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Two Reality Show Husbands Got Caught In The Ashley Madison Hack (UPDATE)

August 25, 2015 / Posted by:

The Ashley Madison hack has already exposed Porky Pig’s child-touching cheating second cousin, an insane Christian vlogger, the executive director of the Louisiana GOP and the lead prosector in the Casey Anthony case. The hack also went from “shit got serious” to “shit got sad” when it was reported that two men in Toronto may have killed themselves because of it. Well, now the Ashley Madison hack is coming for reality tricks. Dean McDermott and Eddie Cibrian can both breathe out two giant sighs of relief, because their names haven’t come up (yet). But the names of Snooki’s husband and a husband on The Real Housewives of NYC did come up.

Bye Wig: NeNe Leakes Quits Real Housewives Of Atlanta

June 30, 2015 / Posted by:

Pour out a jar of lace front bonding glue and begin mourning the loss of NeNe Leakes giving us fucked-up looks like the one above, because the last remaining original member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is leaving the show that made her a legend (in her own wig-covered mind). After 7 seasons, NeNe has packed up her trunk of wigs (including my favorite, the Dutch Boy scarecrow on meth wig above) and said BLOOP! to those messes.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Escándalo: Peter Thomas Caught Feeling Up A Piece Who Isn’t His Wife

June 16, 2015 / Posted by:

If you’re in the Atlanta area and spotted what looked like a yellow-haired angora rabbit flying through the sky, that wasn’t a flying yellow-haired angora rabbit. It was NeNe Leakes’ wig, which she cackled off after seeing the video of Peter Thomas’ sleazy slut ass getting on a woman who isn’t his wife Cynthia Bailey.

During last season’s reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the factory-defected light bulb that is Porsha Williams accused Cynthia’s husband Peter of passing his peen to other poons. Well, yesterday, The Shade Room (via Radar) posted an Instagram video from a true investigative reporter who pretended to be taking a selfie, but was really trying to get proof of Peter Thomas putting his hands on a lady at a club. In the video, Peter has his hand on the lady’s neck and whispers something into her ear before it looks like he runs his hand down her titty zone. I’m going to guess that he whispered “You wanna go back to my mushroom pied-à-terre and let Papa Smurf feed you his Smurf berries?” into her ear.

Hold up your Detective La Toya brand magnifying glass and judge for yourself:

After the video made the rounds, Peter denied away in an Instagram video (which he later deleted). Peter claims the chick in the video is just a friend and then apologized to his family even though he swears he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“There’s stuff all over the Instagram that made me look like a big ass cheater. Okay, that’s not what it is. That is a friend of mine at a club that I was talking to. It looks crazy, I know it does. So I’m apologizing to my wife. I’m apologizing to my two beautiful daughters. Okay, your daddy’s not a cheater.”

I don’t know why Peter is apologizing to Cynthia. She should be the one thanking him for sticking with the script, busting out the stunt they planned and finally giving her a storyline next season. “Now don’t act like I haven’t done anything for you” is probably what Peter said to Cynthia right before she gave him his allowance for the week.

Kim Richards Officially Charged For Bringing The Drunken Rage To The Beverly Hills Hotel

May 14, 2015 / Posted by:

As Kim Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gets herself together in a Four Seasons-like rehab facility of luxury that talking used dildo Dr. Phil sent her to, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has slapped her with three misdemeanor charges including one count of public intoxication, one count of resisting arrest and one count of battery upon a peace officer. I would say that somebody needs to page Kathy Hilton to tell her to use her connections to keep one of her own out of the clink, but I’m pretty sure Kathy Hilton already used up all her favors on trying to keep her piece of trash kids out of the chokey.

