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Taylor Swift Doesn’t Have Her Future Boyfriend Sights Set On Drake

October 27, 2016 / Posted by:

Taylor Swift didn’t spend the whole night of Drake’s 30th birthday party passively aggressively staring down Katy Perry and John Mayer. She also spent a lot of time “laughing” and “flirting” with the birthday boy himself. Page Six claimed that the only person who got more one-on-one time with Drake at his birthday party was his mama Sandi Graham. It all sounded a little too much like Taylor was attempting to add a non-threatening rapper to her long résumé of non-threatening boyfriends, but TMZ says that’s not happening.

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Katy Perry Snapchatted Herself Dancing To “Famous”, Because Of Course She Did

October 27, 2016 / Posted by:

It seems like throwing rusty-eye daggers at Taylor Swift during Drake’s birthday party didn’t meet Katy Perry’shate on Taylor” quote for the week.

It was Katy’s birthday on Tuesday night, and she spent it at Kayne West’s Saint Pablo tour stop in Los Angeles. That’s a little shady, but not really. But then Kanye began performing Famous, aka the song that still probably makes Taylor’s eye twitch and teeth grind. And wouldn’t you know what happened? Katy just so happened to pull out her phone and Snapchat herself dancing and pulling faces during the “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” line. How very subtle of you, Katy.

Taylor Swift started coming for Katy Perry over two years ago, which means this petty revenge shit has officially gone on way too long. Even grudge-holding middle school girls are like “Okay, get over it maybe?” How much longer can two grown women keep poking at each other? Please don’t tell me we’re in for another ten or twenty years of this. Nobody needs a 52-year-old Katy Perry coming for a 46-year-old Taylor Swift while hustling Boniva between People’s Court breaks.

I certainly hope you’re not yet tired of seeing Katy Perry attempting to work that Madonna-on-Letterman hair. Here are some more pictures of Katy arriving at and leaving the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Show in West Hollywood yesterday. Katy showed up looking like the ghost of a goth saloon owner and left looking like a day player from Designing Women.

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Katy Perry, John Mayer, And Taylor Swift Made Things Weird At Drake’s Birthday Party

October 25, 2016 / Posted by:

On Sunday night, Drake celebrated his 30th birthday at a club in Los Angeles and he invited a bunch of his famous friends. Drake blew out the candles on his Raptor cake with people like French Montana, Jamie Foxx, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, the Haim sisters and  Katy Perry. Clearly Drake was nostalgic for the years he spent on Degrassi, because Page Six says John, Katy, and Taylor brought some high school drama with them.

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“Nils Sjoberg” Performed The Song She Wrote For Calvin Harris

October 23, 2016 / Posted by:

Taylor Swift performed at the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas last night. Because it wouldn’t be serpentine without a little shade, Vulture reports that she performedThis Is What You Came For” for the first time. That’s the song she wrote for her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and Rihanna under a pseudonym “Nils Sjoberg” and then outed herself as her actually having written it after they broke up. Because she must speak her truth and create as much dramz as possible!

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Some SF Giants Fans Are Blaming Taylor Swift For Their Recent World Series Elimination

October 21, 2016 / Posted by:

I’m sure this picture of Taylor Swift wearing the team colors isn’t helping. According to The Oregonian, several San Francisco Giants fans are pissed at Taylor and itt turns out it’s because she messed up their World Series superstition by not releasing an album this year. Curse you, Taylor Swift!

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Taylor Swift Snagged Herself Yet Another Famous Friend

October 14, 2016 / Posted by:

On Wednesday night, Taylor Swift debuted the newest life-size collectible figurines in her famous friends collection, which included Zoe Kravitz, Dakota Johnson, and Suki Waterhouse. She was clearly saving last night to show off her best, most famous new squad member. Taylor and her pretty girl posse went out again in NYC, but this time they were accompanied by special guest Serena Williams. See Demi? Sometimes Taylor doesn’t check the box that says “tall super skinny blonde model” when she applies for new friends.

I wasn’t aware that Serena Williams was in the market to join a new friendship group. The last time I checked, she was still a card-carrying member of Beyonce’s squad. Maybe this is all part of a larger scheme in which Taylor has recruited Serena take down that jealous hater meanie Eugenie Bouchard from the inside. “Hey Serena, you do tennis, right? Listen, I’ve got a job for you…

Taylor auditioned Serena as a friend back in July 2015 by “please welcome to the stage“-ing her at a concert in London during her 1989 Tour. Serena is also friends with Taylor’s second-in-command Karlie Kloss, as well as squad secretary-treasurer Gigi Hadid. Serena seems to have passed Taylor’s initial pre-squad evaluation. It will be interesting to see if she successfully completes Taylor’s squad initiation ritual. I’ve heard it involves a dozen pink cupcakes, a pinch of purebred cat fur, six lawyers, and a blood oath.

Here’s more of Taylor with her squad last night.

Pics: Splash

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