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Stan Lee Is Suing His Former Business Manager

April 15, 2018 / Posted by:

Stan “The Man” Lee, Marvel Comics’ showman and co-creator of most of the characters you can’t see a movie without nowadays, has been having a very non-Excelsior! time lately. 95-year-old Stan recently turned down an offer from famed comics geek Kevin Smith to come live with him due to a rumor that his daughter J.C. Lee and her associates had been abusing him, which he denied in a video. He’s also claimed to have been the victim of financial misdealings with a former business manager, who he says stole $300,000 from him, bought an $850,000 condo with Stan’s money, and allegedly STOLE HIS BLOOD FOR SOME KIND OF WACKY SOUVENIR PEN SCAM! I’m as big a comic book geek as the next guy, but there’s no need for anyone’s blood as a souvenir unless you really, rally want to commemorate having murdered them. Crazy.

Well, Stan would appear to be rallying himself after these setbacks and a lawsuit was filed against the allegedly vampiric former business manager Jerardo Olivarez in L.A. Superior Court this week.

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95-Year-Old Stan Lee Denies He’s Being Abused

April 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Yesterday we learned that Kevin Smith had extended an invitation to Stan Lee to live with him, far from all the alleged elder abusers. Several reports had recently come out insinuating that Stan Lee was surrounded by money-hungry, blood-stealing abusers, and that there was serious cause for alarm. TMZ says that everyone can calm down, because yesterday Stan Lee released a video assuring everyone he’s not being taken advantage of.

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Kevin Smith Has Invited Stan Lee To Come Live With Him In An Elder Abuse-Free Paradise

April 11, 2018 / Posted by:

Last week we learned that 95-year-old comic book legend Stan Lee was fighting his greatest foe yet: a villain named elder abuse. Stan had claimed that his former business associate and his nurse had been stealing Stan’s blood to fill up pens and sell them to collectors. Stan also alleged that said former business associate had stolen thousands of dollars from him. The Hollywood Reporter also published a story implying that Stan Lee has been mysteriously losing money, and that no one is looking out for him, not even his daughter J.C. Lee.

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Stan Lee Is Accusing A Former Business Associate Of Stealing His Blood

April 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Here’s a caper and a half for you: Apparently, one of Stan Lee’s former business associates had an internship with Hannibal Lecter only instead of creating elaborate tableaux from human flesh, Stan thinks this unnamed sir or madame stole his blood in order to make commemorative Marvel pens that write real blood. I know, right? What the fuck!

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