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Sean Young Talks Catwoman (Again) And Hollywood Horrors

April 3, 2016 / Posted by:

Hollywood… Might as well call it Hollyweird! It’s a tough town if you don’t shut up and play by the rules. Just ask Hollyweird ex-communicado extraordinaire, Sean Young! Sean was one of Hollyweird’s brightest rising stars back in the 80s – and is still a huge A-List star here at DListed – but then got iced out after a series of decisions that, frankly, should have made her the biggest star of all time! She gave her all at trying to get the part of Catwoman in Batman Returns, got fired from Dick Tracy, got replaced in the first Batman movie after breaking her arm and has more recently appeared on Celebrity Rehab and Skating with Celebrities. How all of this doesn’t make her the top actress and head of every studio I have no idea.

The Catwoman that never was sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about her heyday, her reputation and what it was like being a lady with a loud mouth and an opinion in 80s Hollywood. I know a lot of people might read the interview with the word “DELUSIONAL” popping out at them repeatedly, and there are some very “what? what are you talking about?” moments, but it’s overall pretty incredible. To some, Sean was a mess of epic proportions but to her, she was just doing her job and standing up for herself! Occasionally in a latex catsuit. In public. Or on a studio lot, uninvited.

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There Will Be A Blade Runner Sequel Starring Harrison Ford

February 27, 2015 / Posted by:

Nearly 33 years – THIRTY-THREE YEARS, by the way – after the release of one of the sexiest sci-fi movies every made (just me? Okay then), Variety is confirming that a sequel to Blade Runner is happening and it will star sexy salt and pepper pep-pep Harrison Ford. Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you finish screaming “Hollywood has OFFICIALLY run out of ideas.

Ridley Scott won’t be back to direct Blade Runner 2: Electric Replicant Boogaloo, so he’ll be replaced with French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve. The script has been written by one of the original screenwriters, and Harrison Ford claims it’s “the best thing (he’s) ever read.” Sure, Jan; that’s what everybody says when there’s a giant dump truck full of cash backing into their driveway. NO! I’m sure it will be as good as the original. Plus, bringing back Harrison Ford back will finally answer the question of whether or not Deckard was a human or a replicant, because I don’t remember any scenes from Blade Runner featuring any old-looking replicants complaining about their hip joints or high cholesterol.

Normally a sequel getting the green light 33 years after the original would be the definition of a disaster, but this movie is going to be great for two reasons:

1. If Harrison Ford agreed to do a late-in-life version of Indiana Jones, a late-in-life version of Han Solo, and now a late-in-life version of Rick Deckard, then that means there’s a very good chance he might also agree to do a late-in-life version of Jack Trainer in a sequel to Working Girl. Somebody PLEASE get working on that.

2. THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF SEAN YOUNG! Sean Young better be in the Blade Runner sequel. After all, Harrison Ford said the script was the best thing he’s ever read, and he definitely wouldn’t have said that if it didn’t include a hue part for that A-list ball of crackpot crazy.

And This Is Why I Love Sean Young

August 15, 2013 / Posted by:

Charlize Theron is an Oscar-winning actress, gets dozens of scripts thrown at her weekly, is considered gorgeous to many and is still relevant. Sean Young was in Blade Runner over 30 years ago, threw whatever dignity she had left to the side to shamelessly try to get the role of Catwoman, got fired from Dick Tracy, was on Celebrity Rehab and came in last place on Skating with Celebrities. So it is mind-bogglingly crazy that Ridley Scott would cast Charlize Theron in Prometheus instead of THEE Sean Young! If you detected even a drop of sarcasm in that sentence, then you need to get your sarcasm detector fixed, because I am serious.

Sean Young knows that she’s hot shit and at the premiere of her movie Jug Face, she told Entertainment Tonight that her Blade Runner director Ridley Scott should’ve cast her in Prometheus instead of that basic ho Charlize Theron.

“I am going to say this on the record – why in the hell does Ridley Scott have Charlize Theron in that part instead of me? It’s like she was bored out of her mind, you can see it, and it’s like oh my god! That would have been really good for me, right? It would have been a nod to people who like Blade Runner, it would have been like, ‘See, I’m using Sean again,’ right? Nah.”

Sean also recently said that when she heard Ridley was making another Blade Runner movie, she started calling his office and he hasn’t called her back. If Ridley doesn’t cast Sean in it, she thinks we should all boycott it.

I mean, what in the hell do you say to all of that?! When Sean Young is right, Sean Young is right! Charlize Theron might be hot, but Sean Young is so fucking hot. Sean Young just doesn’t give a shit and she hasn’t given a shit since before some of us were born. She don’t care! She is an iconic mess and anybody who has seen her delicately exquisite website (complete with a PayPal donation link) knows this is a fact.

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