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Buckingham Palace May Have Accidentally Leaked THE QUEEN’S Vintage Nazi Salute Video

July 20, 2015 / Posted by:

Over the weekend, the British royals were hit with an ESCANDALOSO video and surprisingly, it wasn’t a video of Prince Philip choking out a basket of kittens for looking at him wrong. The Sun released an old, grainy video of a 7-year-old Queen Elizabeth (who was Princess Elizabeth back then) doing the Nazi salute with her known Nazi sympathizer uncle Edward, her sister Princess Margaret and their mom. The clip came from the royal family’s personal archives. Buckingham Palace said at the time that they are considering suing whores and will investigate this “invasion of privacy.” Well, the Daily Telegraph says that there’s a chance the leak came from INSIDE THE PALACE!

SCANDAL ALERT: The Bachelorette Boned A Dude On Last Night’s Episode

June 23, 2015 / Posted by:

I stopped watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, because if I want to see a straight girl and a straight guy find true romance on the first date, I’ll just watch an episode of Bang Bus. But I do watch UnREAL on Lifetime and that shit comes off like a documentary about the making of The Bachelor. I figured that while the cameras were on, The Bachelorette and her suitors acted as wholesome as they could, and when the cameras turned off, they all licked on each other’s parts in a production van. So I squinted my eyes like “huh?” over people judging The Bachelorette for getting some dick on last night’s episode.

Trace Cyrus Accuses Brenda Song Of Lying About Being Knocked Up

May 18, 2015 / Posted by:

A few years ago, we, as a people, braced ourselves for the arrival of a Cyrus centaur baby when the Internet farted up a rumor that one of Mickey Mouse’s former hos, Brenda Song, had rode Trace Cyrus bareback-style and got knocked up. A quick minute after that rumor came out, Brenda Song’s mother supposedly told Star Magazine that her daughter’s uterus wasn’t filled with a fetus. Pictures came out of Brenda Song looking a little pregnant-ey, so some figured that her mother was in denial about being bound to the crazy ass Cyrus family forever. We were all preparing ourselves for a world where Trace Cyrus is somebody’s father, but then Brenda was papped crying while coming home from the hospital and it was reported that she miscarried. Trace broke up with Brenda a few months later. Brenda hasn’t said anything about the pregnancy rumors until now.

Recently, Brenda dusted off the old ass rumor and decided to talk about it on Instagram. She posted a note where she said that she was never knocked up and she never had a miscarriage. Brenda apologized for not shutting down the lies earlier. I’m not sure why she’s doing it now? I guess her attention spot needed itching. But not only was it scratched, it was shanked by Trace. After Brenda’s note went up, Trace called her out and accused her of making up the lies. Hell hath no fury like a tattooed rabid emo pony scorned. via Just Jared


The note was deleted after Trace spit up those fightin’ words at her.

ESCANDALO! That is some Gone Girl meets first season of Glee meets General Hospital shit. Faking a pregnancy is one thing, but faking a pregnancy so that Trace Cyrus will stay with you? Trace must seriously be horse hung and his dick must have the power to make chicks go insane, because damn. The most surprising part of all of this is that they didn’t stay together. Brenda seems crazy and Trace seems crazy, so they’re pretty much a match in crazy bitch heaven.

This May Or May Not Be A Video Of RiRi Snorting Coke

April 14, 2015 / Posted by:

I know, a more shocking title would’ve been: “This May Or May Not Be A Video Of RiRi Delicately Sipping Tension Tamer Tea While Reading Bible Passages To A Group Of Children At Church On A Sunday Morning.”

The greatest debate since “Is that fugly dress black and blue or white and gold?” hit Twitter today when an Instagram video of RiRi maybe snorting coke was passed around. In the video, RiRi is partying with some friends on what looks like a fancy tour bus and the camera catches her with some kind of straw-looking thing in her hand (SPOILER ALERT: It’s probably a joint) and later shows her squeezing her nose like all RAGING COKEHEADS do. The ESCANDALOSO video is after the cut, but you might not be able to unclutch your fingers from your pearls to press play.

What’s On These “Intimate Videos” Of Jeremy Renner?

