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Stacey Dash Got Secret Married

October 14, 2018 / Posted by:

For a woman who seems to take her angry typing fingers to her keyboard every ten minutes or so, Twitter Politician Stacey Dash did a great job staying mum about the fact that she got secret married back on April 6. The wedding, Stacey’s fourth, took place in Florida (because of course it did). And who is the lucky groom? Stacey’s fellow is a man by the name of Jeffrey Marty, better known as the man who created the fake Twitter handle @RepStevenSmith who was the first (and most importantly fake) “member of Congress” to endorse Trump for President.

These two lovebirds seem like a match made in Conservative heaven! Someone assemble a reality camera crew and start filming this STAT!

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Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Reportedly Did Get Married And Without A Prenup

October 2, 2018 / Posted by:

So I guess Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are like legit married? This is what we can confirm? It sure is what TMZ is saying is the truth. We know they for sure got a marriage license and were chilling at a courthouse. But Hailey denied they were married. So they are most likely married, but for some reason are being weird about it. Maybe TMZ has insight into that weirdness, because according to them: there is no prenup. Congrats Hailey, and Stephen Baldwin who now has a new job: calling his daughter every day for a loan.

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Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande Might Already Be Married

August 21, 2018 / Posted by:

When Ariana Grande and her fiancé Pete Davidson stepped onto the pink carpet of the MTV VMAs last night, there was one specific item that caught people’s eyes and made it instantly feel like a secret had been revealed. No, it wasn’t Ariana’s 1980s interplanetary superhero dress. Pete was wearing a little beaded bracelet on his right wrist that many are thinking might be a not-subtle clue about the true status of their relationship.

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Robin Wright Married Her French Fashion Executive Boyfriend Over The Weekend 

August 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands so that every question on the upcoming media tour for the show you star on isn’t about the nasty-ass creep who got booted. Well, that’s at least what I imagine was running through Robin Wright’s head over the weekend, but that’s also because I think she lives a Claire Underwood life off-screen, too.

While there was a rumor earlier in the year that Robin and boyfriend Clement Giraudet, the head of VIP relations at Saint Laurent, got married, it appears they waited until this past weekend to tie the knot in what seems to be a The Princess Bride-themed wedding.

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Talk About Rude, Michelle Williams Got Married To Her Man Phil Elverum Earlier This Month And Didn’t Tell Us 

July 26, 2018 / Posted by:

Not only did Michelle Williams rudely keep the news of her wedding to herself, but she also kept the news of her boyfriend to herself. The hell kind of GD celebrity is she? Doesn’t she know that as a celebrity she’s got to allude to dating a new dude by putting emoji hearts in the comments of one of his Instagram posts, and she’s supposed to post an up-close picture of her diamond ring a second after getting engaged, and do a sponsored IG story devoted to the Flat Tummy Tea cake she served at her wedding reception? Michelle Williams isn’t even on Instagram. So I don’t know why she’s even on the cover of Vanity Fair. I thought Vanity Fair only put celebrities on the cover. Michelle Williams should really be on the cover of Vanity Not Fair for not sharing every detail with us. For shame.

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Cardi B Got Secretly Married To Offset Last Year

June 25, 2018 / Posted by:

As far as anyone on the outside knew, Cardi B’s relationship with Migos rapper Offset was that she was his fiancée, he was her yet-to-be-born baby’s father, and they were the type who would pose on the cover of Rolling Stone with him kissing her bare-from-the-boobs-down body. What we didn’t know is that Offset is actually Cardi B’s husband, according to TMZ. We missed the wedding? What a shame, I would have loved to have bought her a toasturrrrrrrr.

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