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The Photoshop Awards: Beyonce’s Thigh Gap On Instagram

April 10, 2014 / Posted by:

The center of the beyocentric theory (the theory being that the universe revolves around Beyonce) is in the Dominican Republican with Jay-Z and Jesus’ goddaughter Blue Ivy Carter and she’s been feeding the BumbleBeys pictures of the REAL royal vacation (sorry, Duchess Kate, Prince Willy and Baby Prince George) on Instagram. Beyonce posted these pictures of her casually golfing in her golfing bikini and vacation weave, and as The Frisky points out, something in the milk looks ‘SHOPPED!

Either a back alley, strung out plastic surgeon with shaky hands lipo’d Beyonce’s thighs with a wet vac or somebody did a shit Photoshop job on that picture, because I don’t think thighs are supposed to look like that and that line in the grass is magically missing. You know what, though, Beyonce is THEE most important feminist of all-time , so if she wants to make Basement Baby take Kim Kardashian level (read: below beginner) Photoshop classes on the University of Phoenix online and lazily ‘shop a thigh gap onto her Instagram vacation pictures, then she can do it. It’s her body, so if she wants to, she can Photoshop her thighs so badly that it looks like she’s a model.

But really, both of those pictures look suspect and there’s a lot missing from them. These were obviously shot in front of a green screen and Basement Baby Photoshopped the background in later. Because if Beyonce really took these outside, there would be dozens of peons worshipping at her feet, white doves would be flying out of her ass, her weave would be blowing from the angels throwing her air kisses and those palm trees in the background would be bowing at her greatness. So yeah, totally Photoshopped.



Lorde Doesn’t Want You Photoshopping Out Her Zits, Thank You Very Much

April 1, 2014 / Posted by:

Wait a second…“doesn’t want Photoshop”? I think I might have just discovered the self-destruct code for Kim Kardashian’s brain (April Fools! She doesn’t have a brain). But this isn’t about the rancid pile of coagulated Botox where Kim’s brain used to be. It’s about the 17-year-old New Zealand pop singer in Nancy Downs/Rayanne Graff drag, Lorde! But more specifically, it’s about what happens when you try to airbrush the pimple pals off Lorde’s face.

On Sunday, Lorde posted two pictures taken of herself performing at Chile’s Lollapalooza: on the bottom was a picture of her skin in all its teenaged acne glory, on the top was a picture of her with miraculously clear, smooth skin. Lorde addressed that something in the Clearasil wasn’t clean by saying:

i find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok

I myself grew up with awful skin (sample nicknames: Mount St. Allison, Braille-ison – both of which, I’ll admit, were very clever) and was pretty comfortable with it because lots of kids have shitty skin in high school. But one of the best days of my life was when I received my 11th grade school pictures and some merciful angel-style savour at Jostens had airbrushed my skin as smooth as a Kardashian’s emotionless face. I was thrilled! I thought about putting those pictures up all over the house, until I realized it would look like my parents were building a creepy shrine to a much prettier daughter.

But I wasn’t famous like Lorde is, so I’m sort of slow-clapping her choice to call out that pimple-hating photographer. It’s refreshing to hear Lorde admit that her skin looks like a Little Caesars hot-n-ready, because she’s a fucking kid and kids are supposed to have zits. Wait a second…this might be part of Lorde’s clever ruse to convince us she’s actually 17 and not 40 (or whatever age the Lorde Age Truthers think she is). A face full of zits is the best way to convince people you’re younger than you really are. I’m my anti-aging secret. Keep getting pimples well into adulthood, and you’ll always be mistaken for a 22-year-old.

Target Accidentally Photoshopped A Vagina Out Of A Swimsuit

March 11, 2014 / Posted by:

They’re also wreaking havoc on armpits and waists, but they’re not the true victims in this story (so feel free to grab a cup of lukewarm coffee and take a seat in the lounge, you two). The reason you should all be shrieking in high-pitched Maude Flanders outrage today is the careless Photoshop goblin who’s been hacking away at the bikini-clad vaginas that appear on Target’s website. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the vulvas!?!?