March 26, 2015 / Posted by:

Like an anal orgy where Taco Bell was served right before the festivities, the divorce and custody fight between Jeremy Renner and his estranged wife Sonni Pacheco just keeps getting messier and messier. When Sonni filed for divorce last December, we sort of knew shit was going to go into train wreck territory, because she claimed “fraud” on the papers and said that Jeremy was holding her passport and other documents hostage. Apparently, Jeremy was afraid she’d take their almost 2-year-old daughter Ava to her homeland of Canada. Sonni then screamed about how Jeremy’s house is a baby death trap of horrors, because his pool isn’t fenced in and his guns weren’t locked up the way that they should be. And now Hawkeye is coming back at her by claiming that she threatened to expose “intimate videos” of him and says she smoked, boozed it up and did a little coke after giving birth. I’m kind of squinting at that part where he accuses her of doing coke once after their kid was born, because if I just gave birth to a human and that human was screaming and crying and the nanny wasn’t around, I’d probably take my nostrils snow skiing too. Yes, that comment was sponsored by White Oprah.

TMZ says that in documents Jeremy’s lawyer just filed, he says that Sonni is a gold digging mess who only married him for his money and to get a green card. According to Jeremy, Sonni is pretty much a shit mom, because she stopped breastfeeding Ava to booze it up and once left their baby all alone in the house after she took an Uber to party. Jeremy’s “roommate” also claims that Sonni snorted some coke on vacation after Ava was born and the “roommate” says that she’s threatening to EXPOSE a bunch of “intimate videos” if he doesn’t give her $13,000 a month in child support. TMZ didn’t say what’s on the videos, but they did let us know that they’re the bastion of integrity by saying that they would never post videos like that.

There’s Jeremy Renner and his “roommate” again. Every time I write about his “roommate,” I feel like a nosy church lady from the 60s saying, “You know, Ethel, his ‘roommate.'”

But what could be so scandalous or embarrassing about these “intimate videos”? Jeremy was in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and it can’t get more embarrassing than that, so I don’t even know. Is the video a tutorial of him showing you how to get that easy, breezy look with guyliner, because that’s not embarrassing. Is it a video of him morphing into his true self: Grumpy Cat? I don’t know, but I do know that now I’m going to spend even more time on PornHub. I’ll be searching “JEREMY RENNER INTIMATE VIDEOS” every 5 seconds hoping that Sonni leaked that shit on there.

And here’s thrilling pictures of Sonni doing house stuff last month:

Pics:, FameFlynet

¡¡Escándalo!! Miley Cyrus Could Go To Jail For Disrespecting The Mexican Flag

September 18, 2014 / Posted by:

Mexico might (read: probably not) do what other countries should’ve done a long time ago: Throw Miley Cyrus in jail!

During a show in Monterrey, Mexico on Tuesday night (which was Mexican Independence Day), Miley put on a ridiculous fake ass (in her defense, it looks more natural than Kim Kartrashian’s ass) and as she twerked for the audience, one of her dancers spanked her with the Mexican flag. To quote my abuelita when she’s in the company of children, “COCHINA!” To also quote my abuelita when she’s not in the company of children, “Pinche pendeja!” The Mexican flag butt whipping starts at around the 2:20 mark in the video below and to those who have said that Miley needs a serious ass whoopin, I don’t think this is what you had in mind:

The Mexican government is serious about their flag, so they’re not happy about this. There’s a law in Mehico stating that any trick who disrespects their flag may be fined or jailed. (I may or may not typed that sentence while wearing an ass-less Mexican flag Speedo.) Reuters says that the Nuevo Leon state legislature is coming after Miley and wants to spank her fake ass with either jail time or a fine. The stage legislature approved a warrant for Interior Ministry to enforce the flag law on Miley. Miley or her people could be fined up to $1,200 or they could be jailed for 36 hours. In 2008, Paulina Rubio was fined after she posed with the Mexican flag over her naked body.

Screw the fine, jail that hillbilly piece of basuda! If you’re thinking to yourself that Miley’s dancer should face punishment since he’s the one who spanked her with the flag, then you need to blow the cum dust out of your contacts, because that’s not what I’m seeing. Miley is OBVIOUSLY “twerking” into that flag, so she’s the one who committed the crime (just go with it). At the very least, Mexican officials should unleash Mexican novella queen Soraya Montenegro on Miley. In this GIF the role of Soraya Montenegro will be played by Soraya Montenegro and the role of Miley will be played by that girl in the wheelchair (Side note: Soraya IS Kanye’s hero):



Pic: Instagram GIF: Blogspot

Blind Item Solved? Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband Might’ve Cheated On Her While She Had A Baby In Her Body

June 23, 2014 / Posted by:

Over a week ago, there was a blind item about how an ESCANDALOSO SCANDAL (not really) involving a reality shit show star, her athlete husband and a transgender model was about to come out. I didn’t think it was about Khlozilla and Lamar Odom, because it would be a scandal if he didn’t blow crack smoke up at least one side-piece’s asshole. I didn’t think it was about Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, because I don’t think he’s smart enough to use a computer without help from an adult let alone go back and forth with a chick through email. Everyone guessed Hugh Hefner’s former tapioca pudding feeder Kendra Wilkinson and her hot football player husband Hank Baskett and we were all right! What do we win? What do we win? Please tell me we win the Hi-Res, well-lit fully hard peen pics that Hank sent his transgender side piece.

