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The Empress Of Lucite’s Teeth Shine Bright Like A Diamond

March 21, 2013 / Posted by:

The most gorgeous earth goddess in the world Shauna Sand already leaves a strand of liquid elegance on every peen her mouth touches and now she’s going to leave a scattering of cubic zirconia dust on every peen her mouth touches.

Because Shauna Sand is America’s most priceless jewel, a team of Brink’s security guards and Secret Service Agents follow her around at all times, but she’ll have to up her security now that she has gemstones almost as precious as her embedded into her citrine-colored teeth.

TMZ somehow got a hold of these extremely exclusive and private pictures of a Manhattan dentist showing off the Barbie earrings he implanted into the Empress of Lucite’s teeth. Elegance IS looking like a giant diamond just came all over your teeth. Those diamond studs will go perfectly with the exquisite pearl necklace she usually wears around her neck. Before going into her mouth, those diamond studs were worth $60 each, but an appraiser says that now that they’re a part of Shauna Sand, they’re worth more money than exists in this world. Disneyland should replace the giant mountain of gold coins in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with these pictures, because nothing is more luxurious than this.

Here’s everything Courtney Stodden wishes she was and more sashaying into the free clinic in Beverly Hills the other day. Wearing that sweater with a naked picture of herself on it solidifies Shauna Sand as a fashion icon for the ages.

Because You Definitely Need A Palate Cleanser

January 26, 2013 / Posted by:

If you spent time with the post below, then you probably have the taste of fame whore leche in your mouth, so rinse away that nastiness by breathing in the natural beauty of the earth goddess that is Shauna Sand. I mean, Shauna Sand is an elegant piece of parsley with fake chichis and exquisite taste in heels. If you’ve been looking for the perfect church ensemble that says, “I’m as pure as a drop of saliva off of a baby unicorn’s tongue,” then take a page from the Empress of Lucite and steal a doily out of a pre-school craft closet and turn it into a dress. As soon as you sashay through the church doors tomorrow, the entire congregation will turn away from the altar and worship at your feet instead.

Here’s the most gorgeous creature in every universe with her piece Laurent Homoburger (typo and it stays) gracing Miami with their beauty the other day. You can’t tell from these pictures, but every time Shauna Sand’s heels touched the ground, a member of the preservation society declared that patch of concrete a historical site. And I used to think that sleeveless Ed Hardy t-shirts were the epitome of tacky, but that appreciator of beauty in the background is making me think otherwise. He obviously knows sophistication and is an authority on elegance if he’s taking a picture of Shauna Sand. I will never doubt his taste.

Lady Godiva Ain’t Got Shit On This

September 4, 2012 / Posted by:

Most of us mere mortals eat the ground with our hands when we try to walk in a pair of exquisitely crafted lucite platform stilts, but Shauna Sand isn’t a mere mortal and she has proven this time and time again by floating on sand, making a Segway her chariot and taming a wild bike in Miami. The Empress of Lucite did it again yesterday in Venice, CA when she gave us something out of Goddesses Got Talent by riding another bike in a pair of colored lucite heels that will be put into a time capsule on the eve of the apocalypse so future civilizations will see that our people had impeccable fashion sense.

Shauna and her topless piece rode through the streets of Venice while her subjects wished that they were born as a seat on a rented bike. Actually, I’m not even sure if Shauna is sitting on a seat. She probably ripped the seat off and sat directly on the metal post since that’s how real fine ladies do it.

You know for some reason, I have seen so many unicorn on a unicycle tattoos. Either I attract tricks with unicorn on a unicycle tattoos or it’s the other way around, but I’ve been seen like three. And I’ll be seriously disappointed with those three tricks if they aren’t getting their unicorn on a unicycle tattoos lasered off right now so they can replace that shit with a Shauna Sand on a bike tattoo. Because a Shauna Sand on a bike tattoo is way more magical.

WARNING: Extreme Natural Romance And Elegance Ahead

May 10, 2012 / Posted by:

Not since the Empress of Lucite’s sex tape have I felt the soft sensation of angels blowing lucite dust into my eyes…..

Shauna Sand, the most beautiful woman in every universe and beyond, climbed to the upper echelon of demureness in St. Barts a few days ago by making sweet, passionate, natural, Skinemax-like love with her piece in front of the paps. That amateur trick Courtney Stodden better not get any ideas and she better slide under the rock from which she came from while our modern day Aphrodite takes the staged photo-op to the next level. Egotastic has the whole set and you might want to hold onto something steady and grab your smelling salts before you step in. There aren’t any exquisite lucite heels, but there is a pair of b-hole hugging jorts. Click your way to romance.

