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Eminem Got In Trouble For Using What Sounded Like Gunshot Noises During His Set At Bonnaroo

June 11, 2018 / Posted by:

The people at Eminem’s set at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee on Friday night, probably anticipated the hallmarks of an Eminem set. Like rap growling performed under a brimmed black military hat, or possibly a mention of Detroit. What they didn’t expect was the sound of gunshots firing around them. According to Eminem, everyone can calm down, because he wasn’t traumatizing the audience with the sound of gunfire.

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Someone Broke Into Rihanna’s House And Spent The Night

May 11, 2018 / Posted by:

According to TMZ, a Rihanna fan recently tried to get close to her in several very illegal ways. Police sources says cops were called to her home in Los Angeles yesterday morning after being alerted by her assistant to a potential intruder that may have tampered with her security system. Once there, they found 26-year-old Eduardo Leon, who had apparently stayed the whole night. Eduardo was asked to leave the house, and he was tased by police while being detained (TMZ isn’t sure why there were tasers involved). It’s not known how he got in to Rihanna’s house, or if he tried to take anything while he was inside.

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Alex Trebek Is Taking Some Time Off To Recover From Brain Surgery

January 5, 2018 / Posted by:

Jeopardy! will (sadly) be without their smarmy grandpa host for a while, as Alex Trebek is recovering from some major brain surgery. Please lord please tell me the doctor who tinkered with his brain didn’t touch the part responsible for roasting contestants. Nobody is watching Jeopardy! for the Daily Double.

Alex dropped a video yesterday, explaining that about two months ago, he fell and suffered a subdural hematoma (in basic terms, he got blood clots on his brain). He was taken to the hospital on December 16th, where he went in for surgery to fix the damage of that subdural hematoma. Two days later, he went home to recover. Alex is doing fine, but he still has to take it easy.

Here’s Alex talking about his medical scare in what I assume is his living room. The answer: TINY CERAMIC PANDAS. The question: what is my favorite element of that living room?

Variety says that Alex will be on medical leave from Jeopardy! for a few more weeks. He’s scheduled to return mid-January. Jeopardy! producer Sony Pictures TV tells Variety that Alex is expected to make a full recovery. Jeopardy! tapes long in advance, so there won’t be any major schedule upsets. The only change will be that the annual College Championship episodes will air in April instead of March.

Alex shouldn’t rush himself. If he doesn’t feel like coming back just yet, I’m sure Jeopardy! could find another grey-haired man in his late-70s with hosting experience. Is Maury Povich available for some evening work? I would definitely watch Maury reveal the answer to Final Jeopardy as the winning contestant busted out a victory dance to the Jeopardy! theme.

Pic: YouTube


Brandy Had A Scary Moment Of Unconsciousness On A Plane Today (UPDATE)

June 2, 2017 / Posted by:

TMZ says that some in-flight drama happened on a Delta flight early this morning involving Brandy Norwood. 38-year-old Brandy was on a flight from LAX to JFK when she fell unconscious before the plane even pulled out of the gate. Oh no-to-the, e-to-the. Law enforcement sources say that Brandy’s fellow passengers and flight attendants rushed to her aid. The paramedics got her off the plane, and she regained full consciousness while being treated on the jetway.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department told People that units responded sometime after 6am to an “unspecified medical complaint,” and that an unknown number of passengers were transported to the hospital.

Last week Brandy was denying she was pregnant, which adds another layer of drama to all of this. KABC Los Angeles says that Brandy was taken to the Marina Del Rey Hospital.

The only real silver lining I can find in all of this, if I can even call it that, is that I had totally forgotten Brandy’s first cousin is Snoop Dogg. I feel like a visit from Snoop would make any hospital stay just a tiny bit better.

UPDATE: Brandy’s publicist has released a statement letting everyone know that Brandy is OK and she’s no longer sittin’ up in a hospital room.

“Brandy has been released from the hospital and is now at home resting. She has been traveling extensively as part of an ongoing tour and several personal appearances. In recent days she has taken more than 10 long haul flights including internationally. The stress of all of the traveling and working so incessantly has exhausted her. She will be relaxing for the next few days.”

Get some rest, Brandy.

Pic: Instagram


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