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Brooke Mueller Is Out Of Rehab

January 24, 2017 / Posted by:

Back in November, Brooke Mueller caused everyone in her life to read Yelp reviews for rehab facilities after she caused a cracked out scene at a bar and was seen wandering barefoot around Salt Lake City, Utah. A witness also claimed at the time that Brooke was beating her boys at a car wash. Brooke had just completed a rehab stay in Utah and decided to live there with her and Charlie Sheen’s 7-year-old twins, Bob and Max.

After Brooke lost it at a bar and car wash in Salt Lake City, she underwent a psychiatric evaluation, which turned into another rehab visit. Bob and Max were placed with Brooke’s family. After two months, Brooke’s family has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she’s out of rehab. I’m half expecting (okay, more than half) every bar and car wash in the greater Salt Lake City area to start nailing two-by-fours over their doors and windows after hearing that Brooke is on the loose again. But it sounds like she might be in a good place for now. Her mother Moira Fiore said this to ET yesterday:

“I’m really proud of how well Brooke is doing after her treatment plan and being a full-time mom again. She’s very committed to being the best mom and staying healthy.”

If Brooke wants to avoid another “Utah November” – if you will – she needs more than a sober coach. She needs someone who can teach her how to sober-mom. You know, Denise Richards seems to have her shit together, mom-wise. Why doesn’t Brooke move in with Denise? Denise already has experience helping Brooke out with her kids. And whenever shit gets too stressful and Brooke starts itching to take her shoes off, Denise can distract her by laughing about how small their child support checks from Charlie are now.



Selena Gomez Is Reportedly Back In Rehab

October 13, 2016 / Posted by:

At the end of August, Selena Gomez announced that she was cancelling the remainder of the dates on her Revival Tour and was taking some time off to deal with the side effects of lupus. Selena was diagnosed back in 2014, and her lupus was triggering anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Selena didn’t get into specifics about where she was going to spend her time off. Now People and UsWeekly are both reporting that part of her time off will be spent in rehab.

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Kid Cudi Has Checked Himself Into Rehab For Depression And Suicidal Urges

October 5, 2016 / Posted by:

Last night, Kid Cudi – the rapper you might associate with accusing Kanye West and Drake of getting the smart kids to do their homework – posted a long note to Facebook that began with him telling everyone that he was “ashamed” and “living a lie.” I immediately assumed I was about to read Kid’s confession that he’s actually a 56-year-old man and would now be going by Middle-Aged Cudi. I should have known it was going to be far heavier than that. Kid Cudi was “ashamed” to admit that he was fighting a deep, dark battle with depression and that he was currently checked into rehab.

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Lisa Marie Presley Has Checked Into Rehab

August 12, 2016 / Posted by:

Less than two months after it was revealed that she was ending her ten year marriage to the Mad Hatter’s Sunset Strip-dwelling grandson Michael Lockwood, UsWeekly says Lisa Marie Presley has checked into rehab. Lisa Marie is having a not-great summer. I’m going to stop complaining; salty eyebrow sweat and drinking booze that gets warm 0.4 seconds after you pour it into a glass is nothing compared to dealing with a divorce and rehab at the same time.

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