of him verbally cutting up Taylor “Serpent” Swift and her music was about as valid as his attempt to one-up Heath Ledger.

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Taylor Swift Is Not Interested In Working With A No-Grammy-Having Artist Like Katy Perry

September 20, 2016 / Posted by:

Sorry Katy Perry! Whoops, actually – scratch that. I know Katy Perry was looking for an apology from Taylor Swift, and I’ve got a feeling she’s going to start sprouting grey pubes before she gets one. And forget about collaborating on anything together. If Hollywood Life’s sources are to be believed, Katy’s got a better chance of receiving a nun-approved nomination for sainthood than working with Taylor.

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Calvin Harris Is Maybe Shading Taylor Swift Through His Latest Song

September 16, 2016 / Posted by:

Something tells me Taylor Swift is not going to order a jacket with that patch on the back of it. Just a hunch.

Calvin Harris and Taylor broke up almost four months ago, and he’s still finding ways to pull her hair when they cross each other in the cool locker hall. Calvin came for Taylor on Twitter, he came for her on Instagram, he maybe-shaded her relationship with Tom Hiddleston in the video for “Olé“, he came for her again to British GQ. Now he’s maybe-hating on her in his latest song. As it turns out, there’s someone out there who can drag a breakup for attention longer than Taylor Swift.  Continue reading

Taylor Swift’s Next Boyfriend Might Be Zac Efron

September 15, 2016 / Posted by:

I like to think the look on Zac Efron’s face above is the same look he gave when FedEx dropped off his Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend welcome package. “Is that a tank top in there? Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into.

Taylor Swift has been without a boyfriend for all of nine days, but the recovery time from PR relationships must be pretty quick, because she reportedly has eyes on her next victim.

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Tom Hiddleston Is Not Going To Thank Taylor Swift In His Emmy Award Acceptance Speech

September 12, 2016 / Posted by:

That random umbrella-holding hand has a better chance of getting thanked in Tom Hiddleston’s Emmy acceptance speech, which he will absolutely be giving, than Taylor Swift does. Actually, if Tom really wants to stick it to Taylor, he would make a special point of thanking umbrella hand. “…and lastly, I can’t forget to mention my paparazzi posing partner – umbrella hand, this one’s for you! We did it buddy!

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