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Richard Madden And Brandon Flynn Had Their Arms Around Each Other (GASP!) After Buying “Marijuana Cigarettes” (DOUBLE GASP!)

April 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Thousands of gays, and people who get into Scottish daddy on Yankee twink action, were hospitalized yesterday with severe dehydration after they slobbered gallons of bodily fluids from all their holes after seeing pictures of Panty Creamer Richard Madden (of Bodyguard, Rocketman and Game of Thrones) and Brandon Flynn (of 13 Reasons Why) getting all cozy in Los Angeles over the weekend. Richard and Brandon were papped with their arms around each other after buying “marijuana cigarettes” (REEFER MADNESS!). So of course, many now think that Richard Madden is bi and that he and Brandon are totally doing it, and after they bought those “marijuana cigarettes” (yes, the year is 1966) they went home, got naked, and Richard blew “marijuana cigarette” smoke into Brandon’s b-hole before doing him. Get me a wet vac and a stretcher, because I just slobbered out a lake from that image and I now need medical attention.

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Paramount Reportedly Wants A Gay Sex Scene Cut From “Rocketman” (But The Director Denies It)

March 23, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s Hollywood versus gay sex when it comes to the upcoming Rocketman movie due out in May. The Daily Mail is reporting that the studio behind the Elton John biopic wants to cut a scene featuring some amazing and delicious Nude. Gay. Sex. To quote Carrie Bradshaw in one of the only phrases she’s uttered which hasn’t aged poorly: “Not in the mood for gay porn?!”

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Richard Madden Is Single Now

January 13, 2019 / Posted by:

Recent Golden Globe-winner Richard Madden plays that pale n’ sexy, vulnerability-enhanced-by-his-PTSD, white knight-with-the-tight-ass cop on Netflix’s Bodyguard. Not being a Game of Thrones stan, I hadn’t encountered Li’ Richie (he’s 5’10) until I started watching him trying to keep England’s fictional Home Secretary lady alive on the show. And immediately wished that Richard was trying to keep ME alive! And had to use his “todger” to do it! (Keeping with the British theme here.) And it could happen! Why? Because Richard’s single again, according to The Sun. Some fool dumped his ass.

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