According to The Ethical Adman (via Jezebel) the Xhilaration® Junior’s Midkini 2-Piece Swimsuit -Leopard Print was featured on Target’s website and looked harmless enough, until you zoomed in and realized that the sides of the bikini bottom were creeping down the model’s legs like a pair of Halloween vampire fangs. Obviously, someone at Target gave the co-op student the go ahead to use whatever bobo Photoshop skills they learned in their Communication Tech class and carve out thigh gaps on the Juniors swimsuit models. And if the Target office is anything like the office I used to work in, there’s definitely a creepy dude who asked “Can I have those pussy scraps when you’re done with them?”

Target has since released a statement to BuzzFeed apologizing for the Frankenpussy that said:

“This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website.”

To which I say…as if, Target. Nobody in a corporation that large is allowed to sneeze without filing a TPS report about it first, so there’s no way I believe this was just an oopsie-doodle on the part of an intern. Someone definitely requested that the vaginas go from Hearty Taco to Malnourished Taquito, hoping that no one would notice the sloppy cut+paste job. Except that there’s no way not to notice there’s a giant chunk missing when you’re getting phantom pussy pains and checking to make sure your own labia lips are still attached.

And don’t feel bad for the mountain of shit that that pubis-hating hater is getting shovelled on them today, because Kim Kardashian has already sent a dozen muffin baskets over to the Target offices with a note saying: “To the Photoshop wizard who did a beautiful job on those bikini pics – there’s always a job for you at the Kardashian Kompound. Let’s talk, XO Kim.”

(Pic: Target)

Lena Dunham Thinks Jezebel Messed Up By Posting Her “Raw” Vogue Pictures

February 21, 2014 / Posted by:

When Little Critter’s big city fancy cousin Lena Dunham made the cover of Vogue, Jezebel offered up a $10,000 bounty to anyone who’d burp up the pre-Photoshopped pictures. Because I guess they wanted to make a statement about retouching in ladies magazine and because maybe they wanted to see raw and organic pictures of her looking like Rob Ford in a Marc Jacobs dress. It took a quick minute for someone (aka Ann Wintour herself who probably jacked off with a Prada vibrator to the entire “scandal“) to slide the pictures over to Jezebel and stuff the 10 grand in their bra. I kind of thought that the pictures would prove Vogue went full Mimi on Lena Dunham’s pictures, but they proved the opposite. The pictures proved that they didn’t go totally crazy with Photoshop. Womp. Womp.

During an interview with Grantland (via TIME), the entire Jezebel vs. Vogue and Lena Dunham’s ESCANDALO was brought up and she said that Jezebel really took a messy diarrhea in the bed and rolled around in it and she lost a little respect for them for that. (Side note: I’m sure that in a future episode of Girls, Adam is going to take a messy diarrhea on Hannah and make her roll around in it while he jacks off on top of her.)

“I think Jezebel can be really smart and funny, I think it’s just once you’ve been attacked in that way it’s hard to enjoy. They made such a monumental error in their approach to feminism. For me, it was like I just can’t sort of be half-in. It felt gross. I didn’t talk to the woman who did it directly, but I can’t imagine the reaction made her feel particularly great. That much content. I’d lose my mind. I did have sympathy for that. But once they did post the un-retouched images of me that looked so similar…

I was kind of scared to see the un-retouched images of me, I was like, maybe I’m delusional and I don’t look how I think I look. And it was like—they smoothed a line here, and shaved off a part my neck. It was the most minimal retouching. I felt completely respected by Vogue. I felt like, ‘Thank you for removing the one line from my face, because I’m 27 years old and shouldn’t have that there.’

