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On This Halloween, “Today” And “Good Morning America” Terrorized The 80s 

October 31, 2018 / Posted by:

For many Halloweens, the hateful demons at Today have give us many soul-melting night terrors by doing their hosts up like dark-sided creatures that crawled out of the sticky asshole of Hell. Like the time they dressed the entire Today show crew as Peanuts possessed by Satan, and the time they committed a horrible case of blasphemy by dropping a Matt Lauer shit all over the pristine image of earth angel Dolly Parton. They played it mostly safe this Halloween. I say “mostly safe,” because I hate them for causing my nipple tips to tingle and my b-hole ring to quiver while looking at Jenna Bush Hager in man drag as Goose from Top Gun. I should call 911 and report Today for actually making me get moist in the tip over drag king Jenna Bush Hager.

Today went with an 80s theme this year. Well, most of them did anyway. Hoda Kotb got lost in the early-70s while making her way to the 80s.

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Omarosa Did NOT Appreciate Robin Roberts Saying What We All Were Thinking

December 15, 2017 / Posted by:

As y’all well know, Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned from the White House, which we all know basically means her ass got canned. Omarosa quickly made the media rounds in an attempt to save her good demon name. Robin Roberts did not exactly appreciate Omarosa coming ’round to Good Morning America, and she delivered a perfect “Bye, Felicia” that brought the world to its feet. Omarosa thought that wasn’t very nice!

Omarosa isn’t exactly known for her outreach to the African American community, even though she thinks she’s some sort of voice for her people. So the African American community wasn’t exactly sad to see her go. Thus, Robin’s “Bye, Felicia.” Omarosa reached out to Inside Edition via text to comment on Robin’s on-air farewell bid to Felicia, saying:

“That was petty. It’s a black woman civil war.”

That’s pretty rich, since Omarosa had no problem sparking a different kind of civil war when she stirred shit with Lil Jon in All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Or in any of the lead-ups to her THREE firings on The Apprentice. Basically, petty is practically her middle name. Then again, the same could be said about the word delusional, so Omarosa acting beyond-extra about Robin’s remarks should really come as no surprise.

But if Omarosa really is so deeply offended by the alleged pettiness that came from Robin after Omarosa’s quitting/firing news, then nobody better show her this video of CNN political commentator Angela Rye.



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