 Dear Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster, this is what your scene in From Here to Eternity should’ve looked like.

(Picture via FameFlynet)

This Is Too Sexy Hot For The Pumpkin Patch To Handle

October 24, 2011 / Posted by:

Speaking of shit that should be banned from the world, that burning sensation taking over your eyeballs that feels like the tips of your lashes are growing genital warts and your retinas are wrinkling into the fetal position could only mean one thing: it’s a Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison post!

If this precious picture of the 17-year-old reptile bride and her creepy serial killer-looking husband posing with the Lohan family (who are looking less orange and bloated than usual) makes you want to cover the eyes of innocent chirruns everywhere, then you’re not alone. Before this picture was taken, The Tales of the Crypt’s answer to Heidi and Spencer were kicked out of a pumpkin patch in the Santa Clarita Valley for acting like two nasty, inappropriate, pumpkin-fucking whores of destruction. Yup, that’s them!

Radar says that mothers who wanted to spend their afternoon picking out a pumpkin with their families instead had to soothe the faces of their crying children and close the mouths of their husbands after Courtney sashayed by in a pair of coochie-killing coochie cutters and white dick-picking-up boots (and it’s after Labor Day)! After the pumpkin patch received complaint after complaint, Courtney and Dog (typo and it stays) were shown the exit. Courtney, being the good Christian girl she is, responded to this injustice by quoting the bible on Twitter:

Have a beautifully blessed Sunday! 🙂 “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” John 7:24
21 hours ago via web

If there was Internet access in heaven and Jesus could rewrite John 7:24 he’d change it to: “Do not judge by appearances, but do judge a nightmare creature for spreading several layers of snatch slime on a bunch of pumpkins in the Santa Clarity Valley.”

But in all seriousness, Courtney getting kicked out of the pumpkin patch was an act of pure jealousy. How can anyone be prejudiced toward a naturally beautiful sunflower whose eyes were kissed by heaven’s clouds (aka Bonne Bell frosted eyeshadow), whose lips are covered in sparkling unicorn semen (aka Vaseline mixed with Bonne Bell frosted eyeshadow) and whose clothes were made for her by the finest French couture house (aka one of those stripper stores on Hollywood Blvd.). Those hating families wish having a sense of dignity didn’t stop them from being this classy and demure.

For more pictures of the walking Blumpkin that is Courtney and Doug, go to The Superficial and view at your own risk. Below are pictures of Courtney’s obvious idol, The Empress of Lucite, turning pumpkins into lucite chariots at a pumpkin patch over the weekend. Note to Courtney: If you don’t want to be kicked out of the pumpkin patch, trade your hooker boots, denim panties and creepy husband for exquisite heels, the finest dress that a handjob can buy and an ambiguously gay boy toy imported from Eastern Europe.

A Sad Day In The Kingdom Of Lucite

May 19, 2011 / Posted by:

Morning-shift strippers will have to reach for the heights of elegance without the help of lucite this morning, because every pair of exquisite plastic heels are filling with fogs of sorrow over their Empress getting wrongfully arrested for allegedly committing an act of domestic abuse upon her boy toy Lorenzo Homburger (that last name is a second “O” away from being John Travolta’s favorite food item)!

TMZ reports that the most beautiful being who was created when an angel’s pre-cum drop fell onto a crystal flower, Shauna Sand, and Lorenzo Homburger were both put into handcuffs early this morning in Los Angeles after the cops got a call about a loud fight. When the cops arrived, they noticed fight marks on Lorenzo’s body and immediately took both of them into custody. Shauna Sand was released from local imprisonment after her father Zeus sent Pegasus down with an ivory pot of gold coins. Lorenzo is still in custody.

In the words of Lindsay Lohan after a coke dingle falls out of her nose during a drug test: IT’S A SET-UP! Obama needs to drop everything and use all of resources to investigate this international emergency! Shauna Sand only has graceful bones in her body, so she couldn’t possibly have a violent one. Could a gardenia’s freshly bloomed petal cause damage to human skin? Absolutely not! This is the same thing (Shauna’s lawyers can use that in court). Besides, the Empress of Lucite takes domestic violent very seriously. She said so herself! Need I remind you?

You can ALWAYS trust a crystallized deity who speaks out against domestic violence while wearing white lingerie in a milkshake shop.

UPDATE: TMZ says that Homoburger is actually Shauna’s husband. She threatened him with a divorce, they got into a fight, she locked herself in her bedroom, he broke in and she sprayed him with mace. That’s how most fairy tales end.

(Image via Heyman Hustle)


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