Instead of going like, ‘Hey, we kinda fucked up, these pictures aren’t that retouched Lena, enjoy the Vogue spread that you’ve been excited about since you were eight years old,’ they were like, ‘She’s not retouched, but she could’ve been.’ It was this weird almost political maneuvering that I just had a lot of trouble respecting.”

Two things: I see the shade that Lena Dunham threw at Lindsay Lindsay, because Lindsay Lohan is 27 years old and she has more wrinkles than a crackhead pepaw’s nutsack.

Also, just when I was beginning to nod at Lena Dunham and agree with what she was saying, she became 100% insufferable again by saying that being on the cover of Vogue was her dream since she was 8. If it’s true, that’s annoying. But bitch is probably lying. She’s one of those types that would get on the cover of SkyMall and say it was always her dream. You know those bitches. I had a neighbor who was like that. She’d orgasm over everything and anything. She used to give me Christmas presents every year, so one year I bought her a cheap, ugly, generic mug from Rite-Aid at the last minute. I gave it to her and it was like I gave her a mold of The Hammaconda. She said it was so beautiful and I shouldn’t have and she’s sure I spent a lot of money on it and she’s going to use it every day. Bitch, stop. Save it, put it in the bank. I haven’t stopped rolling my eyes since.

Please Shit On Her Head…. Please Shit On Her Head….

January 15, 2014 / Posted by:

I haven’t thought about the song No Pigeons in a million years and I hate Vogue for making me think about it again.

This mess of a picture of Lena Dunham wearing a pigeon fastener and a dress thing made of old weaves, black socks and mutilated ostriches is my favorite picture from her Vogue spread, because it’s one hundred percent stupid and sums up Anna Wintour’s feelings about all of this. After Anna’s slaves told her that they could not use the Photoshop lipo tool to hack off most of Lena’s body and make her a size zero, Anna rolled her eyes and stopped nibbling on an underage model bone to say, “Oh for fuck’s sake, put a bird on it then!”

It’s that time again for Vogue’s annual affirmative action issue when they put a trick on the cover who doesn’t weigh more than an ant’s dry queef and who is so skinny that they regularly ask salespeople, “Do you have anything smaller than a zero?” Little Critter’s long-lost human sister got the cover and her spread was shot by Annie Leibovitz and stars a Photoshopped pigeon, a topless Adam (but is there any other kind of Adam?) and an adorable dog friend. Vogue wore out all their copies of Photoshop on this mess. I don’t even think Lena posed for some of these pictures. It looks like they cut her head out of a picture and cut somebody’s body out of another picture and sloppily slapped them all on some random background. Since shitty Photoshopper Kim Kardashian would do the impossible (read: suck a white dick) to get on the cover of Vogue, Anna should’ve used that to get her to Photoshop these pictures, because even that dumb fuck would’ve done a better job.

And if you want to read Lena’s interview, click here, but you’ll probably shut down your computer, tell your boss you’re going home sick and head to the nearest bar after you read the words, “Lena Dunham: The New Queen of Comedy.

Kris Jenner Still Trying To Be The Hottest Kardashian Sister

January 8, 2014 / Posted by:

This looks like a postcard from the giftshop in Hell. “Wish You Were Here! No, literally, I wish you were here to save me, Jesus. I haven’t even met Satan yet, but surely he can’t be any worse than Kris Jenner.”

I guess Kris didn’t have time to read the memo that says we’ve stopped giving a shit about her and her awful stable of come-to-life gargoyles because she was just too busy staring at Kim Kardashian’s new Birkin and trying to guess which one is her (“Am I the one pushing Kim out of the way? OMG it looks just like me!”). Otherwise, maybe she would have thought twice about uploading a flip book chock full of selfies, including this pic of her looking like an attention-starved melting candle, to Instagram yesterday with the caption: “Celebrate Life“. And I did; I celebrated my mom’s life by calling her and thanking her for not being anything like Kris Jenner. You know what? All of you should call your mothers today and thank them for not being Kris Jenner. Then why not celebrate your own life? Go outside and dance in the streets or sing from the highest mountain, because you weren’t born a Kardashian. Thanks, Kris! Thank you for reminding me to celebrate life!