Kim was put into handcuffs last month after she caused a scene at the Polo Lounge inside of The Beverly Hills Hotel while under the influence of the sweet nectar and other mind-altering stuff. Kim locked herself in the bathroom and when the police dragged her out, she kicked one of them. UsWeekly claims that the documents say that Kim was high on “liquor and a drug, a controlled substance, and toluene” at the time of her arrest. If convicted of all charges, Kim could be sitting in prison for two and a half years. If Kim Richards actually gets sentenced to two and a half years in prison (shit, if she gets sentenced to two and a half hours in prison), Pimp Mama Kris better start collecting Khlozilla’s waxed-off back hair scraps, because she’s going to need to make an extra warm jacket to send to her maker Lucifer since Hell would have frozen over.

Teresa Giudice’s Crisis Manager Dropped Her Ass For Asking A Judge To Send Her To The “Orange Is The New Black” Prison

October 21, 2014 / Posted by:

On January 5, 2015, Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey begins serving the 15 months she got for taking part in the grifting schemes orchestrated by that shady chimp Juicy Joe and instead of trying to cooperate with the Bureau of Prisons, bitch is making accommodation requests.

Teresa’s Cha-Ka in bad drag looking ass hired legal crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, to help her deal with the orange diarrhea puddle that is her legal problems, but that relationship is now over. Wendy tells E! News that she erased Teresa’s name from her client list after that mess sent a letter to the judge begging to be sent to Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut (where Orange is the New Black takes place). Wendy never approved the letter and wouldn’t ever let Teresa pull a move like that. Wendy spit this up to E!:

“I am not the consultant referred to in filing. This is clearly not the first time my advice has not been followed, but this is the time where the stakes are the highest. Both for my clients and myself, I work hard to maintain a strong relationship with the Bureau of Prisons. As I’ve tried to instruct Teresa, this is a process that must be respected. A designation to a camp is a gift, not a requirement from the BOP and the judge. By making this request, Teresa has jeopardized months of work, months of preparation and in fact may jeopardize where she is ultimately designated or sent to.

My ultimate responsibility is to all of my clients, not just to Teresa. I’m hopeful that, at some point, a change occurs and rehabilitation begins. My thought and wishes will always be with her children.”

That isn’t the only request Teresa made. What Teresa lacks in brain cells, she makes up for in gall, because TMZ says that her lawyer sent a letter to the judge claiming that some law states that she has the right to serve 12 months of her 15 month sentence in a halfway house instead of prison. Prosecutors shat on Teresa’s request and told the judge that convicted criminals don’t get to downgrade their punishment.

Teresa Giudice once said, “I don’t want to live in somebody else’s house. That’s gross,” so I’m surprised and disappointed in her that she didn’t ask the judge to build her a new prison, because she doesn’t want to live in somebody else’s prison. That’s gross. (Cut to the judge opening a letter from Teresa claiming that some law states that she has the right to serve her sentence in a new prison built for her because used prisons are gross.)

And Teresa probably wants to go to Danbury, because she thinks Orange is the New Black is a documentary and thinks they really shoot there. Teresa doesn’t want to be away from her only true love, the cameras, and ripping them apart would be the biggest punishment of all.

The Real Cellwives Of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice Gets 15 Months In Prison, Juicy Joe Gets 41 Months

October 2, 2014 / Posted by:

The sentencing hearing for Juicy Joe and Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey started at around 7am PST on Thursday, October 2, 2014 and if you’re a mess like me, you’ve been following it ever since. I don’t even know what day it is anymore. The judge dragged it out like she was getting paid by the hour. I’m pretty sure Juicy Joe and Teresa served their sentence in that court room, because three years have gone by. Happy Birthday x 3 to us all!

Well, the Space Farm Zoo in Sussex better free up some cages, because here comes Juicy Joe and Teresa. Juicy Joe will soon shove his juicy man tits into an orange jumpsuit, because a judge in Newark, NJ sentenced him to 41 months in the clink and 2 years probation for pleading guilty to wire and bankruptcy fraud. The judge also ordered him to pay $414,588.90 in restitution and Juicy Joe has to complete a booze treatment program while in the chokey. Teresa Giudice got 15 months in prison. One of them has 30 to 40 days to turn themselves in. The judge will allow them to serve staggered sentences so one of them can be at home with their 4 daughters.

