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Open Post: Hosted By Prince Hot Ginge Getting Into Some Nipple Play

May 19, 2016 / Posted by:

At the Invictus Games in Orlando, FL a couple of weeks ago, a competitor from the UK pulled up his shirt to show Prince Hot Ginge his chest tattoo, and the ginger jewel of the British royal family used that opportunity to get into some quickie nip play. But the dude who was on the right end of that nipple tweaking had a really weird and unnatural response to it. I mean, he quickly pulled down his shirt and went OMG with his face. The natural reaction would be to pick up your prostate off of the floor (because obviously it’d fall out of you as soon as PHG touched your tit knob), and as you stuff it back into your ass, you run off to get a protective plastic box made for the nip that was touched by PHG.

First, PHG group hugs a bunch of hot, wet, shirtless swimmers and now this. I wish the Invictus Games lasted for months, because if it did, PHG may have given me enough material to put together a homoerotic soft-core porn. And I’m going to end this post now, because it’s really hard to type with one hand. No, I’m not doing that. What do you take me for? I’m a professional! I’m using the other hand to make my Prince Hot Ginge Real Doll pinch my nip so I can sort of know what it feels like. God!

(Thanks to everyone who sent this to me!)

So, This Happened At The Invictus Games….

May 11, 2016 / Posted by:

Today was day 3 of the Invictus Games in Orlando, FL and after the swimming relay team from Britain won the gold medal, they all gathered around and got Prince Hot Ginge wet. I’m going to keep from commenting on that picture, because Dlisted is already blocked in a lot of places for being HIGHLY inappropriate, and if I describe that pic, this mess of a site will definitely be labeled as 100% porn. So I’ll just leave that beautiful picture here. But I will say that you should be grateful that it’s a digital picture and that I didn’t give you a hard copy. Because if it was a hard copy, you’d definitely have to clean it with antibacterial Windex. You know, you should go ahead and spray your screen with antibacterial Windex anyway. Just in case.

Pics: AP, Splash, Getty

Temporarily Rid Your Spirit Of The Gross Mondays With This Picture Of Prince Hot Ginge

May 9, 2016 / Posted by:

On any given Saturday night, you’d usually find me passed out on a pile of fun size 3 Musketeers wrappers with a dried stream of red wine drool clinging to my face. But this past Saturday night, you’d find me smoking a cigarette in bed in between wiping the sweat off of my forehead with a cold wet towel after having some Photoshop fun with that picture of Prince Hot Ginge busting out a happy O face while grasping onto a bottle. Yes, that’s the most action I’ve had in years.

Open Post: Hosted By THE QUEEN And Prince Hot Ginge Dropping A Boom On The Obamas

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Yesterday the TSA sent me a letter saying that I was put on the Do Not Fly To Florida list, and that could only mean one thing: The Invictus Games begin next week in Orlando, FL and Prince Hot Ginge will be there!

The Invictus Games were started by PHG, and they’re a Paralympic-style sporting event involving a bunch of countries. Since it’s happening in the US this year, Michelle Obama has been helping to promote it, and this morning, she tweeted a video of message and her and President Obama pretty much puffing their chests up at PHG. (Michelle Obama also showed off her impeccable teleprompter-reading skills in that video.) PHG answered back with help from THE QUEEN! THE QUEEN spit out a verbal eye roll at the Obamas’ threat and that was PHG’s cue to drop the mic. I’m jealous of the Obamas, because I wish PHG would drop his mic on me, and yes, that’s a euphemism.

I bet that clip was highly edited. I bet that in the raw footage, THE QUEEN takes off her earrings, kicks off her shoes and goes after the phone while swinging her pocketbook as PHG and her Corgis try to hold her back. Don’t come for THE QUEEN unless she sends for you!

And here’s PHG making chonies go BOOM while working a tuxedo at the BT Sports Industry Awards in London last night.


Duchess Kate And Prince William “Scrambled” To Hide The Title Of A Painting From The Obamas

April 27, 2016 / Posted by:

This morning, Prince Hot Ginge made a thousand British mums cleanse the ears of their children with holy water by saying the word “arse” during an interview on BBC Radio 2, and believe it or not, that’s not the biggest British royal news today. The big British royal news is that before Duchess Kate and Prince William hosted President Obama and Michelle Obama in their Ballard Designs-looking ass sitting room at Kensington Palace, they hid a plaque that they thought would offend their American guests.

The Sun (via The Mirror) says that below the painting behind Duchess Kate and Michelle Obama in the picture above is a plaque with the title on it. The title of the painting is “The Negro Page.” Not one of Duchess Kate and Prince William’s minions gave it a thought until minutes before President Obama showed up.

I Didn’t Know That Prince Hot Ginge Is Into Bears, Or Wookies In This Case

April 19, 2016 / Posted by:

Great, now Khlozilla is going to DM Kensington Palace on Twitter with a picture of her soil jelly-filled ass bag. I mean, if he’s into wookies….

Prince Hot Ginge and that other one continued to work really, really hard for that taxpayer money today by playing with Star Wars stuff and meeting the cast at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.  PHG and Prince George’s papa je’e met Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley who are currently filming Star Wars: Episode Who Cares What It’s Called It’s Still Going To Make Forty Billion Dollars No Matter What. PHG also had a sweet moment with Chewbacca, and if I was into wookie-on-human-porn (Tip of the day: Don’t Google “wookie-on-human-porn“), I’d check myself into an insane asylum, but before I did that, I’d print out this picture, grab a tub of Crisco and lock myself in my bedroom for the next 4 hours.