But back to that picture. Kris looks like the Ms. February from a MILF calendar if MILF stood for ‘Man, I Love Fotoshop™’ (Fotoshop is the photo-editing software Kris created after Adobe refused to re-name Photoshop ‘Kardashian Komputer Korrector’). Although that may be a bit generous, because I don’t know how much of that picture is actually Kris’s body. It looks like a drunken game of exquisite corpse: Kendall’s legs, Kim’s dumpy horse butt, Khloe’s neck (for her waist), two beige Arthur George socks for the tits, Bruce Jenner’s jawline, and Kris’s eyes from 2006 (her current eyes are pulled so tight, any attempt at closing them would rip her eyebrows off).

(Pic via Instagram)

Kim Kartrashian Denies Waxing Baby North’s Eyebrow Situation

December 17, 2013 / Posted by:

Since a Kardashian isn’t officially a Kardashian until she’s been dipped in a pot of wax, covered in strips and ripped of every hair on her body, some accused Kim Kartrashian of taking a tip from Backdoor Farrah’s “How To Be A Shit Mom” parenting book by waxing North West’s brows. After Kim Instagrammed this picture of Baby North yesterday, some accused her of Veet-ing her adorable future money maker’s eye valances. But Kim’s spokeswhore tells The Daily Mail that wax hasn’t touched North’s brows and her perfectly manicured eyebrows are a work of nature.

Kim is a lying skank and if she told me the sky was blue, I’d have to check with Pantone color swatches before believing her, but I actually think she’s spitting out the truth here. Mark this day! Yes, Baby Seaweed Baby Nori will inherit Pimp Mama Kris and Kim’s fucked up body issues, but I don’t think they used wax to elevate that baby’s eyebrow game. They used the other Kartrashian beauty tool of choice: PHOTOSHOP!

And I’m surprised that North even has eyebrow hair and eyelashes. It’s a miracle that they didn’t burn off from Kanye West constantly fire breathing out the words, “Guess who’s the luckiest baby in the world for having God’s God as a father?” onto her face. I’m also surprised that North is smiling. In every picture I’ve seen of North West, she looks like she’s in the middle of saying, “HELP ME,” in Morse code by blinking her eyes. I wonder how they got her to smile? They probably waved emancipation papers in front of her face. Pimp Mama Kris is a cruel genius.

And here’s Kim, the slow one and Penelope leaving a cosmetic laser center yesterday. No, of course they weren’t there to laser off Penelope’s brows hair. They’re not monsters! They were there to get all the whispers of hairs lasered off of Penelope’s body. It’s never too soon to prepare your baby for bikini season!


Ashley Benson Thinks Someone Went Too Heavy On The Adobe For This Pretty Little Liars Promo

December 12, 2013 / Posted by:

We might owe Kim Kardashian an apology; it appears she didn’t end up using all the Photoshop for her Us Weekly cover. Staying true to her word, it looks like 10% was donated to the Pretty Little Liars marketing team to create this promo picture. New Truth. New Enemy. New Year. New Noses and Jawlines.

This is the kind of cut-and-paste job that most of us could laugh and then ignore, but not Ashley Benson. Ashley, who plays (it doesn’t matter) on Pretty Little Liars took to her Instagram to shake her head in disgust at the poor design intern who created this mess by posting the picture with the following caption:

Saw this floating around….hope it’s not the poster. Our faces in this were from 4 years ago…..and we all look ridiculous. Way too much photo shop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It’s not attractive.

Flaws? HAHAHAHAHA oh my god. Get back to me when you sit down for an appointment with a new dentist and the first question they ask is: “Did you recently suffer a mouth injury, or have your teeth always looked like that?”

