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Sad News For Ruby Rose Fans: Ruby Rose Hung Out With Justin Bieber This Weekend

June 22, 2015 / Posted by:

Ruby Rose, the hot Australian chickĀ from Orange is the New Black that the internet is flooding their basements over, recently admitted to Vanity Fair that she often gets mistaken for Justin Bieber. If someone ever came up to me and said the words, “Aren’t you Justin Bieber?“, I’d run home, lock myself in the bathroom, and cry for three weeks. But not Ruby. Ruby clearly doesn’t seem to mind, because this weekend she decided to hang out with her lil’ lookalike.

After tweeting back and forth, Ruby and Justin decided to meet up on Friday at what appears to be some kind of hat appreciation club. Personally, I’m not sure if I really see the twins thing. Sure, they have things in common, like tattoos and a flawless foundation game, but that’s about it. I’m really getting more of a Cooler and Whopper from the Pound Puppies vibe between these two. Just a little kid hanging out with his cool older cousin. Here’s another look at Ruby and her Mini-Me:


I bet shortly after this photo was taken, Justin changed into a white tank and a red hat and was like “Look Ruby, same like you! Right? Do you like my tattoos?” It’s so nice that Justin has someone to look up to. And it’s really nice that Ruby volunteered to hang out with him, since I’m sure no one else would want to spend more than 3 minutes with that little douche.

Here’s Justin looking like he took some hair styling advice from his new mentor while out shopping last week. “Did you see my hair Ruby? Same like you!

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