The National Enquirer (I know, I know, I KNOW) farted up pictures last week of Hank Baskett checking into some motel after Kendra kicked him out of their Calabasas, CA house. Radar seems to think that Kendra put Hank on the curb after she found out that he passed his peen to another trick while she was 8 months knocked up with the daughter she just gave birth to. Radar says that Hank has been cheating on Beavis’ long-lost twin sister with transgender model Ava Masaniai (aka Ava London) whom he first emailed after seeing her videos on YouTube. The two met up at her house in Sherman Oaks and touched each other’s down low bits. Radar’s source spilled the details and I’m guessing the source is either Hank’s peen or Ava’s peen, because this source acts like they know it all.

“Hank first met up with the woman around April 22 in Sherman Oaks, California. He called her twice before they met in person. He said he’d seen her YouTube videos online, and he couldn’t believe that her photos were real. They mutually masturbated her and he touched her breasts and penis. The entire encounter lasted probably about 15, 20 minutes. Before leaving, he gave her almost $500 and told her he wanted to stay in touch. They spoke a couple times after their first sexual encounter. Hank always called from different numbers, and at least once from a pay phone.

After the Casper Smart transsexual controversy, he started to get freaked out and paranoid she would say something, and called her six times in one day to plead with her not to spill. He promised he would take care of her financially, and even left her $2,000 in a coffee cup at her house. He promised her $5,000 to keep her mouth shut, and even threatened to kill himself if the story got out! Hank thinks Kendra knows and she wants to leave him!”

Now, I’m not saying that Hank wouldn’t solidify himself as Husband of the Century by jacking off with a side piece while his baby is growing in his wife’s womb, but there’s one thing that makes this story really suspect. I’m talking about the pay phone!  A pay phone! Who the hell uses a pay phone? I don’t even know if they existed anymore. Looking for a pay phone in L.A. is like looking for an intact nerve in your body after listening to Kendra’s soul-killing dolphin-on-meth laugh. It’s really not possible. If Hank really did use a pay phone to call his transgender hook-up, that should’ve been Radar’s headline. SHOCK! HANK BASKETT USED A PAY PHONE!

And here’s Hank’s alleged side piece giving you plastic duck lips and Julie Masking glamour.

No One Puts Basement Baby In The Corner Of An Elevator: Solange Goes Crazy On Jay-Z (UPDATE)

May 12, 2014 / Posted by:

And now we know that Jay-Z’s got 99 problems and Basement Baby is all of them.

TMZ posted an ESCANDALO video of Basement Baby re-enacting the Tina Turner limo scene from What’s Love Got To Do With It? in an elevator at The Standard Hotel in NYC after the Met Gala last week. A millisecond after Beyonce, Jay-Z and Basement Baby get into the elevator, BB burns Beyonce’s weave glue by kicking, punching and losing her mind on Jay-Z. I  know, it’s weird seeing a woman whoop Jay-Z’s ass for a change. A big ass bodyguard tries to hold Basement Baby back, but when he you take Basement Baby out of the basement she goes nuts and he can’t control her ass. Meanwhile, BeyonceBot just stands there like, “I’m not about to fuck up my makeup, nails, dress and weave over this shit.” Jay-Z must’ve turned her off before they got into the elevator, because bitch barely blinks while her sister goes full “Sharon Stone in Casino” on Jay-Z’s ass.

TMZ also points out that the bodyguard hits the emergency break so the doors won’t open up and give everyone a Basement Baby Beat Down Show. TMZ doesn’t say what went down, but I’m guessing Jay-Z told her she looked like a Fraggle Rock Diana Ross.

Surprisingly, BeyonceBot didn’t hit the basement button on the elevator and tell Basement Baby, “This is your stop.” They all came out of the hotel together and while BeyonceBot put on a manufactured fake ass smile while getting into a car with Jay-Z, Basement Baby had the look of rage in her eyes as she got into a different car. This is what happens when Basement Baby leaves the basement and I love it.

