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Papa John’s Founder Resigns After Dropping The N-Word During A Conference Call 

July 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Another day another racist rant that causes someone to lose their job. This time it was founder of pizza giant Papa John’s. Yup, Papa John himself just got fired from Papa John’s.

Forbes is reporting that founder, chairman and human mascot, John Schnatter, done Schnattered the bed after using the N-word on a conference call. Jeez, man. I’ve heard of answering a conference call while in the bathroom, but never at a Trump Rally. Don’t those get kind of loud? Continue reading

A&E Cancels Their KKK Documentary

December 26, 2016 / Posted by:

Oh 2016. You are the twenty-year old re-gifted fruitcake that nobody wants during the festive season. It was bad enough when you permanently kidnapped my first blue-eyed bae while I was getting hammered on knock-off Jameson during Christmas, but before then you have made it your mission to treat racism like a relative living in the basement that only comes up for the Christmas ham and spiked eggnog. Translation: it’s always in the background waiting to make an appearance once again.

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Hmmm… I Didn’t Know That Giuliana Rancic Worked Part-Time As A Checkout Clerk At Vons (UPDATE)

September 7, 2016 / Posted by:

Zendaya, seen above wearing the shirt from Merry-Go-Round that you worked the shit out of in the early-90s, accused a checkout chick at Vons of being rude and racially profiling her ass. Yesterday, Zendaya told the saga of the alleged racist checkout lady in a series of Snapchats. Zendaya says that when she tried to buy a few gift cards from the grocery store Vons in L.A., the checkout lady refused and tossed her wallet back at her. Dlisted’s highly-skilled research assistant (my dog) is currently on his 12th nap of the day, but before he starts his 13th, I’ll get him to check to see if the name tag on that Vons’ employee had the name “GIULIANA” on it.

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Racist LA Clippers Owner Gets Caught Spewing Out Some Racist Shit

April 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Happy Saturday! If you’re all kinds of hungover and the whiff of anything rank makes you want to hurl out the lining of your stomach, then you better cover your walls and floors with plastic before listening to a grizzled relic from the 1950s shit out some racist crap, because it will make you want to projectile barf.

Donald Sterling, who looks like Mickey Rourke’s dick after a botched circumcision (no disrespect to Mickey Rourke’s dick and botched circumcisions), is the 80-something-year-old billionaire owner of the LA Clippers basketball team and he’s known for being a deep fried rectum full of potent racist shit. Donald’s racist fuckery goes way back and he’s been known to freely spit out the n-word and the Justice Department sued him twice, once in 2005 and once in 2009, for refusing to rent apartments in his buildings to black people, Hispanics and Koreans. This charbroiled piece of trash has also been known to bring women into the Clippers locker room while the players were showering and say, “Look at those beautiful black bodies.” He’s basically the reincarnation of Michael Fassbender’s character from Twelve Years A Slave. This asshole has also been hit with sexual harassment lawsuits. The list of messy shit he’s done and said goes on and on and on and even Paula Deen would call him a racist anus lip. Deadspin has a complete list of all of the crap the KKK’s future lifetime achievement winner has said and did. And you can add another dingle to that list.

Last night, TMZ posted audio that Donald’s girlfriend V. Stiviano, who is Mexican and black, recorded of him telling her to not post pictures of her posing with black people on Instagram and to not bring black people to Clippers games. The argument started because V took a picture with Magic Johnson and posted it on Instagram. V secretly recorded the conversation and it’s over 9 minutes of Donald Sterling mouth shitting out ugly crap about how he doesn’t like her letting everyone know that she “associates” with black people and he tells her that she can fuck black guys, but she can’t bring any to his games. He also tells her to not bring Magic Johnson to any Clippers games.

Donald Sterling’s estranged wife, Shelly, is suing V for fucking her husband.

Magic Johnson called this mess a “shame” and said that he will never go to a Clippers game as long as that chewed-up piece of racist gristle is the owner. The NBA only said that Donald’s ugly words were “disturbing” and “offensive.”

We could all probably write 5,000 words about how Donald Sterling is as disgusting and ugly as a corn stuck in a wet turd and how V. Stiviano should be inducted into the Gold Digging Hall of Shame for wanting a regular allowance so badly that she’s willing to bone a racist who hates her people, but why sprain our fingers when we could let Snoop Dogg speak for us. Snoop Dogg said it best with this eloquent statement:

And I won’t comment on that red fur coat. Not today.

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