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The “Haters” Ran Stephen Fry Off Of Twitter For Calling Costume Designer Jenny Beavan A “Bag Lady”

February 15, 2016 / Posted by:

If you’re on Twitter, then you most likely have been called something like a “dumb useless cunt fuck who needs to fall into a hole” at least once. It’s practically a rite of passage on Twitter. “Dumb useless cunt fuck who needs to fall into a hole” is even pretty mild for Twitter. So when I read that people on Twitter were OUTRAGED over Stephen Fry saying that costume designer Jenny Beavan dressed like a “bag lady,” I figured there was more to it and that he called her something really offensive and cruel like: “A bag lady…who genuinely loves and admires the Kardashians.” But all he said was that she was dressed like a “bag lady” and it ended with him hitting the delete button on his Twitter account.

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Stephen Fry And His Young Piece Are Married Now

January 17, 2015 / Posted by:

Never mind that the picture above looks like a pepaw beaming with pride over his grandson graduating from high school, British national treasure Stephen Fry is somebody’s husband for the first time. Stephen married stand-up comedian type Elliot Spencer in the Norfolk town of Dereham, England today. They’ve been dating for around a year. Finally, I’m bringing you news about an old millionaire marrying a young piece and the names Hugh Hefner or Jeff Goldblum aren’t involved.

Earlier this month, 57-year-old Stephen said in a tweet that he is marrying 27-year-old Elliot after someone leaked the news to The Sun. Stephen wouldn’t say when their wedding was going to happen. The Daily Mail says the two became husband and husband at the register office in Dereham. Stephen dropped the news on Twitter to his millions of followers and along with that picture, added two notes:


Go into a room as two people…and leave as one.” Stephen makes it sound like he ate (not in the Marnie from Girls way) Elliot. Like I said in my post about their engagement, Elliot comes from a rich family so his friends say that we shouldn’t induct him into the British Gold Digger Hall of Fame just yet. Congratulations to Stephen and his new husband! Now Stephen can officially say, “No, he’s my husband, you cunt” to any trick who asks him if Elliot is his son. Today, the streets of Britain will be filled with the tears of twinks who were hoping to be Stephen’s next piece.

57-Year-Old Stephen Fry Is Engaged To His 27-Year-Old Piece Of A Few Months

January 6, 2015 / Posted by:

British treasure Stephen Fry announced to his millions of Twitter followers this morning that he’s going to marry his stand-up comedian boyfriend Elliot Spencer. The Sun (via The Daily Mail) says that Stephen and Elliot have been a thing since this past summer, which means they’ve heard a server say, “And what would your grandson like, sir? The kid’s menu is on the back” at least a dozen times.

One of Stephen’s “friends” tells The Mirror that before he met Elliot, he was in a bad and dark place and tried to commit suicide in 2012. But since nothing will make you love life again like hot, young dick, Stephen is happier than ever. The “friend” put it like this:

“Stephen and Elliott get on brilliantly together. It’s fantastic to see Stephen with a smile on his face again. He has been very, very open about his battles with drugs and depression. Elliott seems to have given him the confidence to live his life again. It’s great to have the old Stephen back.”

Before you check the “Success Stories” page of to see if their picture is on there and before The International Gold Diggers Association engraves Elliot’s name on a golden shovel trophy, you and they should know that the source claims that Elliot comes from a rich family.

Stephen and his One Direction-looking ass partner got engaged before Christmastimes and are going to get married sometime this year. It’ll be kind of poetic if they started humping full-time in May and got engaged in December. Stephen tweeted that he’s hoping the wedding will be a private event:

Stephen Fry is a treasure so I’m happy for him for finding happiness between a pair of tight 27-year-old nalgas. Congrats!

Pic: AP

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