One thing I learned from that picture is that if I want to get a sweet hug from PHG, I need to be over 7 feet tall, covered in mangy hair, smell like wet dog ass and have bugs living on my body. I better learn how to walk in stilts, spray myself with one of Justin Bieber’s cologne and go through Brit Brit Spears’ trash cans for cast-off weaves I can tape to my body. I hear you saying, “At least you don’t have to worry about getting bugs to live on your body since I’m sure you’re already covered in crabs.” Haha, very funny. (You’re right.)

And here’s another picture of PHG and his brother having a light saber fight.


Since my brain is always set to “sucio” I would say, “I’d wish they’d take that sword fight to my mouth,” but gross. Not with Prince William holding the other “sword.” Now if it was Prince Philip, that’d be a different story.

Pics: WPA Pool, Getty @KensingtonRoyal

And Here’s Prince Hot Ginge Getting Wood

April 6, 2016 / Posted by:

Prince Hot Ginge is already back home in England after his charity trip to Nepal, but THE PALACE is going to squeeze as much attention out of that trip as possible, so new pictures were released including one of him and another dude handling a long, hard piece of semi-thick cut wood. Yes, that dripping sound you hear is me salivating while writing soft-core porn about a picture of PHG holding a piece of literal wood. You can officially label it as the sound of sad desperation.

When PHG was in Nepal, he assumed the position while pretending to be a tiger and he also visited sites hit hard by the earthquake last year. The Telegraph says that PHG didn’t only visit sites, he also helped rebuild a school and farm in a village that was torn apart by the quake. PHG and other veterans worked with Team Rubicon to lay down the foundation of a classroom and build a new farm with solar panels. Team Rubicon’s director of development claims that PHG wasn’t just there for a photo-op like SOME royals (I’m looking at you, Prince George) and he didn’t pose with the wood for 30 seconds before dropping it to take a helicopter ride to the nearest big city to party with a bunch of drunken tricks. Apparently, he worked and slept there:

“It was very much hands on manual labour – sleeping, eating and working out there with the other vets. Getting very much stuck-in as one of the team.”

Slept there too?! Don’t be surprised if you hear a news story about how a psychotic skinny fat American gay was jailed in Nepal after the people of a small village caught him fucking one of their mattresses. Hey, if you don’t want me fucking your mattress, don’t tell me that PHG slept on it.

Here’s a couple more pictures of PHG doing hard labor as well as pictures of him with the team who will compete for the UK at the Invictus Games in Florida in May.

Pics:, Splash, Team Rubicon/Getty

It’s Monday, So Here’s A Bent Over Prince Hot Ginge Pretending To Be A Tiger

March 21, 2016 / Posted by:

Bless the kind soul whose idea it was for Prince Hot Ginge to bend over while trying to do his best tiger impersonation during a visit to the Bardia National Park in Nepal. I’m going to choose to believe that they knew that a picture of PHG looking like he’s happily presenting his hole to that WWF dude is just what many of us needed on a really ugly Monday. Thank you, kind soul!

Prince Hot Ginge Would Rather Give Hugs Than Handshakes… Oh Really, Now?

March 18, 2016 / Posted by:

The Invictus Games are happening in Orlando, Florida this May and Prince Hot Ginge is going to be there, of course. Since I want to breathe in the same air that PHG exhales, I tried to book a Southwest flight from LAX to Orlando on those dates, but when I entered my name into the passenger info, it said that it couldn’t process my order due to me being a crazy stalker bitch and then it automatically forwarded my browser to the website of the mental health facility nearest me. I don’t know what that’s about, but anyway, PHG was on Good Morning America today to talk about the Invictus Games and his other charity work with Robin Roberts.

PHG got into talking about his late mother Princess Diana and said that he hopes she’s proud of all the charity work he and his brother Prince William do. While talking about her, the raw emotions came out a little and he kind of got choked up. I wanted to let him know that he can rest his head on my buttocks… That was a Freudian typo. I, of course, meant to say bosoms and that shit makes more sense since they’re fluffier. I’ve been drinking a lot of soy milk lately. PHG also talked about how he can’t wait to be a daddy and that led to him talking about how he’s the King of Hugs and he’d rather hug than shake hands. You heard him!

“I can’t wait for the day. So, you know, it will be fantastic…. I’ve got a kid inside of me. I want to keep that. I adore kids. I enjoy everything that they bring to the party. They just say what they think. Everyone needs a hug every now and then and it just so happens that I’ve been told over and over again that I’m very good with hugs, which is great. Good at giving hugs. Fantastic. Being in the prince role, you’ve got to shake hands. I would choose hugging over shaking hands most of the time… with people I know. Before anyone gets ideas.”

“Before anyone gets ideas?” That idea has already been gotten. Although, it might be hard for me to greet PHG with a hug after his royal guards have tased me in the ass and hog tied me, but I’ll still try!

And here’s PHG’s sissy-in-law Duchess Kate working hard at the opening of the new East Anglia Childrens Hospice in London.

Pics: Splash,

Ungrateful Workers At Kensington Palace Threaten To Go On Strike Over A Pay Cut!

February 23, 2016 / Posted by:

Shortly after this picture was taken, Prince William and Duchess Kate flew off to Bora Bora where they spent 9 days resting their wrists in a spa because they strained themselves something bad while holding that umbrella and that clutch.

It’s truly hard to find good help who are grateful that they get to be in the presence of royal greatness and won’t bitch about trivial things like paying their bills and feeding their families. Can you believe that there’s people out there who are lucky enough to work for their future King and yet they’re threatening to strike because they may get a pay cut that’ll put them below a living wage? In THE QUEEN’s day, she would’ve punished those ungrateful peasants by turning them into human leather skin jackets for her Corgis to wear.

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