The cast of Pretty Little Liars are near-perfect Barbie dolls in real life, so there’d really be no reason to edit this photo using the Kardashian filter in Photoshop (it’s a combination of Blur Tool and Tramp Stamp). It’s a bit heavy-handed; there’s basic clean up, and then there’s airbrushing so hard they end up looking like MAC face charts. I’ve seen more realistic faces painted on T-shirts at a Panama City Beach, FL airbrushing booth.

I don’t know if this is an early promo shot for the 5th Season of Pretty Little Liars or just some Instagram shit created by a fan, but it could be either. But either way, we don’t need to worry about the future of the person who made this; they’ve already been offered lifetime contracts by Mariah Carey, Brit Brit, and Madonna.

(Pic via Instagram)

If You’re Wondering Where All The Photoshop Went, It’s On The Cover Of USWeekly

December 11, 2013 / Posted by:

I swear on my favorite tit that I’m not on the Kim Kardashian payroll, it’s just that this bitch is EVERYWHERE. Plus, she only pays 10% and I don’t get out of bed for less than 15 because someone needs to subsidize the high class lifestyle I lead that includes off-brand Nutella and twist-top wine.

Anyway, USWeekly‘s latest cover is Kim (no surprise) in a white bikini (even less of a surprise) with the tag lines “No gimmicks! No surgery!” and “Kim slams the fat bullies and gets her sweet revenge”, which is some well played shade. Referencing sugar when you know damn well Kim lost her weight on Atkins and hasn’t put anything sweet in her mouth since Reggie Bush packed up his dick and left!.

Everybody pick up their phones and call bullshit on “no gimmicks” because that is the exact opposite of the definition of “Kardashian”, but I can sort of buy Kim’s weight loss being surgery-free. You know, as long as they’re not factoring in the part about her gaining a pound in her lips for every ten she lost off her hips. Even if she didn’t back herself up to an empty bay at the plastic surgeon’s office to have him Shop-Vac her ass, whatever she did to her face brought her one step closer to scoring the cover for National Geograhic’s anteater issue.

Before everybody starts yelling, “Where’s your baby???”, you should know the photographer took a handful of pictures of Kim as NorthSouthEastWestU-Turn took a quick cat nap before packing up and heading back to the photo lab donated in the Kardashian family’s name by Adobe.

(Pic: USWeekly)

Grab The Holy Water And Hold Onto Your Crucifix, The Kardashian Khristmas Kard Is Here

December 2, 2013 / Posted by:

Yes, the baby Jesus was born just so those Kartrashian whores could pose in a dark-sided UNGODLY Khristmas Kard that’s sold exclusively in the back room of a Hallmark in the darkest part of the Ninth Circle. If you need a quick response to this bukkake of fuckery disaster, just look at that Mason kid. His body language speaks for all of us.

If Satan swallowed a Las Vegas landfill whole then diarrhea’d into the mouth of Photoshop, and if Photoshop then gorged on copies of Blade Runner and a bunch of tabloids before shitting onto a pile of broken neon signs, the end product would be more attractive and festive than the Kardashian Khristmas Kard. On last night’s not-so-special episode of the Illuminati documentary Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian brought David LaChapelle in to shoot the annual family holiday card. David didn’t want any dudes or children in the picture, because dudes and children didn’t fit in with his vision. But after the slow one drooled out a lukewarm stream of complaints about her kids not being in the picture, David agreed to shoot Mason and Penelope. David also bent the “no dudes” rule a little by letting Khloe pose in the picture.

I’d like to think that David LaChapelle is just screwing with them and they’re too stupid to figure it out. Because this is a glorious mess of symbolism from the ATM behind Kourtney to Bruce Jenner (looking like Patti Smith after surviving a meth lab explosion) trapped in a glass tube for eternity. David truly captured essence of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and PMK, and by that I mean he made them look like the fake pieces of trash they are.

And no, Kanye wasn’t physically in the picture, but I see him everywhere. This is what the skid marks on the inside of his leather panties look like.

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