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MTV Has Decided To Revive “Daria” For A New Generation

June 21, 2018 / Posted by:

This news is either going to make you grab your Lawndale High pom-poms and cheer, or get sick, or give an apathetic Daria-like shrug. Whatever your reaction, all you really need to know is that MTV’s Daria is coming back.

Variety reports that this new Daria development is happening on the heels of MTV’s decision to launch a new production studio, MTV Studios. MTV Studios plans on putting out new shows and reviving old classics, like Daria, Aeon Flux, and The Real World. MTV released a statement, saying they’re “opening up this vault beyond our own platforms to reimagine the franchises with new partners.

This new Daria will be written by Grace Edwards, who worked on Inside Amy Schumer and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. While MTV’s statement makes it sound like Daria is set for a “reimagining,” it’s more of a reinvention. They’re calling it Daria & Jodie.

“The iconic animated franchise is reinvented through the eyes of heroine Daria Morgendorffer and one of her closest friends Jodie Landon. These two smart young women take on the world, with their signature satirical voice while deconstructing popular culture, social classes, gender and race.”

The original Daria ran from 1997 to 2002, and wrapped up with a TV movie, Is It Fall Yet?. Daria made sense back then, because the 90s were all about the jocks n’ cheerleaders high school experience. But 2018 is a different time. I don’t know what would bother Daria Morgendorffer more: the idea of MTV shamelessly pulling Daria back from the dead, or that what was once seen as a weird, unpopular outsider is now basically the average cool teenage Tumblr user.

Pic: MTV


CBS Released Trailers For The “Murphy Brown” Revival And The “Magnum P.I.” Reboot

May 17, 2018 / Posted by:

CBS saw NBC and ABC getting big ratings for Will & Grace and Roseanne, and was just like, “Hold my beer.” The trailers for both the return of Murphy Brown and the new Magnum P.I. dropped. While Kween Candice Bergen, long-lost Louisiana gator Faith Ford and more are back for Murphy, Tom Selleck is NOWHERE to be found in the Magnum reboot. If there’s no facial hair, I won’t watch! (JK…wait until you see the abs on the newbie!) Continue reading

Disney Is Going To Erase Bisexual Icon Li Shang From The Live-Action “Mulan”

April 17, 2018 / Posted by:

Back in 1998, Disney did the world a solid by inadvertently creating a hunky bisexual icon when they had Li Shang get the under-tunic-feels for Mulan, even though he thought she was a dude. With their planned live-action remake, Disney appears to be asking for take-backsies on the bisexuality because a casting call indicates that they are swapping out the character of Li Shang for some super straight dude named Chen Honghui.

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Helen Hunt And Paul Reiser Are Reportedly On Board For The “Mad About You” Revival

April 13, 2018 / Posted by:

It would appear that we’re two steps closer to NBC’s possible Mad About You revival that was hinted last year. We already know there’s no way we’re getting the show’s biggest star back, Murray the Dog, because he’s currently hanging out with the dog from Frasier in heaven. But it looks like NBC has secured the second-biggest draws to the show, Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser.

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Ready Or Not, “Bill & Ted” Will Probably Be Having One More Excellent Adventure

April 2, 2018 / Posted by:

Do we need a third installment of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Of course not. Are we getting one anyway? Almost definitely, according to Entertainment Weekly. Is this something anybody wants? Depends on who you ask. Wyld Stallyns Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reunited with Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the original writers of B&T, for an EW shoot and discussed how Bill & Ted Face The Music is finally thiiiis close to being a done deal. So that’s at least four  votes for “excellent“.

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A Live Action Remake Of “Lady And The Tramp” Is In The Works

March 20, 2018 / Posted by:

There was a time not too long ago when if you heard that Disney was planning a live action/CGI hybrid of Lady and The Tramp, you might have had some reaction be it surprise (“whaa?”), confusion (“but why tho?”), or even anger (“how dare they!”) but I’m telling you now that they are and you are probably feeling nothing (“what else is new?”). Expectations for originality are at an all time low! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lady and The Tramp 2.0 is its way. You know Disney is gonna keep pushing it until all that’s left are The Black Cauldron and Song Of The South and you know which one has stronger name recognition so…

LATT is being produced for Disney’s upcoming streaming service set to launch in 2019. Just because it’s not getting a big screen release doesn’t mean Disney isn’t putting some heat behind it. It is LATT after all. It’s going to be directed by Charlie Bean who also directed The Lego Ninjago Movie. THR says:

The fact that a remake of such a marquee and essential Disney title such as Lady and the Tramp will likely head to the service is another example of how serious the company is taking its streaming platform’s content. (Disney also recently hired Jon Favreau to write and executive produce a live-action Star Wars television series.)

I wonder if they’ll keep that racist ass Siamese cat song. I hope they do because honestly, it’s my favorite part of the movie (dogs eating spaghetti all romantic like is bullshit). Those cats were bitchy, petty and realistic as fuck. Maybe this time around they’ll update them to Devon Rex cats and they can be voiced by Disney remake vets Emily Blunt and Emma Watson.

Pic: Disney

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