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Pete Davidson Has Gotten In Trouble For An Old Joke He Told About The Manchester Bombing

July 3, 2018 / Posted by:

As we all know (thanks to the constant reminders on their part), Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande love talking about each other. Usually when Pete talks about Ariana, it’s met with a lot of cringe, like when he recently described Ariana as having a tight pussy. A woman recently discovered a joke Pete made last year about Ariana Grande and the Manchester bombing attack. Except it didn’t just make her want to roll her eyes. Instead, it really pissed her off, because her daughter was one of the victims.

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Pete Davidson Confirms More Than We Need To Know About He And Ariana Grande

July 2, 2018 / Posted by:

Pete Davidson has “confirmed” what his fiancé Ariana Grande alluded to on Twitter recently: that he’s got a 10-inch dick, and he also talked about Ariana’s crotch situation.  Pete brought his big dick energy to Ariana’s recent Instagram live stream. It’s hard to hear, but Pete says, “I’m happy she’s happy, big dick, tight pussy.

Some of Ariana’s fans thought that was tacky of Pete, and they started the #PeteGottaRespectAriana hashtag.

Her fans shouldn’t be so scandalized; this isn’t the first time Ariana’s man has spoken publicly about her cooch. Several years ago, Ariana’s boyfriend-at-the-time Big Sean proved he was just as classy by saying that she had a billion dollar pussy. Expensive, tight, and surrounded by tackiness? I guess you could say Ariana Grande has the Hervé Leger dress of vaginas.

As much as Ariana’s fans might have been bothered by Pete’s pussy talk, she probably wasn’t. According to E! News, she’s still so much in love with him that she’s gotten even more tattoos in honor of him, like one honoring his late New York firefighter father who died on 9/11. Ariana now has a tattoo on the top of her left foot that reads “8418,” which was Scott’s badge number. Pete also has 8418 tattooed on his arm. When they eventually run out of clouds and numbers, what’s left? Portraits? I doubt Ariana would want to spend the rest of her life explaining to curious people that no, she isn’t a huge Steve Buscemi fan.


Pete Davidson May Have Inspired Ariana Grande’s Newest Fragrance

June 29, 2018 / Posted by:

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are back to making you nauseous with more relationship sappiness. These two… I hope they get a Newlyweds-type series after they get married but before they get divorced. I wonder what their chicken of the sea moment will be? Perhaps something involving Ariana and her lack of understanding regarding pants? The newest information about their relationship that we don’t need to know but will be informed about regardless is that Ariana may have been inspired by Pete when she created her newest perfume, a fragrance called Cloud. It should be called Youthful Delusion if it’s inspired by their relationship.

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Pete Davidson’s Tattoo Artist Tried To Talk Him Out Of His Ariana Grande Tats 

June 26, 2018 / Posted by:

Page Six has a lengthy piece detailing the couple’s dating timeline and it’s about as nauseating as you can imagine. In it, Pete’s tattoo artist, Jon Mesa, talks about inking the young comedian multiple times in order to commemorate his love for 24 year-old Ariana.  Mesa, who had previously covered up a tattoo of an ex-girlfriend for Pete, suggested to the boy to maybe pause, and think about it, lest he need another fix.

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Ariana Grande Claims That Fiancé Pete Davidson Is Packing 10 Inches

June 23, 2018 / Posted by:

These two love-trolls. Yes, your instantaneous happiness and boundless enthusiasm for showing off your romance for the ages, while you publicly add block and upon block to your Jenga tower of bliss, irritates the cynical. Pete Davidson is a comedian, so he obviously likes to clown on people. And Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates America, which means she’s obviously down for psychologically torturing the masses. So why not keep tormenting the pessimists out there, right?

Please note that Jenga tower analogy… BECAUSE THIS WILL FALL. IT WILL FALL. Oh, and Ariana let it “slip” (*side-eye*) that Pete’s two inches short of a foot in the pants area. By that, I mean she’s claiming he’s got a ten inch cock. Cut to Michael K adjusting his new high ponytail weave and donning a big sweatshirt with no pants, in order to replace Ariana in Pete’s crotch heart! Continue reading

Pete Davidson Finally Finally Went Public With His Engagement To Ariana Grande

June 21, 2018 / Posted by:

While it might have sparked the “DUHHH!” heard ‘round the world, Pete Davidson was on The Tonight Show last night promoting what sounds like a 10-second cameo in a Robert Pattinson movie. Of course, Pete did more than promote that movie – he also used the appearance to finally confirm that he will soon be Mr. Ariana Grande. Continue reading

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