Apollo Nida From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Finally Checked Into Prison

September 11, 2014 / Posted by:

Seen above getting his body prison yard ready, Apollo Nida finally turned himself in to a federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky this morning after he missed yesterday’s deadline, because he wanted to deliver one last melodramatic performance in front of Bravo’s cameras. The future Mr. Cell Block Beauty 2014 was supposed to start his 8 year sentence for committing fraud yesterday at noon, but he flipped off that deadline and terrorized his wife Phaedra Parks at her house instead. Radar says that Apollo is now in custody and officials won’t say if he’ll be punished for showing up a day late. Right before he did the Gone with the Wind fabulous twirl into the chokey, he uploaded a video message where he thanked everyone for their prayers (“Yes, I definitely spent a piece of my prayer time on this asshole” – no one) and told us all to stay tuned. Oh, Apollo, I doubt your own wife is going to wait for you let alone the reality shit show viewing public who is fickle as fuck. Here’s Apollo’s message in text form:

“Well, everyone, I have finally arrived at the penitentiary. I’m about go to asunder. Thank you for the support and prayer. Stay tuned and you’ll hear from me shortly.”

I bet he’s about to go assunder. Apollo forgot to thank Bravo for putting money in his prison account as payment for giving them another meltdown in front of the cameras. He also forgot to thank Bravo for hiding a cell phone behind a brick in a bathroom stall so he can give them more material by sexting Kenya Moore from prison.

The drama of it all. Apollo doesn’t show up to prison yesterday and then he posts a video message where he uses words like “asunder.” Apollo, save the theatrics for when you star in a production of A Mother’s Love in the prison playhouse. Apollo’s video message is after the cut if you care.


Apollo From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Failed To Turn Himself In To Prison Today

September 10, 2014 / Posted by:

Apollo Nida, the prison piece criminal husband of Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, was supposed to check into his home away from home, the penitentiary, today to begin serving an 8 year sentence for committing fraud and money laundering, but his cell bunk is empty and cold, because he hasn’t shown up. CNN, UsWeekly and TMZ say that instead of taking his ass to prison, Apollo went to his wife’s house and caused a messy scene. The FAA better clear the skies above Atlanta, because Kenya Moore’s head is about ten seconds away from popping off over all of this excitement.


Apollo From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Pleads Guilty To Fraud

May 7, 2014 / Posted by:

Phaedra Parks‘ prison bitch trophy husband Apollo Nida won the Dumb Bitch of the Day, Week, Month, Year and Decade award when we all found out that for over a year he’s been up to his old criminal tricks. Earlier this year, Apollo was charged with mail, wire and bank fraud after the feds investigated his shady, shifty ass and found out that he opened up a fake debt collection agency to get access to the LexisNexis and Equifax databases so he could steal identities. Apollo and his “right hand bitchGayla St. Julien (a real name and not the name of a character in Curtis Hanson movie) would use the stolen identities to find and claim unclaimed funds, refunds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, stolen U.S. treasury checks and refunds from fraudulent U.S. income tax returns. Apollo also opened up a fake dealership to get auto loans for cars that didn’t exist. Just like the grifting pieces of trash Teresa and Juicy Joe Giudice, the feds had him right by the ass lips.

Yesterday, Apollo, the God of Grifting, pleaded guilty in court as part of what I’m guessing is a plea deal. The Atlanta Journal Constitution says that Apollo couldn’t really deny he masterminded the schemes since all of the evidence was on his own laptop. In court, Apollo spit out a cold stream of bullshit when he said that he pulled those illegal schemes, because he was insecure about his wife Phaedra making more money than him.

In 2009, Nida had just left prison after five years for federal racketeering charges related to auto title fraud. He and Parks married and she soon signed on to be part of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

He said she was making far more money than him and he felt pressure to keep up. (He cited a $600,000 contract for her but didn’t say how long that was supposed to last.) Without easy legitimate ways to make quick money, he opted for this illegal scheme instead. But he claimed to her he was running a legitimate debt recovery firm and kept her firmly in the dark.

