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Robert Durst Claims He Was High On Meth During “The Jinx”

December 17, 2016 / Posted by:

According to Robert Durst, you can add another layer of weird to his already weird saga, because he claims he was high on meth during  some of the filming for The Jinx. But again, this is according to Robert Durst, and those of us who watched The Jinx know you can’t really trust anything he says until he thinks his mic has been turned off.

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So About That “What The…?” Ending Of The Jinx

March 16, 2015 / Posted by:

Just hours after Robert Durst was arrested in New Orleans for the 15-year-old murder of his friend Susan Berman, the final episode of HBO’s The Jinx aired and in it, the Maenad shark showed criminals what not to do if they’ve already gotten away with a whole bunch of evil shit and want to continue to get away with it. Don’t be an attention whore and open your evil self up to a documentary.

In the finale, the documentary’s director and producer Andrew Jarecki interviewed Robert Durst and confronted him about a new piece of evidence against his ass in the case of Susan Berman’s murder. After Susan Berman was murdered in her home execution-style, someone anonymously sent the police a note with her address and the word “cadaver” on it. The fucker who sent the letter spelled “Beverly” as “Beverley.” While researching Robert Durst and Susan Berman’s murder, the filmmakers of The Jinx found a letter he mailed to her and on the envelope, “Beverly” was spelled “Beverley.” The filmmakers got a forensic document analyzer to look at both notes. The expert declared that yup, the handwriting came from the same trick. When Andrew showed the evidence to Robert Durst, he admitted that the handwriting looked the same and he couldn’t point out which was written by him. It’s impossible to know what Robert Durst is thinking since his demon shark eyes are emotionless and dead, but if you could, you’d clearly see him thinking to himself, “OH SHIT!”

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SPOILER ALERT: Robert Durst Of “The Jinx” Arrested For Murder

March 15, 2015 / Posted by:

It’s times like these when I was that Big Lots sold holy water wipes, because everyone’s screen needs to be cleansed after being touched by that dark-sided picture of that unholy shark demon!

Robert Durst, the creepy ass real estate heir and subject of HBO’s highly addictive and riveting-as-fuck documentary series The Jinx (which sadly isn’t about the life and times of Jinkx Monsoon), was put into handcuffs at his hotel in New Orleans late last night after Los Angeles County issued a warrant for his arrest. Robert Durst checked into the hotel under a false name using a fake ID. He paid with cash. He is being held without bail and will be shipped off to L.A. to face first-degree murder charges. Robert Durst’s attorney Chip Lewis tells The Washington Post that he has been charged with murder and he won’t fight extradition to California. His creepy face will show itself at an extradition hearing in New Orleans tomorrow morning.

The L.A. Times reports that sources tell them that the worst Durst (which is saying a lot, because we’re living in a world where Fred Durst exists) was arrested in connection with the murder of his friend Susan Berman. The murder of Susan Berman, who was the daughter of an old-timey mobster, was covered in The Jinx. On Christmas Eve 2000, police found Susan’s body in her house in L.A. She had been shot in the head once. Many believe that Robert Durst killed Susan Berman because she knew a lot of shit about his wife’s disappearance. He has always denied killing Susan.

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