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Farewell, Willow, The Last Of THE QUEEN’S Corgis 

April 18, 2018 / Posted by:

I hope that Harry Anderson and Barbara Bush like bowing, because they’re going to be doing a lot of that while making their way to the afterworld with a true furry royal jewel (not to be confused with Prince Hot Ginge’s furry royal jewels).

Prince Hot Ginge and Meghan Markle are getting married in a month, and they really should postpone. I’m not just saying that because I don’t want them to get married. I’m not that selfish. I’m also saying that because the royal family and the world needs to devote at least a year to mourning this tragic loss. THE QUEEN’S trustiest advisers, her corgis, are no more. The last of the royal corgis, Willow, was put to sleep at Windsor Castle on Sunday. Corgi-in-waiting Willow was 14.

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Harry Anderson Has Died 

April 16, 2018 / Posted by:

All together now: I object to this shitty, shitty news.

Harry Anderson, who played the boy-faced judge and amateur magician Harry Stone on Night Court, has died. WSPA -TV reports that Harry was found dead at his home in Asheville, North Carolina this morning. As of now, we don’t know exactly how Harry died. His son Dashiell told TMZ that he died of natural causes. Police say that foul play wasn’t involved. He was 65.

Harry Anderson’s first love was always magic. He got into magic as a kid. At 17 years old, he moved to San Francisco where he performed magic on the streets for coins. He then ended up at the Magic Castle in L.A. where he met his agent. Harry’s agent got him a few guest spots on Saturday Night Live, which led to him getting cast as Harry “The Hat” Gittes on several seasons of Cheers. While he was on Cheers, he landed the role that pretty much everyone knows him for: Judge Harry Stone on Night Court.

Harry put a lot of himself into Judge Harry. Like Harry, Judge Harry was into magic and was a stage 10 Mel Tormé fanboy. Mel Tormé was on Night Court a few times. Harry played Judge Harry Stone for all 9 seasons of Night Court from 1984 to 1992. He was nominated for three Emmys. Post-Night Court, he guest starred on many TV shows (including playing himself on 30 Rock) and was in the original It.

In 1993, he starred as Dave in the sitcom Dave’s World with three legends: Shadoe Stevens! Meshach Taylor! And Bea Arthur! Dave’s World ran for four seasons.

Just the other week I was thinking that a revival I wouldn’t mind that much is Night Court, because it’s time for the triumphant return of Harry Anderson, Markie Post, Richard Moll, and Marsha Warfield. And now Harry Anderson is gone.

Rest in peace, Harry, you are now in heaven grossing the angels out with your vanishing finger trick.

Pic: NBC/Getty


Kevin Smith Has Invited Stan Lee To Come Live With Him In An Elder Abuse-Free Paradise

April 11, 2018 / Posted by:

Last week we learned that 95-year-old comic book legend Stan Lee was fighting his greatest foe yet: a villain named elder abuse. Stan had claimed that his former business associate and his nurse had been stealing Stan’s blood to fill up pens and sell them to collectors. Stan also alleged that said former business associate had stolen thousands of dollars from him. The Hollywood Reporter also published a story implying that Stan Lee has been mysteriously losing money, and that no one is looking out for him, not even his daughter J.C. Lee.

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