He said he even had a nervous breakdown at one point over the pressures to “sustain a lifestyle” befitting of a reality show star. And once he started the scheme, he found it difficult to stop. “I got sucked in and engulfed and lost sight of things,” he said.
Nida said he often didn’t think about whether this was hurting anybody because he was primarily targeting private businesses and the government, not individuals. And in the case of unclaimed property, what were the odds these folks would ever claim them?

Apollo will be sentenced in July. He faces up to 30 years in the clink, fines up to $1 million and he’ll most likely be ordered to pay the $2.3 million he defrauded from banks, individuals and the government. Us whores who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta have also been punished, because we’ll have to watch the smugness shoot out of Kenya Moore’s pores when she does the karma twirl.

If Phaedra really had no idea that her convicted felon trophy piece husband was running schemes again, then she’s got the brains of the dead corpses she paints up during her weekend job at the funeral home. Apollo isn’t only a mega dumb fuck, but he’s also a pox on the gold digging house. What is the point of being a gold digging trophy if you’re not going to just sit around and look pretty and let your sugar mama pour the money on you? Apollo is a real embarrassment to gold diggers who work hard to get an ATM to marry them.

The sad part is that I know that Apollo has the personality of a phlegmy poop and his ego is bigger than Phaedra’s donkey booty, but if I was in prison, I’d want to be his bottom bunk cellmate. I hope they let him take topless selfies in prison.

Porsha Stewart From “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Charged With Beating Kenya Moore’s Ass

April 16, 2014 / Posted by:

During the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last month, eyelashes flew and the smoke detectors went off from the burnt pancake makeup fumes when black history scholar Porsha Stewart went after and dragged slut from the 90s (copyright: Porsha) Kenya Moore. Bravo supposedly gave Porsha a pink slip and an application to Subway after she turned Kenya into her own personal mop. Well, now Porsha has been charged with assault and she turned herself in today. I don’t know what the weather was like in Atlanta today, but if the sun was out and the sky had an ethereal glow to it, that was civil rights activist Hosea Williams beaming with pride over his granddaughter getting arrested for fighting with some trick at a reality show reunion.

E! News says that Porsha was booked, her mug shot of glamour was taken, she posted bond and sashayed out of there. Porsha’s mug shot is very “beauty school yearbook picture circa 1983.” Porsha may be dumber than a piece of wet tampon lint, but she knows how to deliver the glamour in a mug shot. The expert at Maaco who painted her face and the licensed contractor who glued black broom bristles to her eyelids did an amazing job.

Andy Cohen talked about this wreck of a fight during an episode of @sk Andy and he called it “gross.” You might not able to read what he said since your seeing globes probably rolled out of your head and your cat are playing with them on the floor.

“To me, it came out of nowhere. The other women felt that Kenya kind of provoked her a little bit and was provoking her. I think I was just so shocked and so surprised, and I was just really upset. I don’t want that happen. I think it’s gross, and I think it’s just totally inappropriate, it’s wrong, it’s not entertaining. It’s just bad.”

I wonder what Andy’s definition of “really upset” is, because I’m not sure I would use those words to describe his ass getting so hot and tingly over Porsha and Kenya scrappin’ that a Bravo production assistant had to grab a Q-Tip. Andy was so grossed out by the whole thing that his nipples throbbed and milk squirted out of ’em as he thought about the bonus check he’ll get once the ratings come in. Andy was so disgusted that he called up his realtor to let them know to go ahead and make an offer on that Hamptons beach house. Bravo and Andy are so grossed out that they’re going to air the fight on the reunion on Sunday. They’re so severely, severely, sickeningly disgusted that they’re probably going to air the raw footage on Pay-Per-View. I hope Mama Dionesia is on the sidelines throwing voodoo curses at all of them.


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