But seriously, Basement Baby, you in danger, girl. The Beygency and Illuminati’s coming for you. I fully expect Beyonce to release a statement saying that Basement Baby has checked into the basement of Promises Malibu to deal with rage issues caused by freebasing moth balls. Jay-Z will issue his own statement saying that he’s glad he could help Basement Baby get her first hit in years.

UPDATE: TMZ has an extended cut version, because of course they do. Three full minutes of THE RAGE OF BASEMENT BABY including her shit flying everywhere when she throws her purse at him. There goes her allowance for the month.

All together now, “Hate in an elevator, livin’ it up while Jay-Z’s doing down!”

Pics: Splash

The Definition Of “True Love” Is Meaningless Now: Katie Price Is Getting A Divorce For The 3,495,900th Time

May 7, 2014 / Posted by:

Every divorce court in every county is currently looking for warehouse space to handle all the millions upon millions of divorce papers that will be filed by people who will realize that there’s no way their marriage will work if the marriage between Britain’s second biggest fame whore (behind Simon Cowell, of course) and her third husband (whose name I wouldn’t know if it fucked me good three times and bought me a surf and turf dinner) didn’t work. The wax orange flower who is a gift to the world by association since she gave us earth angel Harvey Price queefed out an ultra dramatic Twitter rant about her marriage this morning. Katie says that her third husband (whose name I wouldn’t know if it knocked on my door, hugged me and gave me lost episodes of Footballers Wives) is a slut bag skank who boned her home wrecking whore of a best friend. The pain of knowing that her third husband of barely a year cheated on her with her friend is more painful than the pain her vagina suffered through when she got athlete’s foot of the puss from letting that dude toe fuck her in her sex tape.

I know you’re probably covered in warm compresses to deal with the SHOCK from learning that Katie Price’s marriage to a stripper she knew for a second has ended, but try to compose yourself to read about her third husband having a full blown sexual affair with her home wrecking slut friend. (Side note: Well, if you’re going to have an affair, you might as well have a full blown one instead of a half blown one, because the latter isn’t enjoyable for anybody.)


Yes, Katie Price is knocked up with her fifth kid (her second with her third husband). So there will be another human who will live a life of inhaling the lead-based orange paint wafting off of their mom’s face and learning a new stepfather’s name every year. Speaking of, I think Harvey Price was just starting to refer to his latest stepfather by his first name instead of, “Hey, you.” Hahaha, no. Harvey Price is too smart for that. He knows that there’s many things in life worth remembering and one of those things is not the name of his mom’s latest husband, because she’s going to get a new one next month.

Here’s sad Katie Price being sad while leaving the house of the best friend who supposedly screwed her husband. Even though she’s all sad inside, Katie is still keeping it glamorous and elegant in ugly coochie cutters, uglier boots and an exquisite garter belt tattoo.

Shady McQueen: 12 Years A Slave’s Director And Screenwriter May Be Feuding

March 3, 2014 / Posted by:

The Dolby Theater was already an icy tundra last night from all the Botox-induced frozen faces, but temperatures dropped below zero and anuses froze when John Ridley, the screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave won, and didn’t hug or thank the director Steve McQueen. After Penelope Cruz said John Ridley’s name, he got up, kissed his date and threw 12 layers of shade at Steve McQueen when he walked on by and hugged David O. Russell instead. John Ridley had no hugs, hand shakes or head nods to give to Steve McQueen. It was like watching one bitchy 12th grade mean girl (played by John Ridley) win Homecoming Queen over her rival (played by Steve McQueen). I love all of it. It was Real Housewives of the Oscars!

During John Ridley’s speech, Steve McQueen’s name didn’t come out of his mouth once. When John sashayed off the stage, they cut to Steve McQueen doing a shady bitch fake clap in the audience. Defamer got a GIF of it and it is glorious. He looks like a bitchy walrus.


That is the eye roll of claps. Shady McQueen is trying hard to not make a sound for that bitch. Kenya Moore from The Real Housewives of Atlanta just pulled up a seat in the front row and is taking notes, because this is how shadiness is dispersed. You probably figured that Steve McQueen and John Ridley are fighting because the former wore the tux the latter was planning to wear to the Oscars, but Nikki Finke tweeted that it has to do with a writing credit.

And I’m sure that after 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture, they were all backstage and as Shady McQueen and John Ridley threw each other bitch looks, Brad Pitt pulled a joint of his hair, passed it around and said, “Can’t we all just get along?


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