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Olivia Munn Assures Anna Faris And The World Via Instagram That She’s Not Boning Chris Pratt

January 22, 2018 / Posted by:

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be one of the popular kids in high school? A recent Instagram story posted by recently single Olivia Munn gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the cheer squad at Hollywood High (not the real one, the metaphoric one for the middle-aged, growth stunted actors) and have to try to convince your classmate that the rumors you are dating her ex are, like, totally bogus.

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Denis Villenevue In Talks To Direct Beleaguered Cleopatra Movie

September 28, 2017 / Posted by:

Mean girls Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal are not ready to give up on making Cleopatra happen. After the 2014 Sony hack revealed how they really felt about proposed star Angelina Jolie, things looked like they were heading in the direction of a gargantuan celluloid disaster the likes of which had not been seen since, well, since Cleopatra. But now, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve is in talks to take on the probably cursed project.

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Backdoor Farrah Is A Master Of Deception

January 24, 2014 / Posted by:

Well, the time has come for my ass to admit that I need to start watching Couples Therapy, because witnessing Backdoor Farrah’s empty head slowly explode as she trips on the lies that fall out of her mouth is my new favorite sport. Backdoor Farrah was supposed to go on Couples Therapy with a dude that producers were going to pay (they deny it) to play her boyfriend, but I guess dignity got the best of his ass, because he dropped out at the last minute. So Backdoor Farrah’s on there with her true soulmate Delusion and last night she hilariously got caught in a lie about the butt porn she’s still trying to pass off as a leaked sex tape.

When James Deen put his hand in Backdoor Farrah’s bottomless puss of mystery, one of the things he pulled out was the story about how they were dating, shot a sex tape at home and he leaked it. James, a dude who gets paid to bone chicks on camera, pretty much admitted that he got paid to bone Backdoor Farrah on camera. But Backdoor Farrah lives alone in a shit bubble of fantasy where she’s the only dumb fuck who believes that everyone believes that her sex tape wasn’t a staged porn. On Couples Therapy last night, Farrah’s shit bubble was popped with the sharp end of truth. Rich at Gawker posted a clip of Farrah pissing at the mouth about how she was scarred by her sex tape becoming public. When Sada Bettencourt from The Real L Word asked Backdoor Farrah why she hired a camera crew to film her “private” sex tape, Farrah exposed herself:

Sada: I am not judging about the sex tape at all. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the adult industry and I know you said that you don’t work in the industry. But when we were talking about it, you had said to me that it was filmed with one of your boyfriends and I’m just curious what boyfriend that was.

Farrah: Yeah, he does porn for a living. That is his job. That is what he actually, like that’s his career.

Sada: I’m just curious as to how that was a sex tape filmed at home when there’s actually a camera crew filming-

Farrah: No, there was not. There was only me and a camera person. So where are you seeing a camera crew?

Sada: Different angles. So there’s a camera person?

Farrah: No. I can straight up honestly say there was never any other person ever around us while we were having sex.

Sada: You just said “camera person.” It was just you and a camera person. Okay, I’m just asking that’s all.

Farrah: I don’t know if I ever said “camera person.” There was never a camera person.

Whitney: You did just literally say the words “camera person.”

One time, a hating whore emailed me and said that I’ve probably been butt fucked so many times that the shit in my bowels got shoved up into my head and that’s why I’m so dumb. That was the greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten in my life and it turned me on a little. I don’t know if the same can be said for Backdoor Farrah or if she’s a genius who has turned stupidity into an art form. Hahaha, no, she’s just dumb as all fuck.

And when the malnourished llama named Taylor Armstrong, who exploited her estranged husband’s suicide, throws a side-eye and a face of judgement at you…..

Will Smith Is Working For Tommy Girl

January 9, 2008 / Posted by:

Will Smith has denied that he’s tossing Tom Cruise’s salad and sucking on L. Ron Hubbard’s frozen sperm popsicles. He claims he is not a Scientologist. Well, guess what he gave crew members at the wrap party for his movie? Big Willy gave the crew on his movie “Hancock” a card good for a personality test at your local Scientology center reports Gatecrasher. What a lovely gift! A coach-class ticket to the alien looney bin. The tests are free anyway and they are used to lure in new bitches.

Poor Will. I really hope Tommy Girl gives good head, because this is just not worth it. Will is basically going door-to-door like a vacuum salesman.

Jada Pinkett needs to get her mouth off the coochie and come rescue her favorite gay husband!

The Denials

January 2, 2008 / Posted by:
Deny! Deny! Deny! Ashlee Simpson and Kim Kardashian have both denied they are engaged to UsWeekly . Ashlee was spotted yesterday wearing some ring on her engagement finger, but her rep says that she is not promised to Pete Wentz.
Kim Kardashian was rumored to have gotten engaged to Reggie Bush, but she told UsWeekly, "Like he would marry me?! I'm a whore!." No…she said, "It's not true. Not yet!"
I love the "not yet" part. She's optimistic. NOT EVER, I hope.  
Again, I don't believe when celebrities deny this crap. They are all liars! They are lie tellers! I think Ass and Pete might be engaged, because I can see those two nerds getting married. I don't see Reggie proposing to Kim K anytime soon though.

The Ice Queen Claims She’s Not Holding

December 30, 2007 / Posted by:
Nicole Kidman's rep has denied the reports that bitch is with child. Nicole reportedly told friends and family at Christmas that she was pregnant with Keith Urban's baby. Her rep told "Frigid bitches can't get knocked up!"
No she didn't say that. She said, "It is incorrect . . . she must have had about 30 babies by now. She's in Australia making a film and her family are in Australia. She's happily ensconced away somewhere having a few days break. It's the silly season. As far as we're concerned, it's another rumour out of London."
However, one of Nicole's friends said the rumor could be true, because she has a slight baby bump.  
Denials don't mean shit to me anymore. JLo straight-up said she wasn't pregnant and homegirl was lying. That's what these people do. They are lie tellers!

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